Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Glory of War

Taken in front of the little white cottage. He is about ten, I think. His big catch is a lake trout, I think.

You gave seen photos of him before on this blog: one with the Vimy memorial in the background when he was a member of the honour guard to bring home our Unknown Soldier. His great-grandfather served in those killing fields in WWI. One taken on the parapet of a palace in Kabul. One on his wedding day with the beautiful girl he married.

My son will serve outremer again this year.

I have always maintained that there is a glory in war.

But the glory for me lies not in the combat and clash of armies and men, but in the conscious decision of those who are willing to stand between a rapacious enemy and the innocent and the helpless.

Those who, like policemen and firemen, are willing, if need be, to lay their bodies down.

Those who are willing to do hard things so that the rest of us can live our lives with a conscience clear and untroubled.

And that is a glory of human spirit and sacrifice that too many do not comprehend. And no greater love.


D&D News:

STRiCTLY ANTiSOCiAL gave Dark and Disorderly a score of 9.5 out of 10.

She said so many nice things like, "I believe this is the first book I have really really really enjoyed in quite a while," that I'll just post a link.

The amazing thing is that while in fairness she mentions some aspects of the story another reader might not like, she asserts these points do not matter to her.

And another at I READ GOOD, with words like"hooked, gripping, amazing, fantastic!"

Of course, one hopes one's book will be well-received, but to repeat a line I stole from somewhere, my gast is totally flabbered.
Two more I didn't disappoint. My sense of gratitude is like a pail of water so full it slops over! ( I've been trying to house clean my office, so you know where that commonplace image comes from!)


fairyhedgehog said...

Oh my word, Bernita, that's three truly wonderful reviews! Congratulations! Woohoo!

Bernita said...

Thank you, Fairy!
And I had resigned byself to the fact that the next one would be "meh..."

Barbara Martin said...

Bernita, all the reviews will be positive and clamouring for the sequel. Speaking of second books, when will that appear in the pipeline?

laughingwolf said...

that's a wonderful take on wars, i agree...

and grats, m'dear friend, on the great reviews!

i posted the 'strictly' one on my page :)

as for cleanup... amazing how good it feels, when it's over :D lol

laughingwolf said...

tacked the other review on, just now :)

Bernita said...

Oh, Barbara! Won't happen, but I'm enjoying it while it lasts!
I have the sequel begun but this back thingy has seriously impeded progress.

LW, you are the dearest guy to promote D&D like this!Thank you so much!
The office hasn't been touched for at least two years ( much like most of the rest of the house) so it desperately needed it--back be damned. I'll pay for it of course, but such a relief to have most things semi-organized and clean.

Travis Erwin said...

And there is glory in catching a fish like that.

Anonymous said...

May he continue to remain safe.

(And you to continue to rack up those excellent reviews.)

Bernita said...

No prouder boy that day, Travis.

Jason, thank you

raine said...

So the little white cottage still stands, in more ways than one. ;)

Hope all remains well with him, Bernita.
And your reviews are phenomenal! (insert big, goofy grin).

Lana Gramlich said...

Congrats on the great reviews, hon. Well deserved. :)

Charles Gramlich said...

Good to hear about the reviews. I can't wait to read it myself.

Bernita said...

I'm more anxious this time, Raine, I have to the well for water type of thing.

My jaw, it is permanently dislocated over these first reviews!

More like luck, Lana, but thank you!

Charles, a funny thing: when I was drafting D&D there were certain passages that I thought "well, Charles might like that," and others for other people here. I just realized that now. In fact, all of you were in some ways, shadow critics during composition!

BernardL said...

"the conscious decision of those who are willing to stand between a rapacious enemy and the innocent and the helpless"

That is exactly what makes them heroes. It has never been about glory to those who serve but only to those who don't. Well said!

You will have an incredible head-start with reviews for your release. I'm sure Carina will be sure they all get linked wherever your book is listed. They make a huge difference.

Bernita said...

Bernard, thank you.

According to the "loop," CP authors are racking up some wonderful reviews.

writtenwyrdd said...

That's so wonderful! The book deserves great reviews, Bernita, so bask in the glory. :)

Whirlochre said...

Lets hope the surfer boys of abject quality are bombing on over to you in their VW vans c/o this swelling wave.

Bernita said...

Written, you can take a certain amount of credit for thse reviews!

Charming thought, Whirl, thank you. However, I do prefer men to boys...

Gabriele C. said...

Congrats, those are some wonderful reviews indeed. And deserved.

Bernita said...

Gabriele, thank you.
More lucky than deserving!
Not every reviewer is going to like D&D but these first ones go a long way toward a positive balance.

Carla said...

Congratulations on your wonderful reviews!

Bernita said...

Thank you, Carla!