Monday, January 21, 2008

The Evil That Men Do

Thomas Greene,
John Singleton Copley,
oil on canvas, 1758.

The Church Lady is hosting a day long Evil Editor Extravaganza on her blog to promote EE's latest production, Novel Deviations 3.

Like the preceeding volumes, this third collection comprises cantilations from many of his deviant, devoted Evil Minions.

EVIL DAY is this Thursday, and The Evil One has promised to appear.

Evil Editor (why you don't get published), as you probably know, critiques passages, queries and novel beginnings at his cantina, dispensing solid editorial advice disguised by wicked wit -- which often leaves one ROTFLMAO.

It had been suggested by some devious minds that EE is actually Miss Snark's secret lover.

Since EE remains a mysterious figure, The Church Lady asked we post a picture that represents our mental image of the nefarious Dark Lord.

Mine is above.

Just remove the wig from the wag.


StarvingWriteNow said...

My vision of Evil Editor is the eye of Sauron (sp?), just hovering in space between those two towers in LOTR.

Ooo, or maybe that smiling German dude from Raiders of the Lost Ark that got the disk burnt into his hand. He was EVIL!!

Church Lady said...

IBTYM (I Bow To Your Mastery)--
You still managed to create an informational and artistic post!
I'm speechless!!!
hahahaha! Very nicely done. Thank you so much.

Chumplet said...

That image of EE is soooo you! I can count on you to find a tasteful rendition of our venerable EE.

Robin S. said...

Oh my god, Bernita. The Dark Lord -this is hysterical. I sat looking at this picture- and removing the "wig from the wag". And I think I see what you mean!

You are one of a kind, Bernita- and I mean that in the absolute BEST of ways, my dear.

Bernita said...

Starving, I'm sure EE would be delighted by your comparisons.
Especially since EE is likely a very nice guy.

Eh, Chris, I forgot to mention you will have contests! And prezzies!

Thank you, Sandra.
I doubt EE will feel flattered though.He may prefer man titty renditions and other fantasies.

Bernita said...

Robin, thank you!
I can be evil too...

Robyn said...

I am ROTFLMAO at you! Miss Snark's secret lover, eh?

writtenwyrdd said...

I always let myself assume EE is actually a working editor, but what if he were a pimply teen in his mother's basement? What if he were a guy in the CIA office, bored out of his skull from listening to too many innocuous conversations among immigrants and their overseas relatives? Or, what if he's a she otherwise known as Miss Snark.

In any case, the wit of the man is phenominal. I hope he blogs for a long time to come.

Charles Gramlich said...

Lol. I'm gonna post my image of the evil editor over on Church lady's blog.

Bernita said...

Robyn, something "those of the baser sort aver..."

I hope so too, Written.
An he gives very good, very solid advice too.

Bernita said...

Looking forward to everyone's image, Charles!

Gabriele C. said...

That's no werebunny on Church Lady's blog, that's one evil, giant plotbunny. A fat trilogy at least.

moonrat said...

awesome picture :)

Bernita said...

Gabriele, you're absolutely right!

Thank you.
People, MoonDear is also offering a terrific contest, with prezzies, which you should check out.
A contest, which, dammitalltohell, being deep in my WIP I don't think I can spare time to enter.

The Anti-Wife said...

Love the images. Mine is a little different, but then I'm still hoping to be published some day and need to suck up as much as possible.

Bernita said...

Men's egos being what they are, AW!

Anonymous said...

Now that is one stern dude! I certainly hope that's not him, but I'm afraid is very well may be.

Barrie said... interesting look. I wonder what EE himself would say? :)

Bernita said...

Maybe it reflects the inner man, Jason.

Barrie, I probbly will never know.

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