Sunday, May 09, 2010

Matutinal Maunderings

More of my daughter's scroll work.

Based on incipit pages from the Book of Durrow, a 7th. century MS.

Cleo, my German shepherd, woke me early Saturday morning with gentle nudges of her cold nose on my arm.

It was one of those mornings when a translucent veil of mist shrouds my dim, green garden with magic.

A morning when one might hear a faint cascade of song, a whisper, faint as the scent of lilac from out the blossom-laden air.

When one wonders if one should put down the coffee cup on the sunroom steps, go down the flagstone walk to lay a palm against the gray bark of an old red maple, run fingers around the millstone than leans against it and bend and turn a certain stone on the top of the low stone wall three times, one wonders then if one might see a portal shimmer in the gentle air...

Calvin, my almost-corgi, trotted over, lifted his leg and destroyed the illusion and my fancies.

Have you ever felt compelled by a longing? To seek out some secret place, some wild place, away from people and buildings and streets, to go there and linger and wait for something otherworld to reveal itself? Have you ever found a place of magic?

I realize I don't like zombies. I wonder why I have one, full and frontal, in Dark and Disorderly. Perhaps it's just the name/word - staled by commerce - I don't like, or the fact I feel it should apply only to the undead from Caribbean graves.

I like the term revenant. Draugr, from Norse myth, has a nice ring. Repossessed and Undead are acceptable. But when one wants instant reader understanding, one must say zombie. Grump.

I've noticed that some commentators on CNN have suddenly introduced "awe" into Pakistan and Taliban, it's now Pakistahn and Talibahn.
Yes, perforce I've watched too much TV lately; and yes, I think it sounds phony as hell.

I hate this keyboard. My fingers retain a physical memory of my old one, so I am constantly kitming the wrong keys. Backspace hell.


Anonymous said...

Yes to the portal. Often, I feel like I'm right in the doorway between the two worlds. I often try to capture that feeling in words.

Bernita said...

You and I both, Jason. Always aware.

laughingwolf said...

daughter's talent still shines!

many years back i was at a point where crossing a threshold would have meant entry into a realm of beauty, magick and understanding... i was reluctant to do so, much to my current regret... where i'd be now, i've no way of knowing... i've hoped to recapture that moment, but have not, as yet

hearing of cnn, now you know one reason i gave up on tv more'n three years ago....

raine said...

So the shepherd softly leads you to the magic garden, urging you forth while the portal still winks, while there's still time...and the corgi tinkles.
Sounds like balance, doesn't it? :D

Yes, have had that longing forever, I think. Have never found the place.

And yes, the "zombie" word has taken on unfortunate connotations, poor dead dears. ;)

Whirlochre said...

I'm intreagued by youe almost corgi.

As an ex-corgi owner myself, I'm, wondering what element of calvin's make-up disqualifies him from full corgi status. Or is it simply that he had more of his tail chopped off than he was supposed to (unless, of course, he's a fully tailed corgi).

I did once sit in a woods on Midsummer's night till it was very late in the hope of seeing faeries. Sad to report, but I think they were all in town watching some major sporting event.

Bernita said...

Thank you, LW!
She continues to experiment and improve.

You have been closer to the gateway than I.

Raine, dogs are like that.
I have found a few, but never, ever at the right time...

What I meant is that Calvin is not pure-bred. He looks like a Shepherd w/short legs. He still has all his tail I'm glad to say.
Sad to report, but I think they were all in town

sex scenes at starbucks said...

I had that experience once in England, an out-of-time experience Society people like to call it. It launched a series of (unsold) books.

I can't stand hearing the newscasters say Iraaan and Iraaaq. Drives me insane. I think ah is proper and they sound like ignorant idiots (at least according to my Iranian friend).

No idea how you say Pakistan or Afghanistan properly though.

Charles Gramlich said...

I do get that feeling, especially when I'm out in the woods somewhere walking. Something magical is just around the corner. I know it.

Bernita said...

According to my Pronouncing Gazetteer, Betsy, Pakistan and the other -stans are pronounced "stan."

The funny thing was that later in an interview they would forget and pronounce it normally.

Especially in the woods, Charles - but not always.

Rick said...

What beautiful work!

Even in dark fantasy I disapprove of the dead wandering around, by whatever name. It is vulgar and rude. They should have the common decency to stay quietly dead.

Bernita said...

Rick, one could question if the dead are ever quiet, ergo, so many rituals to keep them chained within their coffins.
Oddly enough the "unquiet dead" is my book's basic theme.
And, historically,ghosts, at least the unpleasant ones, were corporeal.

Bernita said...

And thank you, Rick, she sometimes spends weeks on an individual scroll for presentation.

Rick said...

Of course you are right; they are never entirely quiet. But that does not excuse them from being rude. The skeleton at the feast!

BernardL said...

I have yet to read any sample enticing enough to draw me into a zombie novel. I've read blurbs about everything from the usual zombie apocalypse to zombie love and I am unmoved. I guess decaying flesh with teeth hungering for living flesh and brains just doesn't do it for me... and especially when someone wants to get romantic with it. :) I'm sure your excursion into this realm will generate a different tag in my mind, Bernita.

Bernita said...

Lillie fixes the rude ones, Rick!

Bernard, let me hasten to assure you that there is no romance with any zombie in my novel!
Some writers no doubt can make it work, but I am not one of them.
Ghosts are the principle type of paranatural Lillie encounters.
The zombie is there for a very good reason - and soon dispatched.

Natasha Fondren said...

Wow, that is SO cool, especially the gold! :-)

Yeah. I used to live right up from a waterfall, in this little 150-year-old cottage that looked like was straight out of a fairy tale. (SO magical.) And I'd walk down to the falls at night at sit there for an hour. Then I'd walk across the street to where the river was, and there was this little tiny peninsula with one tree and a rock perfect for sitting and meditating. Man, I miss it!

Rick said...


Barbara Martin said...

Magical places are wherever you find them. Now dogs have the ability to sense 'otherworldly' areas and visitations from spirits (ghosts/angels). Keep an eye on them to see if they are aware of presences around them. They will look right at the place where the presence is located. My standard poodles would watch 'things' that hovered near the ceiling. Sometimes the room gets cold (ghosts) or it stays warm and peaceful (angels).

Bernita said...

Thank you, Natasha. I think she uses gold gaouche(not sure of the spelling.)
Your places were pure magic!...Exactly the sort I was think of.

Magical places are wherever you find them.
I believe that's true, Barbara. One may be attuned to recognizing them more in one type of site than another.

laughingwolf said...

in my wip, it's the cat that knows of the otherwordly before the humans even get a clue ;) lol

Bernita said...

"think of" ..."thinking of"
I hate this keyboard...

Cats are smart that way, LW.
In mine it's Dumbarton, the spectral Black Dog - who may or may not have spectral fleas.

laughingwolf said...

lol@bernita ;)

SzélsőFa said...

re: being inbetween (at least) two worlds, feeling an urge to move a step forward: very often, yes. i loved the little scene you described here, btw.

re:'than' - this is just the way hungarians pronounce these two names. interesting. oh, and the same goes for Iran pronounced like 'eee-rahn' and Irak as 'eee-rahk', but with short vowels.

Bernita said...

SzelsoFa, it is so nice to find other people who have that feeling.