Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Jung-le.... continued

The other half of Rousseau's The Dream.
Last I read it was in the New York Museum of Modern Art.

My peculiar correspondent, who I introduced yesterday, also raised my eyebrows with a passage "the whole process of making a baby is notably smelly and slimy. it begins with saliva and semen..."
Pardon me while I re-boggle my mind.

Am I wrong to conclude, given his choice of perjoratives, that this person thinks sex is dirty? Icky time?
Simply that his experience has involved excessive farting and drooling or lack of normal hygiene?
Or is his description a present day survival of a monkish, medieval mind-set?

From my perspective this is the sort of person one should ignore as an individual and hope he is under the supervision of a competent couch.
My impression is, based on his attention to and elevation of a couple of subjective sensory details, that he views sex an unpleasant mechanic. I would have thought this an unusual position for a male and quite reminiscent of an earlier period in social attitudes.
One wonders how common his apparent supra-fastidious attitude is and how it might affect an individual's performance and enjoyment.
However, the psychology displayed might be useful in particularizing some fictional character.
All is fodder.


anna said...

laughing! I might wonder if in fact your emailer might not be an e-maler at all but a femaler.
sounds hysterically female to me

Bernita said...

The name proffered was male, Anna.
I took it more as a case of anima/animus.

James Goodman said...

Wow, with an attitude like that, it doesn't sound like they would have any enjoyment at all in the act and as far as performance I'm sure he doesn't care as it sounds like he just wants to hurry up and get it over with so he could go scrub down in the shower.

I don't think the idea is prevalent, especially among men, but then I can only speak for myself.

Sex is beautiful, sometimes a little messy, but never icky. As far as dirty...well, somtimes that's a good thing. :D

Erik Ivan James said...

"Great minds...."

Bernita said...

Well said, James, and thank you.
The attitude didn't strike me as ...um...normal.

Erik, I hope you were speaking of yourself and James, re: thinking alike.

Ric said...

Almost afraid to jump in at this point. James & Erik are way out front on this one.

I like Bernita's thought that everything is fodder. People with the mindset of her emailer are the bread and butter of serial killers who prey on prostitutes. They can't stay away (biological) but then can't forgive themselves and feel defiled - and, by killing the prostitutes, they redeem the sin.

Fodder, indeed.

Jaye Wells said...

"Simply that his experience has involved excessive farting and drooling or lack of normal hygiene?"

Sounds like foreplay to me...

Sela Carsen said...

I think ric got it spot on.

MissWrite said...

Is this guy new? It sounds like something an 8 year old would say. (Or, in retrospect, thinking of a comment in the news a few years back wherein Michael Jackson claimed to have created his children 'the icky way' when speaking of sexual contact with his then wife.) So perhaps this correspondant of yours has a Jacksonesque complex and thinks like a 12-year-old... or... nevermind.

Bernita said...

Thought it might be useful, Ric, for any fiction with a sexual component, even erotica.

For what species, Jaye?

One could well believe he also thinks women are a bucket of cold spit, Sela.

Out of the blue, Tami.
That's also a possibility, age-retarded in attitude.

writtenwyrdd said...

Did he mention the wearing of hair shirts during the act, too? And the fact that the night humours might get him if he opens the windows, and baths will open the pores to disease?

Because, I'm sure this paragon of intellect will know these facts, too...

Probably scarred his widdle psyche for life by peering in keyholes as a youngster.

archer said...

The world is full of such people. Among leftists of a certain age the attitude about money is the same as your correspondent's attitude towards sex: Money is a dirty but necessary business, inflicted upon mankind by an unfortunate accident of nature; all must live with money, though it's better not to mention it; and the government ought to regulate it as much as possible so that people don't become too horribly depraved.

Bernita said...

Nooo, just the unsanitary nature of it all, Written.

Interesting comparison, Archer. Think you are right.
Endurance vile for the high-minded and pure-souled.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Smelly??? Slimy??? Even Christians do it...LOL..We just don't talk about doing it! ROFLOL...This guy sounds more than ultra-fastidious!

Can anybody say Brokeback Mountain! Yikes! Did I say that? So much for my political correctness *blush*!

And actually, my dear friend...I have seen this artwork in New York, so I wasn't caught unawares, but thanks for the fan alert.

I squeezed my eyes shut, took a deep breath, and then peeked when your page opened...LOL!

December Quinn said...

But sex is dirty. Or, as Woody Allen said, "It is if you do it right."


Yes, slimy, spitty sex. Who has this poor person been with?

Bernita said...

Bonnie, you are my dear delight!
Actually, the fan-warning was more for the smucky content than the picture.

Eh, December, my question was more along the line of: "what poor person has this guy been with?"

Rick said...

Icky, icky, icky! Presumably this person is also disgusted by such generally gooey sensations as eating fried chicken or being licked by a dog.

But I'm curious about a tangential question now. Do pre-teen boys still think "icky love stuff" when characters pause from blowing stuff up to grab a quick kiss, or have they learned from the culture that it's fun, even if they're not yet quite sure why?

Robyn said...

One wonders now if this poor guy is not only a woman hater but OCD as well.

Gabriele C. said...

Maybe he is asexual. It's something not gender specific and not changeable, like being hetero, gay or bi. It is only less acknowledged in society than being gay or bi, and many don't know they are but blame it on hormones or something - often pushed in that diection by doctors that don't know about asexuality, either. It comes, like so many orientations, with shades from merely not being interested in sex to finding it utterly repulsive (and hating the fact it's in the media all the time).

Though I still think it's bad style to send nasty emails to bloggers who blog about the subject.

Candice Gilmer said...

I think I'm following Ric's perspective on this one -- this is very much fodder for a serial killer or simmilar mindset in a novel villain...

(Ironically, sounds like a serial killer in one of my books that I'm trying to get published. :))

Bernita said...

I couldn't answer that, Rick.Good question.
Societal emphasis lowering the age awareness.
Sex isn't the only thing that's icky to this one though.

One wonders,Robyn. Is something a bit compulsive about emailing a complete stranger with these assertions about personal ick.

That's another possibility, Gabriele. In light of that, and if I blogged about sex all the time, one could faintly understand a connection. Smells, however, seems to have been the trigger.

Bernita said...

The email would make great dialogue, Candice!

spyscribbler said...

Whew, man. You shoulda heard my mother talk about sex. She thought she was explaining things to me, but I was so confused, I didn't know I had a vagina until fifth grade!

she made me think sex was a horribly painful and dirty thing, too. But that was a mother talking. And yes, Anna, it sounded JUST like her. I'd think it was her, but she can barely get her computer started up, LOL.

I'm so glad I learned differently about sex, though!

Bernita said...

Soo,he may be in touch with his 'feminine" side - and not in a good way?

M.E Ellis said...

Exactly, this post made me think of the psychology aspect--a 'childhood thing' is all I'll call it.



Bernita said...

Objectively, yes, Michelle.