Saturday, December 09, 2006

Lady of the Wild Things

Diana and the Coursing Cheetahs, a bronze sculpture by Richard MacDonald.
To me, a superb piece of raw, primeval power.

Diana to the Romans, she was Artemis to the Greeks.
Daughter of Zeus and Leto of the Swans, twin sister to Apollo.
Lady of the Woods and the Wild Hunt, she became the goddess of three forms - Moon Goddess, Huntress, and the Hecate of the Crossroads and dark magics - of the sky, the earth and the underworld.
Silver and sable, shade and shadow.
The cypress was sacred to her and all wild things, especially the deer, and a silver arrow was her sigil.
Artemis of many names, lady of the silver bow.
Beast mistress and maiden.
Transformation was within her dominion and the impious were changed into beasts and slain.
It seems she hunts still in the green silence of our minds.


Amy Lavender Harris said...

Have I seen that sculpture? Very beautiful. To the extent one can adopt archetypes from the pantheon, Artemis is my own alter-ego. Especially the part about dealing with the impious. I like Artemis because she is a hard, resolute goddess.

Bernita said...

I think it is, Muse.
To me, the artist captures her primal essence.

Faith said...

That sculpture IS truly beautiful!

Bernita said...

Seems he's captured the original "wild child," Faith!

raine said...

I have never seen this statue.
You're quite right. Amazing piece of work.

Ballpoint Wren said...

Beautiful sculpture! Is it yours, Bernita?

I much prefer "classic" sculpture to the modern stuff.

Marie said...

That's a lovely sculpture.

Bernita said...

Not a stiff and static piece, is it, Raine?

Wish I did own it, Bonnie!
But the floor joists are under enough pressure as it is...

Indeed it is, Marie.

Gabriele C. said...

Your prose is poetry.

Reminds me of a poem I once wrote (I seldom feel driven to verse, but sometimes a poem springs up in my mind, fully armed like Athena).


Death is my arrow,
Death is my curse.

The silvan Huntress,
Walking unseen
The shade of the firs.

The sacred well
Has been defiled
By human desire.

Aktaion will die,
But still be alive.
A new tree has grown.

Death is my arrow,
Death is my curse.

The virgin Godess,
Walking alone,
To rest at the well.

anna said...

'It seems she hunts still in the green silence of our minds.'

If only -- I wish something would get in there even if they are just hunting. my mind at the moment
is completely barren of an original thought.

Wonderful sculpture Bernita
the animals look frozen in time

Bernita said...

Thank you, Gabriele.

That's a lovely piece.
You should post it on your blog.

Always wondered if there was a connection between the stag in the grail cycle and this myth.

Bernita said...

" mind at the moment
is completely barren of an original thought"

That, I am convinced absolutely, is not and never so, Anna!

Rick said...

Beautiful piece! I'll indulge a Diana-themed snippet:

Van Guilder smiled faintly. "Alas!" He turned back to Madeleine. "As for Diana, you may judge for yourself!" He produced a heavy sheet of paper from his packet and passed it across the High Table. The drawing was the merest sketch, but a clear likeness of herself: turning, raising her bow to defend herself against a pursuing Actaeon. It was Madeleine's turn to blush. Diana's tunic made only the slightest concession to modesty.

Mademoiselle snatched it out of her hand, studied it, and looked over it at van Guilder. "Not very practical for hunting, good master," she said. "Her arms and legs would be scratched by the underbrush! I suppose goddesses aren't troubled by such things?"

"Of course not, Altesse," said van Guilder.

Bernita said...

Thank you, Rick.
Could one say your Diana is perceived in the classical or Renaissance tradition?

Rick said...

Definitely Renaissance, though with a bit of a twist - Diana and Actaeon was a popular theme, but van Guilder's Diana isn't just fleeing; she's ready to defend herself.

Gabriele C. said...

Lol Rick, that's a fun little snippet.

December Quinn said...

Both of my girls are named--or middle-named, actually--for that triform Goddess. My oldest is Selina and my youngest is Artemis.

So what a cool post--and how cool is it that little one turned 2 on Friday?

Bernita said...

I can't think of her ever "fleeing," Rick.

How nice, December!
Happy birthday to your tiny lady.
Cynthia and Phoebe are also names associated with her.

Rashenbo said...

Now that is a sculpture that I could see myself purchasing. It's fabulous!