Wednesday, October 31, 2007

ESP, Hauntings and Poltergeists

ESP, Hauntings and Poltergeists: A Parapsychologist's Handbook,

by Loyd Auerbach, 1986, Warner Books, Inc., paperback, 463 pp.

A useful book for those who wish to found their paranormal fiction on realistic ghost-busting (as per Donald Maass' wish list.) I believe the author has a graduate degree in parapsychology from John F. Kennedy University.

Good bibliography, good analysis of psychic pnenomena, ghosts, precognition, psychokinesis and poltergeists.

Chatty and readable.

At OxyJen, you may find several useful reports from a recent writer's conference (Surrey International), without the squee! bar pictures. A number of blogging agents attended. Includes tips and torques -- and a reminder that this is a business.

Raucous laughter for country mice:
Check out Scalzi's October 26 post about bu-colic. Don't miss the comments.

Pimp Report:
Coffee Time Romance has reviewed Weirdly: A Collection of Strange Stories and found it good - though disturbing.

Very nice - especially since the book is not a romance.

And I have it on good authority that Weirdly will be released in print.

The consumption of alcohol may lead you to think you can logically converse with others without spitting.

These are my treats. I don't do tricks.
Edit: Two More Treats:
Vesper's lovely and traditional ghost story;
and Jeff's horrifying tale.


Vesper said...

Thanks for the treats, Bernita! ;-)
Looks like a very interesting book. I'll search for it on Amazon.

Bernita said...

I found it enlightening, educational, and practical, Vesper.

Robyn said...

Many schools dropped their paranormal studies programs, didn't they? Something about not being able to use scientific methods to prove or disprove the existence of spirits and such.

Demon Hunter said...

Bernita said, "These are my treats. I don't do tricks."

Maybe my mind is just dirty, but that was funny as hell. I always find double entendres whether they're intentional or not. Don't hit me! :X LOL. Thanks for sharing the names of those books! :*)

James Goodman-Horror Writer said...

Happy Halloween! :D

SzélsőFa said...

Disturbing might as well be a praise...especially if the aim is NOT to give solace and peace to the reader...

I think horror-like, haunting stories, stories about the undead, murder mysteries and such are wired for being disturbing.
So it must be a praise.

Bernita said...

Robyn, I suspect a lot folded them into their Psychology Departments.

Oh, my Demon,in my literal way, I never thought of that! Whoring the streets on Halloween!

Same to you, James!
BTW, check out Jeff's short story at
It's horrifying. You will enjoy it!
And you might like Vesper's traditional ghost story up today too. It's a lovely example of the type.

I had the impression some of the stories made the reviewer distinctly uncomfortable, Szelsofa, so the praise may have been unintentionl (though she did say it was good)
But you are exactly right about these sorts of stories.Theu strive to be disturbing.

Charles Gramlich said...

that would be cool if Weirdly got released in print. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Bernita said...

Thank you, Charles.
There still could be the cups 'n lips factor,but I'm hopeful!

raine said...

Oh, I was HOPING Weirdly would be released in print! Squeee!!

Thanks for the Halloween suggestions. ;-)

Bernita said...

If it is, it will be partly because of the wonderful reviews given by you, Raine( you darling girl), and by Charles and Ello!

J. C. Wells said...

Glad to hear Weirdly is going into print. Very exciting.

Happy Halloween, Bernita!

Bernita said...

Thank you, Jaye.
Sugar high!

StarvingWriteNow said...

Read the NYT article; what a hoot! As a bonafide upstate NY hick currently living in suburban "bliss" (snort) I can't keep the windows open at night in summer because of the traffic--and it isn't even that bad, but it is so disturbing! Please, somebody give me some bullfrogs!

Bernita said...

Isn't it, Sarving?
And hard to believe they were that screwy.
I'm with you.
The only mechanical sounds one should hear at night are train whistles, far away.

Travis Erwin said...

great links and info as usual. I really need to put a link for you on my blog. Think I'll do that now.

Bernita said...

Thank you, Travis. That was a nice short/flash story.
Mu blog links get updated very slowly, when a tech-child happens to be free.

Gabriele C. said...

Disturbing is good. I mean, HEA stories are nice and a comfort read, but it's the others that stay with me.

writtenwyrdd said...

I have a ghost in my house that stomps up and down the hallway whether we are awake or asleep, and who also flings doors open, including the front door. I don't need proof.

Jon M said...

I want a degree in parapsychology! It sounds fun! But maybe a bit creepy...

Bernita said...

In this context, Gabriele, disturbing is decidedly good!

Alas,Written,in spite of its age, my house is empty of annoying spirits and irritating phenomena.

Jon, the information is probably out of date ( the book was publshed in 1986) but he does list in an appendix a Dr. Alan Gauld, with the Department of Psychology, University of Nottingham, and a couple from Edinburgh U.

Scott from Oregon said...

The parapsychology departments quietly folded, I think, when it was shown how Uri Gellar fooled everyone using simple magician's tricks.

"Scientists" were shown to be dupes and fools.

I think it was Stanford with the most egg on their face, but I'd have to google

Jeff said...

Thanks for adding a link to my Halloween story, Bernita. :)

"And I have it on good authority that Weirdly will be released in print."
I want a copy as soon as it becomes available.

Shesawriter said...


I'm going to order this book tonight! The heroine in my current mess in progress is a psychic detective, so this will really come in handy. Thanks!

Bernita said...

Studies still continue, Scott., if is anything to go by.
They just don't call it that.

Jeff, yours was a truly disturbing story!
I understand also there may be a Weirdly II - you should submit it!
Thank you - watch this space - before Xmas, I believe.

That's lovely, Tanya!
I've found it useful for my Lillie stories, if for nothing else, keeping the proper and accepted terms straight.

Scott from Oregon said...

There is over a million dollars offered as a reward if anybody could demonstrate the existence of anything "paranormal".

The money is still sitting in the bank, unclaimed.

While it is amusing to write about and fantasize about, most brands of magical thinking stunt the mind, limit real exploration of science and the universe, and make a lot of really corrupt people a lot of money.

Chinese cookies, on the other hand, once told me I'd meet smeone mysterious and I once did, so they are real...

kmfrontain said...

YaY! A print version. :D

Angie said...

Congrats on the review! That's great, especially from a site outside of the book's genre.


Bernita said...

The author is particularly annoyed by the linking of the "occult" with proper attempts at scientific examination, Scott.

Hee, Karen!

Thank you, Angie.
Yes, and the reviewer took care, in spite of that, to be fair.

Chumplet said...

My ghost joke of the day... I hope nobody will be offended:

A parapsychologist hosted a forum, and asked the audience, "Has anyone here seen a ghost?"

Twenty or so hands went up. "Great," he said. "Have any of you ever spoken to a ghost?"

Maybe ten people raised their hands. "Wonderful! Now, how many of you have touched a ghost?"

Three hands shot up. "This is encouraging," the host remarked. "Did any of you ever become intimate with a ghost?"

One man raised his hand. The parapsychologist raised his eyebrows and asked, "How remarkable! Do you mean to tell me that you had intimate contact with a being from the other side?"

The man in the audience responded with embarrassment, "Oh, please excuse me - I thought you said goat."

Bernita said...