Friday, April 23, 2010

Bouncing Off the Walls

Bracelet with a Scarab Clasp.
Gold and semi-precious stones.
18th dynasty, reign of Tutankhamun,
Thebes, Valley of the Kings.

Found in the tomb of Tutankhamun in the Treasury in a box in the shape of a cartouche. The scarab is attached to a flexible band of seven panels.

While attending the Toronto King Tut exhibition, my daughter bought me this replica bookmark in brass.

In truth, I would be bouncing off the walls if it were physically possible!

My urban fantasy has a new title - which I like better and better and better the more I see it. The book will be promoted as paranormal suspense.

I'll post the new title as soon as I have a final cover.

The production team were torn between two possible covers and asked Editor Guy and me for our opinions. I am delighted with the representation of Lillie, figure placement and the background of both.

More than that, Carina sent me a schedule for the ramp-up for launch in June. Everyone at Carina has/have been working like indentured demons but they manage somehow to keep their authors up to date.

!! and !!!

I am HUA and hot damn and giggling with excitement !

* * *

You might like to drop by at Stacia Kane's blog and read her excellent and impassioned post on bullying, both in schools and on the internet.

After reading again Steven King's struggle after his accident in On Writing, I'm ashamed to have bleated about my sciatica/pinched nerve problems here on the blog.

Since mother is perforce reclusive at present, my daughter and I quietly celebrated the arrival of my Carina/Harlequin contract at the kitchen table with a bowl of big red strawberries, a bottle of cheap champagne (but in my best flutes), a shrimp ring and a Tuscany dip for soft buns.

What is your favourite form of milestone celebration?

Addendum: Forgot to mention: This is the 4th anniversary of Evil Editor's blog, EE being a hilariously worthy and valuable successor to our beloved Miss Snark.
To celebrate, go here.


laughingwolf said...

grats for all the goodies!

celebrating year one of my sheltie pup's birth today... nothing for me, but lotsa treats/snugglies/hugs for wee kenny :D

BernardL said...

Your mention of sciatica probably sent a familiar chill up many blog readers' spines familiar with that awful malady. It's always possible someone's heard of a new type of treatment.

On the book front. I made a big mistake not arguing for a better cover on mine. Balk vociferously if you don't like what they decide on. It DOES matter.

writtenwyrdd said...

Sounds like my kind of celebration. That or just eating a pint of Ben & Jerry's, lol.

Just because S.K. had it bad doesn't mean your physical maladies aren't as problemmatic. You can only deal with your own stuff when it's limitations of pain or illness or physical ability. I mean, when 3-year-old gets a sliver and thinks the world is coming to an end, it really is that bad to her. We are all the centers of our own universes and can only peek out of that shell (most of the time) and sympathize with others.

I am looking forward to getting your book.

writtenwyrdd said...

(Boy, didn't I just sound like an ass!) Waxing less pedantic, I don't think it was bad to mention your own stuff. We are interested. :) Hope it's improving still.

Bernita said...

LW, we pigged!
it was lovely.
Aaaw... Give the dear pup an extra cuddle and pet for me.

Being timid and all, Bernard, am glad I don't have to... I think either cover will do the job.

Thank you, Deb.
If you ever come to visit we'll have this kind of blow-out!
It is slowly improving, about 15% better, though I still need 8 oxys to get through the day.

Phoenix said...

Huge congrats, Bernita! I tried to get into Carina, but got a pass after my ms went through 3 of the editors. They look to be a savvy team. I predict great things heading your way!!!

Anonymous said...

cannot wait until June!!

anne frasier

Bernita said...

Phoenix, thank you!
If your story went through three editors then, obviously, it truly was a "not quite right for our line" rejection and absolutely no reflection on the quality of your MS - if that's any comfort.Sucks though, would have been nice to have you there. I don't know any of the others.

Anne, I love you! And hope, desperately, you will not be disappointed.

writtenwyrdd said...

I am scheduled to have Sunday 7/14 through Sat 7/24 off, Bernita. I plan to hit the road that week, barring more major surgery or disaster. :)

Bernita said...

May all the hundred little gods be kind!
Have marked my calender!

sex scenes at starbucks said...

alcohol pretty well sums up celebration to me, for big and small things.

laughingwolf said...

done and done, my friend... he loves all of that mushy stuff ;) lol

wv: phlinge

writtenwyrdd said...

Bernita, thanks for the link to Stacia's post on bullies, by the way. Timely, as it happens.

Reconsidering the habit of celebration, it occurs to me that it's more about the food than the drink for celebrations. Usually it's going out to dinner when it's family; but with friends, it's food AND drink (at least in my old crowd. The ones up here drink very little.) I miss drinking. I am so jealous of celebratory drinkers! But unless my gall bladder removal changes things, I literally cannot stomach the stuff. It's hit and miss, but when I have a bad reaction, it's like drinking lava. The jury is still out on booze until a few weeks from now. :)

Bernita said...

Betsy, you ( and Written) brought to mind my high school song - which was suitably adjusted from the Maine Stein Song...
To the trees, to the sky,
To the Spring and its glorious happiness,
To our youth, to the fire,
To the life that is moving and calling us,
To the Gods, to the Fates,
To the rulers of men and their destinies,
To the lips, to the eyes,
To the ones who will love us some day.

So drink to all the happy hours, drink to the careless days...

Thank you, LW!

That really sucks, Written. A glass of wine now and then is pleasant and good.

Ello said...

Bernita, That is fabulous news!!! I can't believe I missed it. And Oh my goodness! How I've anxiously waited to read Malignity!!! I'm so excited for you! So very happy for you too!!!

Bernita said...

Bless your dear and generous heart, Ello!
Thank you.
~am excited too~

Anonymous said...

Glad you're so pleased with the new title - they're such personal things!

Anonymous said...

Just saying hello. Hello!

SzélsőFa said...

i'm excited for your writng/publishing success, too!
and yet again i have learnt another idiom: 'bouncing off the walls'. i admit i had to check it's meaning.

how do we celebrate?
just yesterday my 10 yo daughter took off to greece with a couple of school friends. no, it is not usual for hungarian schoolkids at all to travel to greece, but we are just this lucky i suppose...
to cut it short, rosie's farewell family dinner was finished off with a small bowl of strawberries :)))

in the hungarian, if the 'wall gives you the second one' (which is, in my mind, is quite a similar picture to 'bouncing off')
it means that you have been given a great punch in the face.

Angie said...

Congrats on getting a title you like, and it sounds like they're heading in a direction you approve with the cover as well. The cover especially -- that's always been something that has writers chewing their nails up to the elbow. [rueful smile]

I don't do anything in particular to celebrate; I never really thought of it. I just tell whoever I run into within the next few hours or days or weeks (depending on how big a "Wow!" it is) and enjoy the congrats and squeeful joy. :D


Robin S. said...

Hugs and hearty congratulations to you, Bernita!!!!

Bernita said...

The title the production team choose from my list was an alternate my daughter had proposed , Alex.

Hello, Struggling!

Thank you, SzelsoFa!
"Bouncing off the walls" is really more an exaggeration or a variation of the expression "jumping for joy."
Strawberries are special.I hope she has a marvellous time, the lucky girl!
"the 'wall gives you the second one'" - that makes a vivid image!

Angie, we have all heard the horror stories and seen the sucky examples. Though the other Carina covers were good (and some of them fantastic)I still worried.

~hugs back~
Thank you, Robin!

raine said...

Phfft. Sciatica is EXTREMELY painful, Bernita. You've hardly done it justice here.
And oxy tends to scramble the mind (and the nausea center for some of us), yet you've managed blog posts, editing, and cover choices.
I'd say you're doing very well.

Celebration? A little of the champs, maybe a day off work.
And can't wait to see your cover! :)

laughingwolf said...

i see carina press has a facebook page, i'm following it :D

wv: alsoma

[my younger daughter gave kenny a plush strawberry toy for his b'day, now fulltime resident in his crate]

Bernita said...

Oxy scrambles my nausea centers for sure, Raine, and hampers the taste buds as well. Food is all blah!But it's better than pain.
Truth is, I only managed by doing damn all else...

And a twitter page too, LW.
Soon the blog will change from author-orientation to reader focus.

Doggies need toys.

laughingwolf said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Whirlochre said...

Hope the good news keeps rolling out.

As for celebrations, I favour a combination of red wine and savoury spiciness.

Bernita said...

Thank you, Whirl!

Wine is good. Wine is always good.

Anonymous said...

Paranormal suspense...that's a genre that makes me rub my hands together in anticipation!

Bernita said...

Jason, I think they settled on "paranormal suspense" because the book didn't fit romantic suspense - more suspense than romance, or prarnormal romance - more paranormal than romance.

s.w. vaughn said...


Sorry. Got a little too excited there. I've not been on blog rounds in *cough* too long, and I've just seen the announcement on EdAss.

CARINA PRESS! You GO, girl! *G*

Off to friend you on Facebook now (as real name Sonya Bateman, so don't turn me down, okay? *sniff*)

Bernita said...

Sonya, thank you!

Turn you down?
Sonya, I've MISSED so glad we can connect again.