Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Jung-le and the Snake Charmer

Another of Henri Rousseau's works.
The Snake Charmer.
One of my favourites.
I think it is the eyes.

My correspondent also expressed revulsion at the by-products of birth - which in his view is neither clean nor sweet smelling business.
He considers skunks and piles of dog squat preferable to the sight of a placenta.
He must have been found under a cabbage.
He goes on to claim that since placentas are sometimes used in certain facial creams - a fact which would "make you sick" - proves that women lack fastidiousness and, "just like men," "are defined by their ignorance."
As you perceive and if you ignore the febrile fallacies, there is a certain tidy cohesion to his argument.

This peculiar e-mail supplies a reminder and a warning.
Writers are like Rousseau's piper.
We may draw into the light certain dark and twisted psyches. Songspell may have unexpected and uncontrollable results.
We work with a wild magic.
If an unknown, an insignificant, and an almost invisible, such as myself, elicits this sort of weird-lite response, think what a more public, professional and significant writer with profile must receive.
Be prepared.

Probably bored you with this extended recitation, but such things feed and flourish if left in the dark.
What sort of singular and strange communications have you received?


Erik Ivan James said...

"This peculiar e-mail supplies a reminder and a warning."

It certainly does, Bernita, and I for one thank you for it's sharing. It is easy to become comfortable here on the blogs since we are generally among friends exchanging thoughts, ideas and experiences concerning our mutual love of writing. Because of that open exchange, we do open ourselves to the potential pleasure of the "sicko"...and there are many, many.

Stay very careful good people.

December Quinn said...

Oh, dear. You correspondent has some interesting views, doesn't he?

I haven't really gotten much. I had someone leave Bible quotes in my comments, with no explanation. I had the person who posted a big huge long distribe about aliens and the holocaust and the US-as-imperialist-death-machine. Nothing emailed to me--yet.

Bernita said...

Thank you so much, Erik!
That's the basic reason I featured this (besides an excuse to post Rousseau's synchronicities.)

At least those two drive-bys are out in the open, December.

writtenwyrdd said...

The thing about this correspondent? He does sound disturbed and in need of help.

I probably have been watching too much Dexter...but the more you tell us about his commentary, the more concerned I am getting.

James Goodman said...

Indeed, the downside of such an open forum is the potential for the deranged to read right along side the intended community.

Hopefully, they will grow bored and move on to the next big offense...

EA Monroe said...

Such a good reminder, Bernita and Erik. Thanks. So far I haven't experienced any strange drive-bys. I can imagine the weirdness a high profiler receives, especially a writer like Stephen King. When I write, that's something that's always in the back of my mind, but I can't let it prohibit me -- too much. And for that reason I don't have an email listed on my blog either.

kmfrontain said...

Love that pic, Bernita.

This "disgusted by life's gooier by-products" person made for an interesting case study of "weird".

MissWrite said...

Wonder how he feels about some ritual practices that involve the eating of placentas. Okay, ew, but hey, whatever rocks your boat, ya know? I mean that's one I'd pass on, and I like liver. Heehee.

While his little diatribe on facial cream ingredients seems on the top side to prove his little argument on women's hygene to be valid it's very one-sided, as is typical of most who try such means to convince others of their views.

Lots of things are made with the body parts of animals that would make you more than a little uneasy if you gave it regular thought. Jelatin's main solidifier is the lining of sheep's stomachs. Glue, well we know what they warn young horses of if they goof off.

And getting back to liver--if there were ever anything that in its raw form resembled the item used in facial creams... well it just does. My guess is Mr. Macho has never handled raw food either, or he is a vegan. Brocolli doesn't offend many folks.

I will forever consider myself lucky that although I've had a few overly zealous 'fans' I've yet to have any really crazies. Then again, maybe that just points out that I'm not famous enough. haha

Congratulations Bernita, you're almost famous.

Bernita said...

He seems to have some identifiable neurosis, Written, but is probably perfectly functional.
The main oddity, to me, is his urge to share them with a perfect stranger.

Or rebuffed and rebutted, James.

One must never let the fear of attracting...eccentrics affect your writing by self-censorship, Liz.

One can take away a lot from that picture, Karen.
Yes, adds depth.

His gross(!)exaggeration - and possibly deliberate distortion - about the hormone and protein extracts from placentas rather highlights a strong and basic resentment of women, Tami.
As you say, lots of everyday material, if reduced and selected in this fashion might be considered yuck(Ohmigawd, kindergarten kids are using Black Beauty for their innocent cut 'n paste! The horror!)
Famous? Be nice, love.

Ric said...

No crazies through the blogs. Emails are generally boring except for the jokes that I pass on to Bonnie. Nice thing about emails and wackos, though, is the delete button. Help me transfer $42 millions. You've won $65 million in the Dutch Lottery.
Though, in view of the fact that you've given this wacko somewhat of a forum, I would google myself and make sure my address isn't out there somewhere...

Are there costs to being famous? You bet. Are most of us willing to pay them? You bet.

Robyn said...

I don't list my e-mail on my blog; though I don't know if anyone would be interested enough to correspond anyway. I have had a couple of drive bys- anonymous or hidden profile commenters who scolded when I hit a nerve.

"disgusted by life's gooier by-products"

Motherhood in one phrase, made all the worse because you brought it on yourself. Maybe this guy's on to something.

anna said...

I must live under a rock. nuthin!
only the usual viagra stuff.
your correspondent sounds nuts to me but what a great character in a story!

Bernita said...

Rather than "given this wacko something of a forum,"
Ric, my take is that I've refused to be a private and secret recipient of his distaste.
I relate this type of communication to the sort of guy who gropes a woman on a bus, counting on her embarrassment and shame to keep himself from exposure.

The email on my blog is separate from my private email, Robyn.
Perhaps I'm the strange one then, can't manage to view motherhood in that fashion.

Bernita said...

This is a rare occurance, Anna.
Yes, that was another reason for discussing it.

Dave said...

There are lots of things I hate to touch (raw chicken being one) but nothing that a plastic baggie and good soap with water can't cure.
Try squid (pre-Calamari) or sweetmeats, or try deboning a leg of lamb with a dull knife (blood sport to the elbows).
Soap and water cleans it all. I didn't even bring up diapers on little kids. Soap works well there too.

Bernita said...

Stuffing a cold chicken is high on the list of tactiles I dislike too, Dave.
However, I don't blame the chicken.

raine said...

The strangest I've received (so far) was in response to a blog I did about having 2 teeth pulled at one time this summer, and the interesting effects of bubblegum-scented laughing gas.

He wanted to start up a regular correspondence about laughing gas--said he makes regular visits to the dentist and insists on having it, even just for cleanings, to help him 'relax'. He absolutely loved the stuff.

Beam me up, Scotty...

Gabriele C. said...

I admire your patience to have read the entire mail. I delete that sort of muck after the second sentence.

But I did say aloud, "keep your dirty hands off me, you pervert," when groped in the bus. People turned round, I pointed, "the guy in the red pullover, he gropes." He went off the next station.

spyscribbler said...

I get a few wacky things under my penname, but my publishers ferret most of the weird stuff out. They're real nice that way.

Say, how do you do that cool thing with a picture in every post? I mean, I can get the picture up, but then I can't get the text to go beside the picture. You know what I mean?

Don't feel obligated to answer if it's complicated. :-) It always looks nice, though!

Bernita said...

Someone who loves gigglegas - that certainly rates as strange, Raine!

These posting I see as the equivalent to your wholly admirable response, Gabriele.

Spy,thank you - blogger has this page that pops up from an icon where one can choose position-on-page and size of picture.

Steve said...

A quick stopover before I move my computer. I love the pictures you have posted.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

I really think you have a knack with nuts...LOL

He was born on the same one-way, dead-end street that all of us were...LOL!

Bernita said...

Thank you, Steve.

I used to be able to count on one per party, Bonnie!

Candice Gilmer said...

First off, Bernita, you're not exactly unknown in the blogsphere... I dont' know too many bloggers who DON'T know who you are.

Next off, I have to say, I have yet to recieve such an email. I don't look forward to the day, because I'll probably freak out, but until then, I'm happy to live in my blissful unawareness.

Bernita said...

~eyes bugging out~
You have to be kidding about that, Candice.

Just be prepared.

Anonymous said...
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spyscribbler said...

Well, now, if that wasn't right in front of my face for weeks! I never can find the stuff right under my nose. Thanks for the help, Bernita!

Dave said...

I had one of those amazing "YUCK! ICKK! GASP! moments tonight.
I'm reading The Genius Factory: The Curious History of the Nobel Prize Sperm Bank and one of the chapter deals with sperm banks. The eeeeuuuwww moment came when the author described one (now defunct) enterprise as keeping the doggie sperm in the same nitrogen baths as the human sperm. The owner was sure that he'd never confused the two because none of the women had puppies.

M.E Ellis said...

So someone emails you with strange ideas about placentas?

How very odd!


Bernita said...

You're welcome, Spy. Neither can I, someone else had to tell me about it.

I doubt if it put you off sex though, Dave.

Odd. I thought so too, Michelle.