Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Weirdly Contest - Fore!

Winner takes a copy of Weirdly: A Collection of Strange Stories( Tales).

Contest rules posted December 7.

You know how hourly relative Amazon rankings are.

I laughed yesterday when Weirdly showed up on Amazon.ca ranked as # 4 in books>horror> anthologies and # 13 in books > SF/F > anthologies!

Entry # 9. StarvingWriteNow:

Mary stumbled to the ancient oak. Her right hand reached blindly and gripped the trunk; her left curved around the swell of her abdomen as she leant her head against the rough bark. Hot, exhausted tears blurred her vision.
What had happened to Joe? Had the Minions caught him?
He'd taken that meadow like a gazelle. But the Minions were fast too.
And as usual The Trio had held back, sniffed at the air then spread out like hunting dogs on point.
They could smell the child in her. The child was The Trio's only concern; their goal to take him from her. To kill him before he could be born.
The baby kicked against her hand. Mary snapped back to the present.
Voices. Where?
She scrubbed her cheeks and looked around. Nowhere to hide amongst these ragged, bare trunks; no convenient hole to drop into.
They were getting closer, coming in from all sides. Echoing in the strange still of this place. She dropped to her knees and squeezed her eyes shut.
Help. Please help me.
The faintest rush, like the beating of tiny wings, fanned against her cheek. Mary opened her eyes.
The Trio appeared not twenty yards away. Looking about themselves, puzzled. Sniffing, spreading apart, coming together, the air pulsing red and black around them. Then they melted back into the forest, leaving her, in plain view, undiscovered.
The rush disappeared and a silent command filled her brain: Move!

Looks Are Deceiving

"Just look at her over there," scoffed Wildelma under her breath."She's so full of herself."
"Who is?" said Braidhedge.
"You know darn well who I'm talking about," said Wildelma. "Over there with her limbs all puffed up. I bet they're not even real."
"Most definitely," said Braidhedge, unsure she had heard of false limbs, but not wanting to start a disagreement. That was one thing she had learned early on in her life as a tree: don't anger your neighbors because it's not as if you can just get up and move to a different spot. "You think they're implants?"
"I don't know what they are, but have you seen all those men fiddling around over there lately?" said Wildelma. "I doubt they're there for the acorns, if you know what I mean."
"Scandalous," said Braidhedge. She had neither noticed any humans nearby nor did she have the faintest idea what Wildelma was talking about.
"I just don't know why no one ages gracefully anymore," said Wildelma. "It's just shameful."
"I blame it on Hollywood," said Braidhedge, proud she had added to the discussion.
"If I wasn't so nice I'd give her a piece of my mind," said Wildelma."She's making the rest of us proper ladies look bad."
"It doesn't take much to make you look bad," said Hollytrunk from across the forest. "Your mouth does that for you. And by the way, they're real and they're spectacular."
Wildelma and Braidhedge were silent the rest of the day.


Carla said...

What an amazing variety of entries! It's going to be a very difficult choice :-)

Bernita said...

Indeed, it will be, Carla. I should have suggested bribes!

StarvingWriteNow said...

Hey, I'm up! cool!

And I'm still giggling over Hollytrunk: "They're real, and they're fabulous."


Demon Hunter said...

Hmmm, I'll have to think of something to add if I can stop with my rewrite for like 2 seconds...

strugglingwriter said...

Thanks StarvingWriteNow. I love your avatar, by the way!

Charles Gramlich said...

Wow, pretty good numbers on Amazon. Good entries here too.

Bernita said...

Charles, I suspect the blip happened because one of my Infants ordered copies.

Jaye Wells said...

Always so fun to see what all our warped minds come up with.

"They're real and they're fabulous." That one could have used a beverage alert.

Chumplet said...

Great entries! It sure is going to be hard to choose. Say... Bernita, I can swing by your house with your favourite wine, right?

I hope you took a screen shot of the Amazon ranking for posterity. I managed to get on the top 50 Most Gifted just before my book went out of stock. I think it's my Aunt Loretta's fault.

Bernita said...

Sandra, she said darkly, it may be the only way to choose.

writtenwyrdd said...

these are some great entries. I hope I can think of something before it's too late to enter!

Sarah Hina said...

StarvingWriteNow, this was so well written, and wonderfully suspenseful. I loved the "beating of tiny wings"! And thank goodness for that miraculous intervention. I hope she moved...and fast. Great job!

Struggling Writer, this was so great! I really did laugh out loud at the ending. Their names, and their, gossipy banter was just perfect. Spectacular! ;)

SzélsőFa said...

The firts one amazed me, the second one made me laugh :)
Starving or Struggling, I thank you both writers!

Church Lady said...

StarvingWriteNow, Your entry totally pulled me in. I hope this is part of a bigger piece, because I want to see what happens to Mary.

Struggling--OMG! This is hysterical!! I loved this line:
don't anger your neighbors because it's not as if you can just get up and move to a different spot.
Very nicely done!

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