Monday, May 17, 2010

My Cat Puked Up A Hairball

The photo I should have posted with Matutinal Maunderings last May 9.

I could also have titled this post as What I Did On My Weekend. In other words, a tedious personal account of activities that few will find worthy of even the most cursory interest.

But. I has laptop!

Of course, as I tentively poke at various icons I wonder if this sleek, black machine will turn me into vapour and draw me in like mist to its sleek, secret innards; and I will become a ghost in the machine, to the wonder of the neighbourhood and the confusion of my family... Anything so sleek and black and proficient is dangerous.

My daughter brought it for me.

She also brought my son-in-law avec a chainsaw and he proceeded to sunburn and sawdust himself removing three problem trees.

I could expand on why they were problem trees but I will spare you that.

And they removed from my office--by clever application of the laws of spacial physics and brute strength--a six-foot long, five-foot high, sonofabitchheavy, oak card file cabinet.

I has space!

Of course, she also brought my tiny grandaughter with the dark blue eyes and the Gainsborough curls and the wee warm hands--who already knows that if she says "Daddy" in a sweet and melting voice, he will move the moon for her. We watched Daddy work mightily, she and I, and then we sat together in the big recliner and ate popcorn.

Best of all, when I woke at 1:00 A.M. my daughter appeared and we talked in our dressing gowns through the dark hours about writing and books, and the past and the future.

I has love.


BernardL said...

A wonderful time for sure.

Frank Baron said...

You has good fortune. And are aware of it. That's a double blessing.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

good for you. sounds like a perfect weekend. aaand apparently capitals are on vacation today.

writtenwyrdd said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend.

StarvingWriteNow said...

What, no details about the hairball?

I also had a nice weekend--got about 2/3 of my garden planted... heavenly vegetables are on the horizon!

Bernita said...

Bernard, it was!

Oh, Frank, I do!

Betsy, Written,it was one of those weekends you hug to yourself.

Entirely metaphoric, Dear One. I don't have a cat now.Just the dogs.
My garden is dug( daughter did it), but not planted, though I may put my potatoes in today. It's mostly a salad garden.

fairyhedgehog said...

Your family sound lovely.

laughingwolf said...

someone's cup runneth over! :)

enjoy your space, vista, laptop and love, in whatever order they appear... only love will endure, some song sez

wealthy, welcome weekend you had...

Natasha Fondren said...

Oh man. *sniffle* I has tears with a spot of I'm-happy-for-you envy.

Charles Gramlich said...

All good things to enjoy.

Angie said...

The best way to get the physical labor done is to get someone else to do it while you watch. Popcorn makes it even better. :D

We had a couple of electricians come in today to swap out some circuit breakers. The breaker governing the computer room (of course) is faulty and tends to snap at random times whether we're using a lot of power or not. And seriously, everything in the computer room all together shouldn't be enough to trigger the breaker. :P

The guys came out and took a look and said that they were from a batch the manufacturer admitted were faulty right out of the factory. So was the one governing the upstairs bedroom, although all that's up there is a couple of lights and it doesn't get nearly the usage of the computer room, so we hadn't noticed that one. It was the same batch, though, so the electricians swapped them both out.

At least I know I can print now without having everything suddenly go into an electronic panic. We have battery backups for the computers themselves, but they only give you enough time to shut down, and they make noise the whole time to make sure you know it. :P


Bernita said...

Fairy,thank you... may the gods be kind--for I gloat over my children.

LW, yes, it did and I didn't spill any... it was, rich beyond measure.

Your day for this will come,dear Natasha.

These particular job were ones I am not able to do myself, Charles, and they desperately needed to be done. This is the daughter who teaches at university like you.

Bernita said...

"electronic panic" I like that.The joys of house ownership, Angie.
I need to have the ground floor re-wired this year.I am so looking forward to that.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are SET!

Barbara Martin said...

Life is grand.

Your blessings are evident.

bookfraud said...

this is why i'm glad to read you -- i am spared of of reasons for problem trees and other minutiae of life that some people find so facinating to post. love, on the other hand, is always a good thing to relate (and this coming from a cynical s.o.b.).

raine said...

Sounds like you have a wonderfully supportive family, Bernita. A huge blessing. :)
And congrats on the laptop, yay!

Bernita said...

Jason, the post-Luddite in me shivers when it regards the laptop...the shovel and chainsaw it understands.

Barbara, I have so much to which to be grateful that sometimes my heart is too full for words...

Nice to see you, Book, and thank you for excusing my Forrest Gump I-know-what-love-is moment!
Cynicism often provides a healthy balance to excessive hearts 'n flowers. I suppose there's sentiment - and then there is sentimentality.
But you know, there are people who can make those hairball details funny as all get out!

The care of friends like you, dear Raine, is another blessing.

~eyes black,brooding laptop with suspicion and hope~

Ric said...

From the lady who HAS it all, what a glorious way to make the mundane special. And the love Grandmother showers on all.

I spent the weekend with my hands in the dark soil of my flowerbeds. And, for all my fussing about dirt beneath my nails, felt my farm upbringing, deep and warm, a balm for the soul.

Beneath our public persona lies our true self; your simple rendering of a slice of life weekend reveals a real and loving voice. Thanks for sharing.

Bernita said...

Dearest Ric, thank you for your loving words, but ...No, dear Ric, I don't have it all--but I am grateful for what was, and what is.

Digging up weeds, saving seedlings, preparing earth for beauty or for utility is so restful. It heals in some small measure.

sylvia said...

This is so beautiful. I think I have something in my eye.

I did worry what the photograph might be when I saw the title, though.

Bernita said...

Thank you, Sylvia.
And the nicest thing, at home, my grand daughter asks for "Gamlie"(she's not yet two and hasn't found an "r" yet.)