Saturday, January 13, 2007

Green Lady

Day Dream
Dante Gabriel Rossetti. 1880.

Probably prophetic.

Dear me, novel subjects are ductile.
This is going to take more posts than I thought.
I hope I don't fatigue and vex you beyond boredom.

Since all of you may not be familiar with the central character and arc of the series, I thought I should provide a semblance of context in the form of a brief synopsis, before - in the words of a divorce court judge I once knew - we get down to the screwing, ie. an attempted translation of third person to first.

Dr. Damery Dionysia Tempest (Damie) is a cool, calm forensic consultant and myth-buster.
Scheduled to attend a conference on the historic Conyers Falchion in Durham, England, she agrees to do a minor intelligence chore for a friend in national security.
When a time twist thrusts her into the violent post-Conquest world of the Falchion and her famous ancestor - and the slight problem of the Family Dragon, aka the Sockburn Wyrm - she discovers she may be a genetic-based deus ex machina.
She also discovers in herself a capacity for overt violence.
When Damie re-surfaces in the present, she thwarts a member of a resurrected cult of Les Assassins, intent on the murder of the British Prime Minister.
Every age has its dragons.
Her lovely dirty thoughts about a hunky Detective-Inspector with the anti-terror squad further complicate her life.
He academic career plans really go to hell after that.
And what if the time twist happens again?

To describe the story a la mass market style, it's a tale of time travel, terrorists, and temptation.


anna said...

it sounds like my cuppa.
dragons? did somebody say dragons?
now I am going to have to drag out all my old Anne McCaffrey books

can't wait for the next installment

Bernita said...

Maybe so, maybe not, Anna.
You can take "myth-buster" literally.

writtenwyrdd said...

Wow. I'd really like to see you pull that one off, because it sounds like it would have to be an INTELLIGENT book...and THICK (as in long, not unintelligent). My favorite kind.

Probably has romance in the category title someplace?

I would love to know how the time travelling relates to the terrorist plot.

Ric said...

Ah, Bernita, you're finally getting deep into the nitty-gritty. A rollicking adventure with a likable protagonist. A strong, independent woman with credentials, an interesting problem (skipping through the centuries), and a strong libido.

All put together with your remarkable use of language.

What could possibly be keeping you from publsihing this?

Bernita said...

Not at present, Written.
I pared it down ruthlessly, (possibly too much, after reading Richards, Barr, etc.) thinking an editor would rather suggest additions rather than de-flensing fat.
May have been another mistake.
At present, it sits in the 75-80 thousand word range.

I call it romantic adventure.
They parellel.

Bernita said...

Entrancing an agent,possibly, Ric?

MissWrite said...

I didn't get a chance to cruise yesterday so I just now read your post from then, and I have to comment that it's true, so few authors have such wonderful lush language as you Bernita, and I'm afraid that readers in this day and age of instant information and blurbs and blips aren't accustomed to it so much either.

More's the pity.

I think your language usage is vibrant and alive, and beautiful. Given the chance I think you will give us back our lusterous literary heritage with all the bells and whistles that such richess can endow.

Your story line is wonderful too, even that you write with style, grace, and panache.

MissWrite said...

um, that was supposed to be 'richness'.

I sure wish a person could edit their comments in here. LOL

Nancy Dancehall said...

Wow. Sounds like fun.

I followed you over from Scott From Oregon's site.

Hi. :-)

raine said...

Trying to be sure I understand...
"Genetic-based deus ex machina"? Meaning she is (or has been) the catalyst for much of her own history? And are the actions of the member of Les Assassins related to her visit to the past, or is it that which triggers her ability to deal with the modern dragon?
(Like the Rossetti).

Bernita said...

Tami? TAMI!
You been drinking?
I don't care. Those are sweet words. Thank you.
Pretty writing isn't enough - it remains to be seen if I've structured the story/series in an adequate manner.
If I've shown those things Ric mentions.
Must get over being chicken.
Must. Query. More.

Hi, Nancy. Nice to see you.
Neat ID!

Bernita said...

Yes, Raine, that she has been the catalyst at remarkable times in her family's history.
The past repeats.There were assassins in the past as well.

raine said...

It sounds very interesting!

December Quinn said...

I think this sounds great, and I want to read it.

Keep querying. I seriously can't imagine nobody wanting it.

Ric said...

Well, I'm entranced...

but that might be you and not the novel.

Bernita said...

Thank you, Raine and December.

It's my fatal charm and beauty, Ric...

Anonymous said...

Complicated, fast moving, present and past, life and death, good and evil. What more could a person who likes to read ask for.

Bernita said...

Nice of you, Steve.

Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

I hope I don't fatigue and vex you beyond boredom...

Honestly, Bernita, that's one thing you NEVER have to worry about. Your posts are always delicious. :-)

Bernita said...

Thank you, Daisy!

spyscribbler said...

But misswrite is right! Nevada Barr does it, so can you. Your word choices make everything so vivid. MJ Rose does it sometimes, too.

You musn't deny yourself your greatest strength! (And you might not be ... after all, we're all still eagerly awaiting!)

Bernita said...

Thank you, Spy.
What nice people you all are!
On the other hand there is the dictum - excise anything that does not advance the plot, too many adjectives, get to the story, prune, prune....