Thursday, March 11, 2010

Triskele of Dwarves

More detail from my daughter's
illuminated scrolls.

The eagle motifs are based on a 6th c.Saragossa bird fibula, and the step work from the 7th c. Staffordshire Hoard.

Blame my blogging absence on three dwarves.

Because -- until x-rays prove otherwise -- I have a pinched sciatic nerve that makes lying, sitting, standing and walking more than mildly excruciating.

Because of the pain-killers my doctor prescribed -- drugs which apparently carry the street name, hillbillie heroin.

!! and !!!

(1) Because I have a perfectly good excuse for the tumbleweeds of dog hair rolling down the front hall.

(2) Because my son, who made a flying visit to take his poor old crippled mother to x-ray, pick up her medications, buy her groceries and do her banking, also up-dated her programs and installed new speakers on her PC.

(3) Because a real, live editor sent me real, live edits, and so far he has not denounced any points or passages I hold dear. He even wrote that it was good to work with someone who isn't indiscriminate with commas. (Ha! I'm sure I have fits of comma-itis like everyone else!)

Further, he sent a list of odd words from the MS -- like souterrains -- for me to verify before he sends them to the copy editor so the copy editor will not waste time querying their spelling and/or usage.

No sympathy, please -- just have patience with me.

Do you have any editing stories/procedures to share?
Charles Gramlich has another story out, Chimes, from Damnation Books.
I don't dare read it -- because my heart was pounding too hard after just the excerpt -- but I recommend it!


sex scenes at starbucks said...

Oh, editing stories, yes I have them, 5 years worth...

But alas, I'm sworn to silence.

Okay, since you pressed me. One writer told me, after a particularly grueling edit, that he'd never had anyone complain to him before about how bad his grammar, spelling, and punctuation were and that he "just didn't get it" and that's why there are editors.


I asked him if he could spell and properly punctuate Y-o-u-r-e-b-l-a-c-k-l-i-s-t-e-d.

laughingwolf said...

daughter continues to exude talent :)

sorry for the pain, bernita, but do beware that 'oxy'!


word verif: wholist

Dave F. said...

he sent a list of odd words from the MS -- like souterrains -- for me to verify before he sends them to the copy editor so the copy editor will not waste time querying their spelling and/or usage.

He's being nice. I once told a editor/copy editor who was determined to go through a scientific manuscript line by line (she was doing both functions at once) that I would accept all the changes but for one that I thought changed the technical conclusion in a paragraph. She had a unique English style and was known to have epic fights with authors. After that first manuscript, she'd give me the list of all the changes and we would discuss one or two. My three coauthors loved the fast approval times.

And a side comment about that last hockey game -- Edmonton tracked water usage during the game. It's good for a giggle or two.

Angie said...

Hey, at least the other two dragged Happy along with them. :P Yay for the good drugs, anyway. I hope they figure out what's up and how to fix it RSN. {{}}

I got edits on my novel yesterday too. The editor enjoyed the book, and didn't bleed over it too much, which means Happy's visited my place after dropping in at yours. :D


sylvia said...

I immediately had a "Regency Romance"* style scene pop into my head: two women sat with at a small table at the Ritz, sipping tea and nibbling on cucumber sandwiches.

"Well, of course she simply couldn't invite Jerome," said Mary in a malicious whisper. "She was so horrified when he left a note with her butler." Her voice dropped to a malicious whisper. "She told me he was indiscriminate with a comma."

"No!" Victoria shook her head, tutting at the very thought. "I never would have thought that of Jerome." She didn't sound the least bit disappointed.

*A genre of which I have shockingly little knowledge, which probably shows. :(

raine said...

Also suffer from sciatica & back issues & have lots of interesting drugs. Oddly enough, they don't take away the pain. I just don't care about it as much. :/

Editing stories? Have had some mini-battles I probably shouldn't publicize. But most of the editors I've worked with have been good at their jobs.

Strangest encounter involved an editor who was secretly working for 2 rival e-pubs, & suggested that I covertly send my submissions to her at a private address, & she would slip them to whichever pub she thought would earn "us" the most money.

And I'm sure you've made your new editor a very happy guy. :)
Feel better soon.

Natasha Fondren said...

See?! That's why I just don't get the whole, "Kill your darlings" mentality. For one thing, they wouldn't be darlings if they didn't work, and for another, they're generally your best stuff!

Commas. Ugh. One editor at one pub seems to thing they go freakin' everywhere. What about "Do not separate a subject and its predicate?" It's a rule that seems to be completely forgotten, but I rather like it.

Sheesh, I'm in a mood today. Sciatica... I've struggled with that. If I spend a lot of time in child's pose and touching my toes, however excruciating, it generally gets me through the sciatica in a day or two.

Bernita said...

Lazy bastard.
Betsy, I commend you for your restraint.

Thank you, LW. If I don't gobble them like candy I'll be screaming after walking 10 feet.
You do get some good wv's.

Yes, Dave, he is nice - and encouraging!
I thought the list a most practical and time-saving approach.

He's been a good little dwarf then, Angie!
I'm startled at how little blood has been spilled so far. Maybe that will come.

. "She told me he was indiscriminate with a comma."
YES! I love that, Sylvia!Deliciously lewd.

Raine,the more I know of you the more it's obvious we are shockingly alike! ( except you're nicer than I am...)
Wow! That is a strange fiddle!

I don't really get it either, Natasha. We are supposed to hone our critical skills to the point where we can self-edit.
I recognize there are preferred styles of punctuation, but I hope I never run into an editor who doesn't have a clue about any of them.
The stretches didn't work for me, unfortunately.

Carla said...

At least Happy came along with his two less congenial companions. Your new editor is clearly a man of impeccable taste.
Hope you feel better soon.

laughingwolf said...

i understand the need, but they are highly addictive... from what i understand

but then, many things are

yeah, i do get some gooders ;)

Bernita said...

Thank you, Carla.
He's been most forthcoming, never abrupt.And has taken the trouble to mention lines/descriptions he particularly likes.I feel very fortunate.

LW as long as they have actual, physical pain to combat, LW, I think the risk is low. Will be glad when I don't need them. They make me itch.

Anonymous said...

Oh commas - I had to co-author something recently with a colleague who loves them to pieces! She's more senior than I am so I'm not sure it's worth my while to make a fuss....

Demon Hunter said...

Sounds like you've got it together. ;-) Feel better. :-D

Bernita said...

I agree, Alex. Not wise.

I enjoy edits, my Demon.
The sciatica - not so much.

Natasha Fondren said...

Aw, I'm sorry! I'll admit, with the stretches, I generally put in three or four hours of them each day, in between whatnot or while reading. So it's a lot of time to spend if you're not sure whether or not they'll work.

BernardL said...

Dialogue tags and POV. Back and sciatic nerve problems are the pits. If you've never tried an inversion table I highly recommend it. If you're unfamiliar with it there's lots of info on the Internet and some very good prices. A 400mg regimen of vitamin C & E with food in the morning and again in the evening helps considerably too.

stacy said...

Sorry to hear about your nerve woes. Hope you're feeling better soon!

Bernita said...

No problem, Natasha! I've never had this particular affliction before and the stretches they recommend to specifically help it have had no effect.

Yep, Bernard, some become very anal and over-wrought about POV.At times I think excessively so.
Thank you. Vitamins I take as a matter of course, but I'll check out the table.

Thank you, Stacy. Don't know if I'm a hobbit or a hobbledehoy! Anyway, I hobble.

StarvingWriteNow said...

Get better soon, dearest. We definitely want to send Grumpy and Dopey packing. Happy can stay as long as he likes, though!

How exciting for you to be working with an editor! Keep on keeping us posted.

Whirlochre said...

Consider yourself lucky — here's a list of hapless dwarves Disney didn't choose. Gloomy — hmmm, yes, we've all been there with the editing, I suppose.

Hope the sciatica improves. Unless you're powered by some kind of Wolverine-like internal skeleton, nerves can only be pinched between muscle or bone and an X ray ought to show which one(s). Until then, leave off with the tag wrestling. I'll manage just fine with the cat.

Bernita said...

Thank you, my Honey. We're quite a pair - you cough and I crawl.

I should get x-ray results this morning, Whirl.
Tag: and I was so looking forward to leaping upon our enemies from the ropes!

Travis Erwin said...

Hillbilly Heroin sounds like a great book title to me.

archer said...

OMG Bernita, that is OXYCODONE. Oxycodone is the only drug that is worth the sciatica.

Okay, absolutely nothing is worth sciatica, not even Ocycodone. As someone who twelve years ago attempted to impress his wife by transporting a kitchen sink up a flight of steps, I know.

Between the edits and the pills, is it *almost* even?

Bernita said...

You're right, Travis.

Yep, it is, Archer. Nope. The edits are a breeze and the oxycodone doesn't quite kill the pain.

kmfrontain said...

Hi, Bernita. It's been a long time since I popped in here or anywhere, I know. I made a Facebook page just for family and friends just yesterday, and now I'm a little more interested in the world again. Funny that. Spread your mind out a little and you see a bit more to spread into, or spread back into, in my case.

No sympathy, but I shall wish you patience within yourself and from others. Writers need it. So do people with any sort of pain that lasts more than a day. You know that already, don't you. :-)

Congrats on the contract with Carina Press. That's brilliant and well-deserved.

Anonymous said...

We want you up and dancing again ASAP. :)

Bernita said...

KM, how nice to hear from you! Looked for you after my long absence but couldn't find you.
Thank you. Some days it feels real, and some days it doesn't!

Jason, at the moment I'd be happy just to walk upright!

Gabriele C. said...

Ouch, back problems are no fun. My father has a nerve that sometimes plays nasty tricks on him - witches' shot, we call it.

Yay for sons who update computers and edits that make sense. I've had a few in non fiction where I wondered if the editor had any knowledge of the subject whatever.

Lana Gramlich said...

Oh no...I'm so sorry about the pinched nerve. Is there anything they can do besides the horrible meds (& even scarier surgery?)

Suzanne Perazzini said...

There's nothing worse than a pinched nerve that gives you no rest.
I am deep in revisions and have been advised to read a book for an idea of how to structure the H/h relationship. The problem is it is a type of book I would normally not read, but I am almost finished it. However, I don't really see the relevance as my hero and heroine are so different. Arrgh!

Bernita said...

"witches' shot" - I like that, Gabriele.
Yep, I can see utubes and things again.

Eh, Lana, the doctor dear thinks that if we can reduce the pain so we don't contribute to a vicious circle, then it might resolve itself.

"no rest" - that's a big problem, Suzanne.One becomes so tired.
Don't you just hate that kind of advice? I've had the same - makes me go "huh?"

Steve Malley said...

Fantastic on the edits. I'm slaving away on the latest WiP, m'self. That alone is plenty to keep me from my bloggery.

Hope that nerve's doing better!

Bernita said...

Thank you, Steve. There is always work to slave over!

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