Thursday, March 01, 2007


A Spree in a Tavern,
from a set of satiric paintings by William Hogarth,
called The Rake's Progress.

Appropriate to NITS - Nothing Intelligent To Say - a perennial condition and one which I have inexpertly tried to conceal, lo, these many months.

My almanac tells me that the length of day is 11 hours and 8 minutes.
On January 1, the length of light was 8 hours and 48 minutes.
At dawn, the dark glass of the skybowl was blown thin into pale and pastel bands of blue and green and rose-pink to end in a horizon rimmed in gold. At times it is easy to believe the earth is flat and fixed.
The month of the Full Worm Moon.
I wonder if the word reflects the old term for Dragon rather than the humble earth worm - who still rests deep in his tunnels - waiting, like me.
If Wyrm Moon means the hot breath of dragonkind riding on March winds to melt the deep-piled snow. Unfortunately, the almanac also predicts an eclipse on the night of the Full this year.
Named for the god of war, I wonder if this month is for the battle set between the Ice Dragon and the Green.
Forecasters predict a storm to strike this evening, so one Dragon, from his lair astride the northern marches, will rise aloft to protect his dominion, beating his wings, blasting an icy challenge against our Champion, against our impertinent hope for Spring.
I yearn for green.


Erik Ivan James said...

"I yearn for green."

Yes, Bernita, me too! Your post describes March well. No, it defines March.

Bernita said...

Thank you, Erik.
Ice storms are so hard on trees.

writtenwyrdd said...

I, too, long for Spring. It's been above freezing for two days (while the sun was up) and today it's 9. :(

Ric said...

Ah, as the sleet comes down hard this morning, a wondrous post. Is it any wonder that St Patrick's Day is so very green?

Bernita said...

And the earth smells, Written, and the soft, whispering airs.

Thank you, Ric. I think of Ireland as always green - or at least with a Spring that arrives much earlier than here. Some years, the snow makes Paddy's Day a mockery.

Sam said...

NITS not, lol. That was a lovely post. I love the worm moon expression. As I read it I pictured fat worms curled in the thawing grond, ready to poke out and enjoy the new spring.
And 'The Rake's Progress' - I have to admit that I actually think of that title when I'm outside in the autumn raking up my leaves. It's one of those things that is stuck in my brain, lol.

Bernita said...

Thank you, Sam.
Re: Rake - me too!
BTW, People, Sam is also now an editor with a new publishing house. You might like to check her out.

Jaye Wells said...

Great post, Bernita. In Texas, the daffodills are blooming and thhe trees boast tender buds. I just hope a surprise cold snap doesn't ruin this progress.

I just recently learned about each full moon having it's own name, i.e. Wolf Moon, Worm Moon, etc. Mighht be interesting to do a serie sof shorts based on the origins of each of the names.

Robyn said...

Congratulations, Sam. Best of luck.

Bernita, I love the way your mind works.

anna said...

Our minds travel the same path today Bernita. In my head for the past few days a poem about Mars

an email from a friend in Atlanta hyacinths.

such a beautiful post
it just might inspire me to write

Bernita said...

Thank you, Jaye.Hope not too. It's nice to feel Spring is happening somewhere.
Yes, January has the Wolf Moon,February, the Snow - and that is a very good idea.

Robyn, thank you!
~not sure you should call it working, exactly~

Bernita said...

Your poems are inspiration, Anna.
Hyacinths. I have to make do with a pot of them.

EA Monroe said...

Good morning, Bernita. I enjoyed your yearning for green post. Come to Oklahoma! I saw daffodils this morning and the trees are budding. Doesn't mean that frost is over for us though. Sneaky ice dragon!

Bonnie Calhoun said...

LOL...the forecasters are predicting a storm for us too, tonight! Ice and possible flooding...*sigh* would be good!

Hey! And you always have something intelligent to say! don't sell yourself short...sister!

Sam said...

Editor I'm not, lol. I'm webmistress and part time slush pile reader - I'd be a dismal editor, can't even catch my own mistakes, lol.
But thanks for the plug!!

Bernita said...

Glad you did, Elizabeth.
I fear the early mildness of the winter and the freeze-thaw cycle may have killed a lot of spring stuff.

Thank you, Bonnie. During the last big one, we were without power for 5 and 1/2 days. Could do without that.

Sorry, Sam, I misinterpreted your slush reading to mean editor.

raine said...

I yearn for green.


The first half of our winter was fairly mild.
It saved the brunt of its fury for the last few weeks, and we've been badly beaten down.

I'm more than ready for the Awakening.

Mark Reep said...

Hello- First time visitor, found my way here via Sam's Spot, just wanted to say great blog. Your comments on describing physical characteristics are especially interesting, as I'm fumbling my way back into short fiction- And trying to find a balance between 'Show' and 'Tell' that doesn't seem hopelessly heavy-handed seems quite the challenge indeed sometimes :) Okay, most of the time lol 'Eyes the color of car exhaust'- Love it. :)

Bernita said...

And for violets in the lawn, Raine, and lilacs.

Mark, how very nice to see you. Thank you for stopping by. Finding the right balance is hard. Glad that gave you a chuckle - the result of desperation, that particular example.

writtenwyrdd said...

My lilacs won't be blooming until late June! Zone 2-3...

Bernita said...

Written, I have seen the cue for lilac time vary here as much as a month.

Gabriele C. said...

We never had a winter this time, and spring only means allergies to me.

If you drive the ice worm out, you can send it over to me. :)

Bernita said...

Gladly, Gabriele!

Donnetta Lee said...

Hello, Bernita. It's been fairly warm the last few days in Oklahoma. Supposed to be a little cool over the weekend but sunny. It's all a relief since all the snow and ice we've had through the winter. I long for green. And summer when school is out!! Donnetta

Bernita said...

Donnetta, woke up this morning to a centimeter of ice on everything - and more coming.