Monday, May 24, 2010


Among the swag Ello sent me in her gift box were packages of biscuit-and-chocolate goodies.
I don't have to describe chocolate to writers, do I?
Choco Boy were little finger treats as depicted on the package. Kancho were tiny biscuits the size of a quarter,also as illustrated, filled with chocolate.

Notice the verb.

Finally, I understand why, near to or upon publication, some of my blog friends tend to partly disappear from blogland.
It's the promo. Opportunities come at you from all directions. I wrestled with one overnight -- a mere paragraph -- but the opportunity to reach a lot of readers. This morning my email included another offer for a guest blog post. Some writers do a blog tour. I haven't even begun to think about that possibility.

It's wonderful, and scary, and time-consuming.

My doctor has me in physio in an attempt to ward off surgery. Seems there's a small tear in a disk in my lower back. Hopefully it will heal itself and the physio will reduce the bulging disk and the subsequent pressure on the nerves as well. Certainly, things have improved and I'm much more mobile. I have some neat exercises to do at home too.


Charles Gramlich said...

I think it's definitely better to avoid surgery when you can. I'm still hoping for further recovery with my back issues so I don't have to have it.

raine said...

I don't have to describe chocolate to writers, do I?

Manna from heaven. :)

Yes, so much can sometimes come at you with the impending release of a book. But the blogging invites are complimentary. They're interested in you and your book.

And luck with the physio! Think surgery should always be a LAST resort.

StarvingWriteNow said...

Glad you are feeling better--chocolate always helps!

My word verif is: ingint. Perhaps... describing the behavior of one who has indulged in too much gin?

Bernita said...

Dear Lord, not you too, Charles! Am beginning to think we're a collection of cripples on this blog!

I think it's more a question of quid pro quo, Raine. I'm happy to host people here, but am afraid I'll run out of things to say on theirs!

Now that's a cute thought, SWN...a pity I don't like gin!

laughingwolf said...

grats on traveling recovery road, hope you heal well :)

in my 20s, while a private eye working for the ontario government, i fell on iced-over concrete steps, crushing a disk in my back... no one to help, i lay there what seemed like hours, then managed to crawl back up, on my belly, and some three hundred yards back to my office, where someone called an ambulance

no surgery possible, so was laid up for months

it's healed, kinda/sorta, but now surrounded by both arthritis and osteo... some days the pain can get intense, if i move wrong

wv: suboxyll

a new disease or pill? :O lol

Bernita said...

Thank you, LW. One hopes, should it become necessary, that techniques have improved.

Was thinking of you, and Raine also has had bouts of sciatica and several others.

Anonymous said...

Dang. Get that back healed!

As for promo, just do as much as you can without it becoming destructive.

Bernita said...

Jason,since I know so little about promotion,having all this time focused on writing, even small opportunities put me in a tizzy!

Lana Gramlich said...

I hope you feel better soon. I remember my own herniated disk last year--when I suddenly couldn't stand or walk much for 2 whole weeks. Took 6 months to totally get over that. Nasty.

Bernita said...

Thank you, Lana...Excruciating, wasn't it!
I really should make a list of all of us who have buggered our backs!

Whirlochre said...

Crocked anatomy is the worst kind of irritant. No T shirt slogan, I know, but it's true.

But chocolate is a fine stimulant, and I hope your cheery Ello bundle nullifies the stimuli of...demands writerly.

Whatever difficulties we have tend to seem magnified in proportion to the demands made upon us, which is why we all need to WIN CHOCOLATE.

Very excited by your Carina widget btw.

And glad to be catching up on your blog.

Life! What a terrible distraction!

writtenwyrdd said...

If you can avoid surgery, that would be great. I hope the exercises do that for you.

I can imagine that you are inundated with things to do promotion-wise now that you are going to be published (squee of happiness for ya!)

Bernita said...

Life! What a terrible distraction!
But better than the alternative. However, you are right to chide me, Whirl.

Written, I'm not really innundated, I don't think. It's just that it's all so new and even a guest blog offer is to me a Big Thing...Big, BIG thing...

BernardL said...

I hope the increased mobility means a healing without surgery. I know the surgeons' techniques have improved immeasurably for back surgeries, but anything they have to put you under to do is always risky.

Bernita said...

That's the way I feel about it, Bernard. Anything near the spinal cord makes me nervous.

Demon Hunter said...

Avoid the surgery if you can. Get well soon and take it easy. ;-)

And congratulations on all the interviews, etc. Congratulations on getting published. ;-)

Bernita said...

Thank you,my Demon!

Ello said...

Bernita - I missed all these great posts because I had a crazy but wonderful week last week. I'm so glad you've enjoyed the treats but sorry to hear about your back though.

Bernita said...

Ello, we are having "interesting times."
The back is improving, if slowly; anf your box of treats really elevated my spirits! It was fun!