Friday, August 08, 2008

Pantywadifuss ...* * and *

Mt. Washington from the Saco River, NH,
Sanford R. Gifford,
o/c, circa 1854.

* * and *
A variation on a term for some internet drama I skidded by in the last week or so. Sometimes I follow them assiduously when I'm in cat-fight voyeur mode; other times I twitch a shoulder and click onward. Sometimes I am entranced by the clarity and precision of opinions and viewpoints, and my mind and eyes open wider ; other times I don't have a panty in the raid and do a finger pass.

Where Memes Go to Die:
Gabriele -- with malice aforethought, I've no doubt, tagged me for -- the Night Table Meme. See her for the full and rampant details ( 'cause you won't get there here.)

The Table:
A varnished oak, two-drawer chest.
On it is a phone, my remote, a pen or two and a note pad, a coaster for whatever liquid I'm imbibing in the evening hours, a tube of hand cream , and a pile of books that I'm going to get around to finishing someday.
Also, a box of facial tissue concealed in a dark green replica of an Easter Island statue. The declasse snotcatcher emerges from under the austere and dignified nose.

Reading in situ:
The books I'm reading at the moment tend to sprawl on the bed itself -- when they don't slide off on the other side, that is, and clunk off the base of the blue-shaded floor lamp and make the dogs bark in the night.

What I'm (re-) reading for leisure at the moment is L.E Modesitt, Jr.'s The Order War -- one of the Saga of Recluse series.

Gathering dust ( literally -- excuse me, I sneezed):
Tom Harpur's The Pagan Christ, Nicholas A. Basbanes's A Splendour of Letters, and Wordscape 6: Mystery & Suspense, an anthology of short stories and poems compiled by the Canadian Authors Association. I'm on page 103 with the last, because I get irritated when I can too easily see the furious paddling feet below the prose.

These three are best taken in small bites anyway, with a pause for digestion and cellular absorption in between.

Looking Forward To:
Going to the book store to fill in the gaps in my Modesitt collection.

And speaking of short stories, I discovered that yet another extended scene in A Malignity could , with appropriate amendment, operate as a short story.

I am not sure this is a good thing or a bad thing. It probably depends -- as my mother used to say -- on how you hold your mouth.

Oh, and Weirdly II: Eldritch received another very nice review.


Gabriele C. said...

Lol, not so much malice as curiosity. I've considered the Recluse books but haven't gotten around to giving them a try yet. Looks like I should.

writtenwyrdd said...

I really loved the Recluse books, but after the first five or six they were all pretty much the same book and I just can't read them any more.

As far as bedside tables, I am trying to sell the house so all clutter is verboten and removed. I usually have a blank book to write midnight ideas and dreams that seem idea-filled. I have just the CPAP machine, some lotion, an alarm clock, some eye drops and the phone. The light is wall mounted. Call me boring.

Jaye Wells said...

"I don't have a panty in the raid."

Thanks for the giggle.

spyscribbler said...

Some authors write each chapter almost as a short story, with closure and everything, but also a hook or two to get us to the next chapter.

I really like that style. Very satisfying.

Bernita said...

You know how I feel about memes these days!
Gabriele, I'd suggest beginning with FALL OF ANGELS.

Some aren't as good as others, Written, but I find them curiously hypnotic.The bleed of history and all that in the world building.

Thank you, Jaye.

Perhaps I should work on that, Natasha. Seems to fit with my approach.

BernardL said...

‘Sometimes I am entranced by the clarity and precision of opinions and viewpoints, and my mind and eyes open wider; other times I don't have a panty in the raid and do a finger pass.’

Great line.

A constant in every flame war on the Internet is one side always runs out of facts. The flaming begins when the side without facts shifts first to making up their facts; and if that doesn’t sidetrack the debate, they proceed directly to the insult phase. :)

Is Weirdly II ever coming out in book form, Bernita, or will it be strictly e-book form?

Charles Gramlich said...

I've heard good things about Modesitt but haven't read him yet.

Robyn said...

" voyeur mode..."

My sister!

raine said...

Don't know the Recluse series. Will have to have a look-see.
And a very good, very INTERESTING review. :)

I find myself doing more shoulder twitching and moving on. But maybe the tempests just haven't been up to par lately...

Lovely painting.

Bernita said...

Thank you, Bernard.
The process can be fascinating to watch., though I must say some discussions have only a bit of fire (and gritting of teeth) around the edges.

Don't know whether the house plans a print run for Weirdly II or not.

He's interersting, Charles. His world building doesn't depend much on strange animals and plants but on power politics and socio-political constructs, with enviromental and equality of sexes undertones.He obviously has a tremendous respect for women. And there were some nice staff ( single stick?) scenes in WELLSPRING OF CHAOS.His heroes all dislike violence/force and are usually forced to use it/manipulate it to survive.

Pass the popcorn, Robyn!

Raine, it will take a lot to measure up to the Cassie Edwards and Lanaia Lee plagiarisms.I could NOT focus on work during those.

laughingwolf said...

i'm with charles... and i don't have panties, either! :O lol

Bernita said...

Not much difference between panties and shorts when they're wadded, Lw!

laughingwolf said...

true, but i'm usually... uh...erm... commando... canuck weather permitting! :O lol

Steve Malley said...

I'm going to try to work the word 'pantywadifuss' into my conversation today!

Bernita said...

I'll pretend I didn't see that crack, Lw...

English, she is so great, Steve!

laughingwolf said...

come get your award....

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