Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sails in the Sunset, AHOY!

Marco Polo Relic, Adriatic,
Edgar Payne, (1883-1947)
oil on canvas.

Message in a Bottle ( found in the wine dark sea...):
A chance to explore new words, new spaces, new islands of the mind.
Captain Chris shakes her booty. Also friggin' in the riggin'. Come on board.
A public service announcement:

Dear authors, writers, anonymous editors, and agent hotties,
I would like to invite you to Author's Week for a week of contests and fun and free books!
Author's Week will be held on my blog from May 3 through May 9:
Festivities will kick off on Saturday May 3 with an Oldies but Goodies Contest. I will have funny questions about the following authors who have supported my promotions in the past (cool prizes also!!)
Elaine Alexander - DEATH AT DEACON POND
Mary Cunningham - CURSE OF THE BAYOU
Edna Cabcabin Moran - THE SLEEPING GIANT
John Elder Robison - LOOK ME IN THE EYE
Patricia Wood - LOTTERY

May 5 - May 9 will feature the following authors giving away books and making appearances on my blog. Come chat, make jokes, win prizes!!!

Monday, May 5: Charles Allen Gramlich - SWORDS OF TALERA
Tuesday, May 6: Holly Kennedy -THE SILVER COMPASS
Wednesday, May 7: Daniel Tomasulo - CONFESSIONS OF A FORMER CHILD
Thursday, May 8: Sandra Cormier -THE SPACE BETWEEN
Friday, May 9: Stacia Kane - PERSONAL DEMONS.

Pay It Forward Contest:
Closes at midnight tonight. See April 11 post to enter.
Winner will be announced Friday, May 2.


ChrisEldin said...

Thank you Bernita!!!
Yes, I have lots of booty. :-)

And thanks for correcting the spelling of "Sleeping!" One of those things where it's sent to a hundred people with a typo. :-O

Bernita said...

My pleasure, Chris.

I habitually leave the "t" off "thought."

BernardL said...

This must take a lot of time and energy to set up, Bernita. A week of fun, I'm sure. :)

Bernita said...

Surely, it must have, Bernard.

Chris's energy appalls me.

Demon Hunter said...

I need to run over to Chris's blog. Cool. :*)

Bernita said...

Demon Dear, I've read several of the books listed and they are certainly worthy prizes!

Robyn said...

"Friggin in the riggin" HEE HEE!

Stacia's Personal Demons is WELL worth it!

Bernita said...

You know that naughty song too, Robyn?

Dave F. said...

Gee, I haven't heard that song about sailboats since college days. It's nostalgia time. They had "Hugh's Dirty Ditties" and after a few beers, the guys would inhabit the girls bathroom and sing them for everyone else to hear. College silliness.

Charles Gramlich said...

Looking forward to it. Party on!

Vesper said...

Sounds very interesting. Thank you!

Bernita, a thousand apologies :-) :-) :-) - I've tagged you for a meme. :-)

Bernita said...

Coming from a strict background, Dave, I thought they were hilarious.

Great party gifts, Charles.

I'm flattered, Vesperbut I'll warn you, I may renege.

ORION said...

Heave Ho Ye hardies! (or is that hearties...or maybe hotties?)
I am legitimate here -- I actually LIVE on a sailboat with pirates and everything.
My pirates are furry and pillage and loot when I have chicken on my plate.
They only make me walk the plank when I'm out of kitty litter...

Bernita said...

Do you suppose I thought of you when I chose the theme, Pat?

People,Captain Chris has a treasure chest and these books are treasures worth boarding the brig for ) or being shut in one, for that matter.)

raine said...

My first visit to the site. Looks intriguing, love the idea of the exercises, and the contests look like fun. I'll be popping in. :)
(And a beautiful painting, Bernita).

Bernita said...

And well named, I thought, Raine.
You'll enjoy Chris and the contest.
BTW, "Lottery" is up for the Orange Prize ( I think it's called.

Shauna Roberts said...

Shameless plug: My pay-it-forward contest also ends tonight at midnight, CST. There's still time to enter to win books at

Bernita said...

Yours is a wonderful generous contest, Shauna.

Shauna Roberts said...

Thanks, Bernita!

Rowan said...

What a perfect theme, Bernita! At least for me. I'll stop by if I can, but it's off to damage control school for me. Yarrr!

Bernita said...

Rowan, Dear Guy!
You'll do well.
Am proud of you and thank you.
God keep.

Rowan said...

Thanks! I'm looking forward to hard work and some adventure. That and a rum ration! ;-)

Chumplet said...

Thanks for mentioning Chris's Author Week, Bernita.

It should be loads of fun, fun, fun!

ChrisEldin said...


The authors are all so wonderful to donate books as well as their time for this. Thanks for helping to publicize it and make it nicer for them!!!

Bernita said...

Nice to see your book in the prize list, Sandra!

Chris, I repeat. My pleasure.
Lovely prizes, interesting people.
Thank you for organizing it all.

Travis Erwin said...

Captain Chris shaking her booty? I missed that selling point.

Bernita said...

Get your mind out of the bilges, Travis.
That's "booty", not "bootie."