Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blog Flog II

As part of the Carina Press promotion, each day Carina features a launch author on the Carina blog, and, as well, Carina posts fun facts and favourite lines from each book on Facebook and Twitter. Comments are contest entries for free books.

Today I am blogging at Carina's blog about Dark and Disorderly. I have three posts, up at morning, noon and night, that include an excerpt and some context, setting and backstory.

Since I am a total techidiot, my darling Kas, ie. K.S. Augustin--whose science fiction romance, In Enemy Hands, will be released June 7th-- uploaded the requisite pictures for me. Essays about her novel were posted on the Carina blog back on May 2.

I hope you will find time to drop by.

D&D is up on Amazon for pre-order at $6.79 in Kindle edition but without the cover and other stuff for the moment. I suspect there are Amazon things for me to learn about!

Memorial Day:
Did the rifles fire o'er you when they lowered you down?
-Eric Bogle.

You all know how I feel about the military.

This Memorial Day I want to mention 4TROOPS, a new quartet, one girl and three guys, all ex-military, who perform in support of military charities. They have that rare, pure blend of sound that makes one want to weep.

Keeping Up:
A Hidden Magic, an urban fantasy by Angie (Angela Benedetti.) Visit Angie for links to Torquere and to read an excerpt.

One thing that delights me in the excerpt is Angie's meld of magic and the mundane. "Cold iron" is a specific against witchery--so why not have it in the form of crow bars and wrenches? This sort of detail is true magic realism. And she has a gang of goblins!

More from the Ello Basket:
Muscat Gummy Candy. Heart-shaped, translucent green. Delicate true taste.
Gummy yummy. Addictive. Gone.

At physio Friday I thought the therapist was a little too knowledgeable about medieval torture techniques. The reference to the rack when he strapped me to the traction machine didn't bother me. "The rack" must be a common comparison/cliche in his business. I was good with that. But when he added, "If you're not taller after this session we'll have to bring in the horses..."

And a BTW:
This is my 1,000 post.


Angie said...

Hey, thanks for the shout-out! [hugz] And BTW, my goblins are feeling all puffed up now 'cause you mentioned them special. They're going to nag me for a spot in the sequel, I just know it. [rueful smile]

I'm still at BayCon, but I'll try to get over to the Carina blog some time while you're there.

And I'm in awe of someone who can wrack up a thousand posts in just a few years of blogging. And not just any old thousand whatevers, but a thousand posts that are interesting and thoughtful and worth reading. Definite applause there.


Bernita said...

Angie, that was a very tense and exciting excerpt!It drew me in.
Your goblin gang are a nasty, vicious, dangerous little crew--and definitely deserve a spot in your next!

And Angie, thank you.

laughingwolf said...

grats, bernita... and you as well, angie! :)

will try to visit when i can... a crazy week starting today

so, are you five feet tall, yet? :O lol

Bernita said...

Thank you. A crazy week for me too, LW!

Five feet? I'm hoping for my original 5'5and 1/2 to 5'6"!

BernardL said...

I look forward to a thousand more.

raine said...

Lol on the physio--mainly because I said almost the same thing! :D Definitely recall mentioning 'the rack' (sadly, my therapist had no sense of humor).

And cheers on the blogging landmark. What Angie said.

laughingwolf said...

lol... i've shrunk a bit as well [aging does that!], whereas i useta was five foot 16 inches, methinks tis now some 2.5 cm less! :O

Charles Gramlich said...

I'll check out the Carina blog. It's really happening! Yeah!

Anonymous said...

That's about the most appropriate post you could have had for a 1000th! Well done again :)

Bernita said...

So nice of you, Bernard.

Therapists like that are a pain of a different kind, Raine. Thank you.

That's devilish math, LW!

Charles, it IS --yet this morning I expected a technical glitch of some kind...

Ans so kind of you all to go and post there. I really appreciate it.

Thank you, HF! A thousand posts, a million words...

laughingwolf said...

hmmm you may be right! :O lol

Peter Dudley said...

Congratulations on 1,000!

Bernita said...

Thank you, Peter. Considering I'm not, by nature, a particularly talkative person, it's remarkable.

Carla said...

Congratulations on 1000 posts. And on the fabulous cover! Lillie is more glamorous than I'd imagined.

Bernita said...

Thank you, Carla. I am delighted with the cover--Lillie is represented almost exactly as I imagined her.
The oddest thing is that I never described her in the story, except for the colour of her hair--as a Talent marker--and later, quite casually, the colour of her eyes. All else was inference.
And I waasn't particularly helpful on the Art sheet either.

Anonymous said...

So many milestones! Congratulations on all of them!!

Bernita said...

Thank you, Jason. It's been an adventyure!

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