Saturday, February 03, 2007

Spectators, Speculations and Spectacles

A 14th century minature in a Capital.
Some short-sighted saint or t'other.
Glasses for myopia were invented around 1280.
This may be the earliest known illustration of spectacles - so my source claims.

The inevitable happened.
Yesterday, Miss Snark linked the blog of an agent who expressed interest in: literary fiction, narrative non-fiction, sports, politics, current events, young adult fiction and science fiction.
The agent, Nathan Bransford of Curtis Brown Ltd., was immediately trampled by an electronic herd of desperate writers.
He accepts - no, embraces - e-queries, you see.
And he is willing to represent science fiction - apparently a genre which many agents avoid.
Agent Bransford(!) has an easy, amusing style and common sense advice/perspective about aspects of submission and the demands of the industry.
And I was gratified to see a blog post on grammar and spelling.
Heh, heh.
His archives produce other clue-sticks. He dislikes rhetorical questions in queries and comments on how to introduce comparisons.
I also gather from comments that he responds quickly.
Some of you might like to check him out.
After the silt has settled in the waterhole.


December Quinn said...

And seriously, he looks like the nicest man ever. Like a Mormon or something.

I love the snarky humour in his blog.

anna said...

Laughing about the final sentence.
A snarkling post indeed.

Bernita said...

I never looked at his picture. Books 'n cover thing.He could look like a crash-test dummy for all I care.
But his posts are full of good humour and he's intelligent.
The pity is that I'm not his type.

Bernita said...

Happens every time an agent is mentioned on some prominent blog, I imagine, Anna.

Robyn said...

...immediately trampled by an electronic herd of desperate writers.

It really is a cattle call, isn't it?

Bernita said...

"...a cattle call"
Haven't heard that expression for a while. Much like acting and modeling, Robyn.
A mention by someone like Miss Snark may be viewed almost as a recommendation.

Anonymous said...

Nathan seems like a decent agent. Nice to see one. If he doesn't wear glasses now, he'll need a pair after all of the things he finds in his inbox.

writtenwyrdd said...

Too bad I never cared about writer's conferences when I actually lived in San Francisco.

This guy sounds like a sweetie. If he's as nice to deal with as he sounds, I'd love to have him as an agent. I admit it, I am a sucker for people being nice and caring to me. Makes me all fond of them and loyal to a fault.

Bernita said...

My thought exactly, Steve!
Sounds as if he's not myopic about e-queries though.

Me too, Written. Sounds fair and open. And nice.

Gabriele C. said...

As if I don't have enough links on my blogroll already. :)

Not that I write what he looks for, but that goes for Miss Snark and Kristin Nelson as well. There's always something to learn from those blogs.

Bernita said...

Gabriele, check him out further and his agency.
While sliding through references (PMP, etc.) I believe I saw the word "historical."

Ballpoint Wren said...

He sounds very nice, and he likes Cory Doctorow. Two pluses!

JLB said...

Right on, thanks for sharing! I haven't haunted Miss Snark's in about a month, so I totally missed this one.

Bernita said...

And he answers questions in comments, Bonnie.

Think that blogging agents are gold, JLB!

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