Saturday, December 30, 2006


From Gazette du Bon Ton, Sortileges 1922, Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

Hate memes.
Always a quandary when someone names me.
Even a professional blogger like Rashenbo.
Brought up to be polite, you know.
But there are certain quantal finitudes that I resent.
Prefer to be a free radical.

Four Jobs:
Information Writer
Short-order cook
Forensic consultant/occultology

Four Favourite Foods:
BBQed beef
Black Forest ham

So? I'm a carnivore.

Four Movies:
A Dangerous Beauty
Independence Day
The Mummy.

Four Places I've Travelled:
Cliffs, sea-caves and islands, where land and water meet.
The vaults of mist and air.
Through the far forests, high ridges, and barrens.
Ghost towns, abandoned buildings and forgotten graveyards where one listens as one steps.

Other Golfs:
I seldom watch television - though I did like the Highlander and Voyager.
I visit all my favourites list every day.
That means you.

Consider yourselves home free.


Anonymous said...

Bernita, your selections are a surprise to me. Can't say why. BBQed beef, Independence Day, and The Mummy? I like all three as well as the Black Forest ham. Good on you.

Bernita said...

Wish you could say "why," Steve!

Anonymous said...

I just didn't have a picture of you as being a big fan of those items. You give me the impression of being a very elegant woman with selective tastes. Not that an elegant woman wouldn't like those things (smile).

Bernita said...

Thank you, Steve.
I suppose it was the picture.
I can manage "elegance" only for short periods.
Other kinds of cultivation amuse me more.

Erik Ivan James said...

...only Bernita can answer a meme in poetry.

Which is the bigger mess, Dear Gal? The BBQed beef on your chin 'n cheeks, or the dirt from your gardens on your jeans?

Bernita said...

Thank you, Erik.

I enjoy good food and honest dirt.

raine said...

An interesting, eclectic list, Bernita! I like that.

Beautiful painting, btw--and thank you for leaving the rest of us tag-free. ;-)

Rick said...

Let's hear it for real food!

Robyn said...

I personally love real food. And Highlander.

EA Monroe said...

Hi Bernita. Thanks for sharing your free radicalness. I always enjoyed Highlander, too!

Bernita said...

These lists are like the common cold, Raine. I prefer not to infect anyone.

Fresh meat, Rick.

Swords, Robyn.

All that electricity, Liz.

Sela Carsen said...

You're the second person in two days to mention Dangerous Beauty. As soon as I finish writing the current story (Venetian courtesan during Italian Renaissance) I'll make a point of looking for it.

If I watch it now, I'll hate my story.

MissWrite said...

You know, I hated meme's a lot at first, but I've come to really enjoy them -- okay, I enjoy reading others, lol, doing them is a pain, but you learn so much. Trivial things, sure, but parts of what makes another person who they are. It's fun really.

I've never had black forest ham, I have to look that up, it sounds delicious.

Bernita said...

Some brilliant acting, Sela.

It's lucious, Tami.

Bailey Stewart said...

I'm with Misswrite, love reading them, hate doing them - but you do learn so much.

We have a lot in common - I love Ghost towns, abandoned buildings and old graveyards. The Mummy, Independance Day, LOTR. And it's nice to find someone else who loved Voyager. I'm an unapologetic carnivore

MissWrite said...

you've been tagged. Don't cry, it's an easy one.

Bernita said...

Eh, Bailey, they are hard, sifting though the junk drawer of one's life.

Snarls at Tami.

spyscribbler said...

Oh, Bernita! But to think, if you hadn't been tagged, we wouldn't have learned such interesting tidbits about you!

I love memes, but I'm always uncomfortable tagging someone else. Half because it feels exclusionary to those I don't tag, and the other half because it reeks of those awful forwarded emails that say you must forward on to ten people or ELSE.

kmfrontain said...

Yes, I'm uncomfortable tagging as well, which is why I do like you and let anyone feel free to run with it. But as for doing them, sometimes they're a good opportunity to just goof off. ;-)

Bernita said...

Rather a peep at how boring I really am, Spy.

Yes, those pisano-pyramid chain letter thingies that I delete.

Hard to imagine you ever "goofing off," Karen.

anna said...

Hey Bernita, I wanna go where you go! Happy New Year! Hope it brings you much joy.

MissWrite said...

Bernita--boring? No, those two words shall never meet in the same sentence. Even when you describe the most mundane of acts it is with such flourish you can't help but be mezmerised into thinking it's grand.

Elizabeth Krecker said...

wow! you visit your WHOLE list?

I'm impressed!

Scott from Oregon said...

Well, the truly good thing about Memes is that they are like giant arrows pointing in your direction when one is on a blog slogging expedition, looking for a well-turned phrase in a land of You Tube clips and Johnny done me wrongs...

In a land where the vernacular is short of spectacular, it is good to come across a Webster's sycophant with a penchant for relevance...

I've marked you as a "come back and spend more time when I have time" blog...

See you soon!

Bernita said...

From reading your poetry, Anna, I think you have already journeyed there.

A case of bullshit baffles brains,maybe, Tami.

I get up early, Elizabeth.

How nice of you, Scott from Oregon.
I fawn over my Merriam-Webster because I don't spel gud.

writtenwyrdd said...

I'm fascinated by the forensic consultant/occulologist.

Isn't it funny how we view our own lives as boring or normal... but others say how exciting a life we've led?