Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Be Still, My Heart

Two blog items left me giggling and shaking my head yesterday.
One asserted the silly claim that forms of the verb To Be were passive.
All grammatical refutations aside, is there anything passive about the imperative, declarative, passionate scripts exchanged on this day?

Be Mine?

The other stated that sex in fiction bares no resemblance to sex in real life.
Without suggesting that I'm in any way some sort of love goddess, I take issue with that.
I did wonder if the poster ever ventured out of his basement.
While it's true that sex may not be mind-blowing all the time, every time, and erotic fiction may have a few contortions or extra body parts one could not reasonably encounter in the normal course of affairs, I have not found most such passages exaggerated beyond the bounds of belief.
Was the claim based on the premise that if it's fiction, it must be fantasy? Or just unfortunate experience?
How realistic/ fantastic have you found the average sex scene in novels?


kmfrontain said...

Heh? Although I don't agree that 'to be' conjugations are passive by nature, it's true that looking for 'was' with the search function can help you find most passive voice sentences.

Bernita said...

Yes, Karen, too many neutrals lead to a passive tone.
I would just like the half-assed absolutists to Be Gone!

Robyn said...

Finally! Blogger hasn't wanted to let me comment the past few days.

There are certain details in sex scenes that are overwrought: body positions, vocalizations, moisture. But the underlying emotions and urges ring true to me.

Ric said...

WOW! Bernita is doing sex and it isn't even Friday. Must have something to do with St. Valentine's Day.

IMHO, author imagination creates an enormous range of sex scenes. Some of these are bound to be 'over the top'.

Think rebuilding a car engine - most can learn how it's done from manuals and tv shows, but once you've actually done it, life is never the same.

Realistic sex depends heavily on your own experience and fetishes.

Bernita said...

Yes, Robyn, I didn't quite get that it was "never" as good in reality - as a blanket statement.

Ric, I don't want to think mechanical.
I think I'll stop there.Too many related puns.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

To be...or not to be....that is the sex question...ROFLOL!

I don't read sex least not in the last 20 years or so, so I wouldn't be able to comment, other than being a wise acre :-)

Bernita said...

Those are welcome too, Bonnie.

December Quinn said...

ALL my sex scenes are fantastic, baby!!

I think the only unrealistic thing about most scenes is the fairly mandatory simultaneous orgasm. Aside from that, mine tend to be pretty true-to-life. If they weren't, they'd be porn.

writtenwyrdd said...

In my opinion, the over the top scenes are thus because of the language used more than the actual events. Also, the rate of mindblowing sexual events is rather higher than your average couple, lol.

I also find it funny that all uses of "to be" are supposed to be passive. You probably recall the definition better than I (and I am too lazy to look it up at the moment) but isn't a passive construction one where the subject is not what is acting? That is isn't specifically related to "to be"?

Anyhow, happy Valentine's Day. Do you celebrate that in Canada, too? You are otherwise so lost in the dark ages, I just wondered... (ducking and running)

Bernita said...

Hmmm, that does seem to be a convention, December.

Good points, Written. Yes, you're right, recipient of the action.
Yes, we do. The second image is actually from my card this year.
Why the jab at my country of residence?

writtenwyrdd said...

Teasing, not jabbing. I meant no offense but can see where my comment might have appeared to be intended that way. I'd gladly be a Canadian, but you guys are smart enough not to take me, lol.

Donnetta Lee said...

Hmm. Sex in literature. Sex in life. Well, for myself, I have a vivid imagination and an adventurous hubby. So, there you go. Have a happy Valentine's day. Donnetta

Bernita said...

Written, some of my best friends are American...

A vote for the plus side.
Thank you, Donnetta!