Monday, May 28, 2007


A magician troll. Found him in my junk.
Cute little fellow, isn't he?
Like those frigging nasty little leprechauns.

Trolls. Trows. Wudewasa. Wodewoses. Wild hairy men, related to ogres, cousins to Big Foot and the Sashquatch. Pictured medievally with clubs.

Rather Cro-magnon.

But not tiny and not cute.

My mind operates at times like the end of the food chain. Like a well-built, old-fashioned, cess pit or compost pile.

I needed a creature for a creepy tale. That is to say I needed a plot - but I like to start with characters.

Of course my mind went blank, immediately.

So I began stuffing myself with rich food.

Pat Wood - she of Lottery fame - is visiting Norway and posting pictures of aching beauty, of fjords and family saeters and cemeteries and stone.

Trolls are creatures of mist-times, dark caves and mountain crevasses. They turn to stone in sunlight.

Thank you, Pat.

Aerobic process in progress.


Erik Ivan James said...

"But not tiny and not cute."

Thinking about me, were ya?

Bernita said...

~giggling in turn~
You're my hero , Erik. He's not tiny nor cute either.

EA Monroe said...

Good morning, Bernita. I have a wizard troll like the one in your picture lurking around in the attic. At one time my son had "trolls" all over the house. They even popped up on the Christmas tree one year!

Bernita said...

I think my daughter had one in camo, Elizabeth!

Charles Gramlich said...

"Mist times." Great line. Already when I was growing up trolls had been diminished. The main one I remember from childhood was from Billy goat gruff.

Interesting comment about Cro mags. I wonder if trolls could be human memories of Neanderthals? Hum.

Bernita said...

Thank you, Charles.I liked Billy Goat Gruff.
The Neanderthal connection is one of the theories about the origin of the tales.

raine said...

He looks like a miniature Don King.
That in itself is pretty scary!

I suppose things like this might be our way of taking the terror out of the mythology? But geez--how it stunts the imagination!

Bernita said...

You're probably right, Raine. One cannot help but notice fro one thing how these creatures tend to shrink in size throughout the centuries.
Seems we are "the giants" today.

Sam said...

That is an adorable magicial troll!!!
I used to have one with turquoise hair. I was very attached to my ugly troll with the gorgeous blue hair.

Bernita said...

This one has bright red hair, Sam, but for some reason my scanner bleached it.

takoda said...

Hi Bernita,

Tooth fairies don't like trolls or leprechauns either. I tell all about it in my unpublished picture book "The Oops Tooth Fairy."

And I just saw your message on my blog. Thanks so much for stopping by! I rarely go there myself-prefering to use my blog to test various avatars.

Happy Weekend


Bernita said...

Hope you had a nice one, Takoda.
I hope to re-invent them. It may be an up-hill climb...

December/Stacia said...

Bernita, I have numerous encyclopedias of demons, faeries, etc.

You have my emial. I'm in the middle of finding some new demons for book 2 of Personal..., so it's no trouble if you're looking for something to fill a specific role or just in general for me to throw some ideas your way.

Bernita said...

December,that is very generous of you.Thank you.
I've pretty well settled on trolls for this particular story, but I will keep you in mind.
Right now my biggest problem is getting my tongue out of my cheek when writing it - interfers with creating creep.

Anonymous said...

Trolls are alive and well and gigantic in Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels. With names like Chrystoprase (the local mafioso, "Chrys" for short) and Detritus, Pratchett successfully humanizes them and makes them approachable. I think I prefer the Tolkien trolls.


sex scenes at starbucks said...

thanks for the link to that blog. fascinating stuff.

Bernita said...

That's right, Asa, trolls seem to have retained both their attitude and size in fantasy literature - but not in popular perception.

She lets us borrow her eyes, SS. Wonderful images!

Scott from Oregon said...

A short-lived friend of mine told me this horrific tale about those trolls--

Seemed the boyfriend of his mother was the guy who invented (or created) them. Seems he was on his way to wealth and fortune when his wife (who did all the books) turned gay and ran away with all his money and another women to South America.

Seems Uncle Sam still wanted the taxes paid, and, of course, that was now impossible. I believe he sold the rights to the troll to one of the big toy guys and then was forced to work underground for the rest of his days...

Scary, yeah?

Cynthia Rayne said...

You know what I have never liked those trolls. They are really creepy!

Bernita said...

They have a certain "Chucky" possibliity, don't they, Cynthia.