Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Tavernier Stones

The cover of The Tavernier Stones by Stephen Parrish.

Subjective, of course, but as a cover, I would rate it as only "fair."Good colour, though.

However. There is much more to a book launch than just the cover. I've broken it down this way:

The Blurb.
When the well-preserved body of a seventeenth century mapmaker floats to the surface of a bog in northern Germany, a 57 carat ruby clutched in his fist, the grisly discovery ignites a global race to find the fabled Taveriner Stones.

Look at the the two main elements:

the bog body-- all those images of bog burials and sacrifices flash in our minds-- all the aura of secret rituals and ancient crimes.

the ruby--instantly reminds us of those stories of buried hoards discovered by accident by a farmer plowing, by children investigating a cave, the workman and the hidden cache found behind the walls of an old house during renovation-- and the secret hope we all have to discover lost treasure.

Treasure, mystery, danger, intrigue!

This I rate as excellent.

The Promotion.
Steve will give away a one carat diamond to the first person who can find an image of the one he's hidden somewhere on the web. Details of this contest here.

Whoa and damn! For my taste, this challenge beats out a Sony reader anytime.
Excellent, again. Now if someone named "Hope" wins the prize...

Title and Image.
A book title, of course, is important to grab a reader's attention. The Tavernier Stones title hints at all the things mentioned above; and Steve's author photo (see yesterday's post) fulfills a reader's expectation that an author look like someone who could write such a story. His bio will confirm it. Even better, the field jacket suggests Steve is a man who could find such treasure.

I rate both as good stuff.
In my private, secrit, book launch test, The Tavernier Stones scores 21 out of 25. Win!


laughingwolf said...

agreed... the cover is too busy for my liking, but a great color scheme

why do i keep reading it as 'blog body'? :O lol

wv: inglying

Charles Gramlich said...

Definitely an exciting promotion, and it looks like a book to match.

Bernita said...

Ha, LW! I nearly wrote it that way this morning!

Treasure is an eternal lure, Charles!

raine said...

Well, did we just up the bar on promotional prizes or what, lol?!

The premise sounds intriguing, may pick this one up. Love the idea of the body in the bog.

Bernita said...

Makes our free copies and gift certificates seem pretty paltry, doesn't it, Raine?

Me too, more than the international hunt/chase bit.

Barbara Martin said...

I liked the cover for the map and the different stamps on the cover, inspiring thoughts of adventure in far off countries.

The treasure hunt is a great lure, and fits in well with the book.

Bernita said...

Barbara, Steve's diamond prize/treasure hunt has to be just about the best promotional idea ever. It'!

Lauren said...

I like the cover...especially the passport looking stamp things.

That is a very interesting challenge. It's definitely the best I've heard of.

Bernita said...

Lauren, I really prefer some of the images on Steve's various sites, but I'm glad to see other people's responses are more positive than mine.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the launch/birthday party happening this week at!

Anonymous said...

I like the stamps on the cover. It's a clever way of foreshadowing travel and "exotic" places (from my cultural point of view, that is).

Bernita said...

Aerin, sorry I forgot to mention that in the main post.

They represent "exotic" to me too, Jason.