Monday, February 19, 2007

A Mind-Walker

Kuks Forest Sculpture,

Kuks, Czech Republic.

By Braun of Bohemia, comissioned for the estate of Count Frantisec Spork (1662-1738)


Imagine you walk through an unfamiliar forest, alone.

The whispering air is warm on your face and cold at your back.

You wander along the portal path between the seasons, shuffling aside last years brown leaves to search for green growth.You read the bark runes.

You listen for the first high wild call to drift down from the pale sky above.

You sense there is treasure here, some mystery of mind, if you could only find it.

Past a curve in the track you come across such a titanic figure caught, frozen, lichened in the dark stone of a natural outcrop.

The old magics, the strong magics, reveal themselves with unexpected grace. They enchant you so you never want to leave. Never want to travel beyond this forest's boundaries.You are in willing thrall to this place, to this time.

Surprise your reader and so bespell him.


anna said...

Imagine that. The best writers are able to transport us to mysterious places. For me children's books do it best.
Great post today and yesterday
also Bernita. Loved yesterday's painting!

Bernita said...

Thank you, Anna.
I wrote yesterday's post partly as an excuse to put up that picture.

Amy Lavender Harris said...

Lovely words.

Sam said...

He looks a bit scrawny - before bespelling I'd be-feeding him.
"Peanut Butter sandwhich, Sir?"

Bernita said...

Thank you, Amy.

You found it purple, Sam?
~and here I tried not to run amuck~

EA Monroe said...

Bernita, that has happened to me -- running along a path through Oklahoma's blackjacks and native oaks and stumbling upon a tall standing stone of carved granite. I used the power and mystery evoked from that childhood event as keys in my VOW series; I bestowed them upon my characters, wove them into certain themes.

Ric said...

Magic. WE love the magic, the words, the melody, that transforms our tired souls.

In a madcap world, racing from one crisis to the next, hurrying towards what everyone else thinks we should do, we need to recall, however briefly, the magic of our youth, our dreams, our souls.

I think as writers, we get closer than most.

Bernita said...

Isn't it wonderful, Elizabeth, those momemts, that gap in time beyond the mundane world?

The worlds of fiction can become busy and mediocre too, Ric, and surprise may be once way to interrupt that noisy pattern.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

LOL...I wrote that so well, so haunting, so etheral...LOL...and all I could think of, "Spork!"

I don't know why that word tickled my fancy today, but I kept sticking it in as the last word on the piece!

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Oh, and way to go!...You got a shout out from Lynne Scanlon this morning!

Bernita said...

I know, Bonnie!
My eyebrows went up and I double checked, but it was his real name, so what do you do?

raine said...

They enchant you so you never want to leave. Never want to travel beyond this forest's boundaries...Surprise your reader and so bespell him.

Lovely stuff, Bernita.
Please tell me the next post will be about how to do this! :-D

December Quinn said...

Just lovely.

Bernita said...

Thank you, Raine, December.

If I knew, Raine, if only I knew.

writtenwyrdd said...

Lovely sentiments. I particularly liked "bark runes" and "You listen for the first high wild call to drift down from the pale sky above."

Bernita said...

Thank you, Written.
You can tell I am eager for Spring, can you not?

Donnetta Lee said...

OOO. I like this, Bernita. I love the otherworldly realm. Would like to be a visitor there like Alice in Wonderland. With my magical spell, I would release this man from his frozen state. Together, we would saunter (I mean, meander) through the mystical land. Donnetta

writtenwyrdd said...

I know what you mean. Although this Winter hasn't been as bad as it could be, I, too am looking to the sky for birds and watching the frozen lake for signs of a thaw.

It would help if the temp got above freezing, first, though!

Scott from Oregon said...

Funny. Part of my walk yesterday encompassed an entire hillside of first growth, magical forest with lichen and moss and damp eternal days.

The magic, for me, is in understanding the beauty of the naturalness of the woods- something seldom seen anymore...

The smell of decay and mold and fungi and trees that breath deeply...

Patry Francis said...

"Surprise and bespell"--that says it all.

Sam said...

Purple? No!
Lovely, really.

Bernita said...

He looks anguished and traped, as if taken by surprise, Donnetta. All such are not benign.

I shouldn't complain, Written, for it hasn't been that bad as you say - but I yearn for green.

For me,Scott, the magic of natural woods also involves the sense of things not seen, remembered on the wind and secret.Here the trees are still bespelled in ice and cold.

Stories are the most powerful spell of all, Patry.

Thank you, Sam.