Friday, July 06, 2007

More Zombie Love

A Song of Springtime,
John William Waterhouse.

WrittenWyrdd (see sidebar) has honoured me with the Thinking Blogger Award.

Or the Meme-That-Will-Not-Die.

Of course, I am tremendously flattered. And desperate. And in a dither.

As I asked before: how does one choose? Everyone on my sidebar - and an ever-growing number who have not yet been added - deserve the title. That's why they are there.

So, arbitrarily, a Mensa:

1. Charles of Razored Zen.

3. Ric of Along the River (see sidebar) - though we know what he thinks about - especially on Fridays.

4. Dave of Dave Fragments.

Another Newswire Igor!
A plot-zombie for you:

AP reports that "Villagers in central China regularly dug up dinosaur bones and boiled them in soup or ground them into powder for traditional medicine, believing they were from flying dragons and had healing powers..."
Also, dinosaur eggs.
This is post # 666, btw.


Frank Baron said...

Whew! Bernita, I am, of course, flattered to be included in your list. And relieved. When you mentioned it on my blog I was kind of afraid it meant I'd have to think a lot. You know, more than I'm used to. Because thinking doesn't come naturally to me. Some folks are born thinkers and then there's people like me for whom thinking's like that thing you do with your body sometimes and you get all sweaty and breathe heavily and not in that "we have company in bed" kind of way either. What's that word?

Oh yeah. "Work."

Don't get me wrong. I'm darn flattered but I think I need to lie down now for a little while.

Bernita said...

You're a joy to read, Frank. Truly.

Anonymous said...

This is post # 666, btw.

Hmm... Hope that is not an indication of evil on the horizon.

December/Stacia said...

Sigh. All those dragon bones gone (hey, I believe in them.)

Kate Thornton said...

They *ate* the dragon bones? Ignorant villagers - everyone knows you powder and *sprinkle* them! What a waste!

Bernita said...

Now, Steve... moi?

But think, December, if that dragon-bone DNA mutates in the bodies of the recipients...

And the Eggs, Kate!

Ric said...

Made another list? Scary thought - though I am delighted.

And Frank gets to talk about sex first!!

Always a joy to visit here early in the morning. Gets those little gray cells moving.

Bernita said...

The picture was for you,especially, Ric.
I know you like to get up early.

kmfrontain said...

That's a lot of posts.

6 and 6 and 6 is 18, which is 1 and 8, which is 9, which is a very reasonable number and probably good luck.

9 and 9 and 9, on the other hand, is 27, which is 2 and 7, which is...9, and therefore just as good luck.

Happy Lucky Post Day, Bernita!

writtenwyrdd said...

You should have posted tomorrow, on 7/7/7, bernita. At 5:55.

Charles Gramlich said...

Thanks, Bernita. It's good to know that my pretend thinking can fool even a person as discerning as yourself.

Rick said...

But now for the catch, what's the actual tag? What do I gotta do?

raine said...

I heard about the villagers!
Ack! All that precious history...

Gabriele C. said...

Lol, that Thinking Blogger Award is a boomerang. It keeps coming back. Like the Eight Things About You-meme that keeps catching up with me.

Congrats. On the Award and the Great Beast of the Apocalypse.

Bernita said...

Thank you, Karen. According to a book on numerology which I can't lay my hands on at the moment, my name number makes me immune from all that.

I plan to get you for this tag - flattering as it is - next week, Written.

Like your style, Charles.

Click on Written's blog, Rick,scrool down a bit and all will be revealed.But not unless you wish to pass it on. There is a cool icon for the blog though.

My thought too, Raine.

Ir's a zombie, Gabriele. Somebody pass me the salt!

cyn said...

you deserve it, bernita! i always love your ramblings, insight, and thought provoking topics!

Bernita said...

Sweet of you to say so, Cyn.Thank you.
But, as I have said before, it is the commenters who enrich a blog.

kmfrontain said...

LOL. Gkad to know you're immune, as you and everyone of us should be. :D

Rick said...

Aarrgh, now I have to decide whether I wanna play.

No one else is even going to mention today's picture? I love the pre-Raphaelites, all those bucolic scenes with lovely maidens or a lovely mom in this case, whose dress, oops, happens to be falling off. And they get away with it too.

Speaking of your illos, I forgot myself to comment on Vermeer's Girl with a Letter, which being gorgeous aside lends itself wonderfully to speculation. My wife speculated a masters in art history out of it, which she really should publish. (Short form: It's arguably a covert Annunciation.)

Bernita said...

I like them too, Rick, obviously.
Her theory is a viable one.
One question might be is the metaphor conscious or unconscious.It seems a popular subject. The motif may be older than Christianity. There are many paintings of girls reading, including another famous one by Fragonard.

LadyBronco said...

Oh but Bernita, your blog does make us think ~ it's why you keep getting nominated!

(pssst...rick - I love the painting, too. Bernita, you always have great paintings.)

Anonymous said...

Memes are starting to seem like a bit of a hassle. I've been tagged three times in the last week.

Dave said...

gee, thanks very much.

ORION said...

Bloggers know how futile it is to tag me for anything except for maybe cheesecake in New York.

Bernita said...

Amd you all make me think, Lady B, and give me much pleasure.
Except for the fact it is never up to date, I could just say "See blog roll" and leave it at that!

Indeed, they have become a bit circular, Seeley.

Not at all, Dave!

Ah yes, that highly suspicious cheesecake photo, Pat!

Jon M said...

The smaell of dinosaur farts...I'll stop there

Bernita said...

Probably equivalent to a thousand cattle, Jon.

spyscribbler said...

But you deserve it most! :-)

Bernita said...

Not true, Natasha - but thank you.

writtenwyrdd said...

Oooh, you're going to get me? Cannot wait! :)

word veri: boaaeaok. Zombie for, gimme some brains!!!