Thursday, May 10, 2007

O Solo Mio

A virtuoso's costume for 18th c. Italian opera
by Antoine Daniel Bertoli.

Thank you, Samantha. Thank you, WrittenWyrdd.
Another meme. Eight random facts/habits about the tagee.

1. As a little child I had my own nouns. My favourite blue sweater was my oidle-oidle-ah, water was namanah. Don't ask me why.

2. I taught myself to read when I was three. It seems de rigueur to mention this. I should add that while children who read early are usually bright, all bright children do not read early. And too frequently I can be more than stupid.

3. I don't like liver or potato scallop or cream of tomato soup.

4. When I shake my head quickly I hear chimes, sounds similar to those silver oriental exercise balls. Musical rocks.

5. I have been shot at.

6. I am not competitive or aggressive - but don't try to push me around.

7. I'm not inclined to panic or fuss or do the histrionic thing.

8. I have a birthmark in the shape of a hare on the inside of my left knee.

If you want to know more exciting facts you'll have to ask.
There are rules about re-tagging. I will ignore them. I have no intention of being a plague carrier, so please - after you wake up - visit Sam and Written and their other victims.
AND you can add Sex Scenes at Starbucks to the Brat list.
I feel like a wen.


Sam said...

Oh, Plague carrier am I? LOL
Thanks for playing!
Love the fact you had your own words for things. So did my daughter. For years, bread was ungunga, and her brothers the twins were Ada and Ada. Our neighbor's little boy, Arnaud, had his name painstakingly pronounced. Alex and Sebi remained Ada and Ada.
I have found my daughter to be incredibly headstrong. Do headstrong people make up their own names for things? For some reason, I imagine you are headstrong as well!

(Off to digest plague carrier. Leo is hurt. Rat is laughing hysterically.)

Bernita said...

A pox on you, Sam.
~ did fit with the Rat, didn't it~

writtenwyrdd said...

Funny about learning to read early. No, it doesn't make you a genius; but it is fairly unusual.

I know these meme's are like glurgey chain letters, but they are fun.

My mother has a birthmark-- perfect rectangle-- on her elbow. I always wanted a cool birthmark, but haven't got anything but that funny triple squiggle that looks like 666 on my scalp...

Bernita said...

"that funny triple squiggle that looks like 666 on my scalp..."
Written, when I was a child, passing ladies would point out I had mud on my leg.
Now, parents are boasting their children navigate computers at age three...

December Quinn said...

I'm right with you on 5 and 7!

But I love scalloped potatoes...mmmm.

writtenwyrdd said...

BTW, what's a 'wen'? The only definition I found is a 'fatty cyst' (eck) and I think that's probably not what you meant?

Bernita said...

I like potatoes every other way, December.

Skin tags are sometimes ( and probably inaccurately)
called "wens," Written -but a repository of sebaceous material will do.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Good morning Typhoid plague carrier you!


Bernita said...

Hee, Bonnie!
But see, I refuse to infect anyone else.

Robyn said...

Just can't have a grilled cheese sandwich without tomato soup.

You've been SHOT AT???

Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

Well, Bernita, my eyes just popped open wide when I read #5--that you'd been shot at! My word, don't leave us hanging, woman. What on earth happened?

(Loved writtenwyrdd's birthmark comment. LOL)

Bernita said...

I like tomatoes every other way, Robyn.
It's the milk.

Sounds more exciting than it was, Daisy.
Neighbour's kid.
Just missed my head.
Of course, I didn't display any sense - like drop 'n roll 'n cover ( I did mention that sometimes I'm more than a little stupid, didn't I?)- I swung around and yelled "WhattheChrist did you do that for?"

MissWrite said...

LOL aren't meme's fun? Well they are for the reader. I love reading them. I can honestly say I don't love being the subject of them nearly as much. haha

writtenwyrdd said...

Tomato soup with MILK? Oh gack.

Bernita said...

"Fun?" she asked faintly.
It seems discourteous to ignore them completely, Tami, but I prefer not to inflict them further.

Or cream, Written.GACK is what I do.

MissWrite said...

Oh--tomatoe soup with milk is AWESOME.

Bernita said...

Pleae, Tami - to me it tastes the same going down as it does coming up - and looks like alien vomit.

writtenwyrdd said...

I'm with Bernita on that. Tomato soup should be made with water. Looks like blood mixed with cream otherwise.

J. H. said...

I like the meme, it was fun. And I appreciate the fact that the bus stopped there! Tami has been known to infect me with a couple of memes in the past so I try to stay away just in case. lol
The "have been shot at" sounded really intriguing and was glad to find the specifics on the comments, saved me from asking!

Bernita said...

Please, Written.

Thank you, JH,I'm more familiar with the other end of the gun.

Charles Gramlich said...

I wonder how I'd look in that outfit.

spyscribbler said...

Wow! So what were you thinking when you heard it? Did you know it was the kid, at the time?

Jiminy. What kind of gun? Sheesh, I'd be freaked. I think. One never knows, unless one's in the situation!

(And I'm so jealous with the reading thing. I didn't read until 1st grade. I could do multiplication in Kindergarten, though! Absolutely no help, now, as I seem to have lost the math ability in recent years.)

Bernita said...

Simply ravishing, I'm sure, Charles.

I was thinking "I do believe that was a shot."
Not until I turned around, Natasha. A 22.
I was, to put it mildly, outraged.
I imagine lots of kids are capable of reading at that age - they just may not have the specific interest at that time.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Thanks for the link (**rushing to re-apply make-up**)