Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Dark Side

The yin-yang is a symbol associated with several philosophies.
Always thought it very appropriate to the season and the winter solstice here in the north - when the light dies and the dark rises, when the long blacks are balanced by the blanket of white and the stark cameos of a winter landscape.

That's all very fine and metaphoric but it also makes me think of skunks.

It seems skunks are a New World creature - which may go a ways to explain why few or no superstitions surround them. Seems they are largely ignored in native lore as well.
Expressions such as drunk as a skunk or a sports team with zero goals as skunked derives more from the cloud of stink than anything.

Seems EA Monroe, or rather her dog, had a recent run-in with a skunk. Thus, she is desperately applying the perfumes of Arabia and cans of tomato juice. Anyone with a dog will sympathize.
Also Raine's kittens have developed a fascinating and fragrant game.

Once we had a most obnoxious neighbour.
We also had a strolling skunk.
One day I waited until the little fellow waved his way to their deck,
Then I shot him with a water gun.

I have my dark side.


Steve said...

Shot it with a water pistol. Oh, you sound like you were a mischevious one as a youngster. Not that your still not a youngster at heart. I think we all are.

Erik Ivan James said...

That is laugh-out-loud funny, Bernita! That picture in my mind's eye will be today's day-brightener.

Bernita said...

Um... Steve,I wasn't a youngster when I did that.
I have my very own super-duper-super-soaker. It has many uses.Some of them unorthodox.

Bernita said...

I'm not usually vengeful, Erik - but that was sweet that day.

MissWrite said...

OMG, that is too funny--like your neighbors much? PEEEWWWWWWW.

Sorry for EA's puppy though. That's a real pain.

It's funny that you mention it because I never gave the 'lack' of folk lore of skunks any thought. Now that you mention it though, the only thing that comes to mind when I think of skunks (and I do try to not think of them too often) is Peppy LePue.

MissWrite said...

Why? Why? after reading this comments am I sitting here with music running through my mind--Granny's got a gun... Granny's got a gun...honey what have you done?... Granny's got a gun... (think Aerosmith's Janie's got a gun)

Steve said...

Bernita, that's even better.

Bernita said...

They tried to be The Neighbours from Hell, Tami, as they apparently had been to the previous owners.
If we put on a new roof, they would complain to the town hall.
If I BBQed, they'd call the fire department.
Got funny after while.

Ric said...

It is pungently clear that getting on Bernita's bad side is not a good thing.

A great story to start the day!

Bernita said...

Ah, Ric, if you knew the history of that relationship, you'd know I held my hand so many times.
But that time I. Could. Not. Resist.

Sela Carsen said...

AAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I am literally in pain from laughing right now, Bernita.

Good for you!

Bernita said...

And Sela...not a trace of evidence...

EA Monroe said...

Heeheehee, Bernita! You're a crack shot! Remind me to ask Santa for a super-duper-super-soaker! San's skunk is still rambling about The Hood. What a night. I'm still catching whiffs of Pepi Le Pew, and last night the OU Sooners "skunked" Nebraska. I will be smiling all day thinking of you twirling your water gun and taking aim. Thanks! Liz

PS. The comments got hilarious, especially over at Ivan's blog. Thank goodness the next day was a blizzard and I stayed home from work. I went carousing with Ivan, drank too much skunk wine, and then went out disturbing the peace in the middle of the night. Ask Erik. ;-)

Bernita said...

Sounds like you had a real hootennay, Liz!

anna said...

way too funny Bernita!!
funny as it is - what a great idea.
we have one of them critters living under the tractor shack
and with 3 dogs we live in constant fear.

raine said...

And so, you have finally revealed your dark side, eh?

LMAO!!! :-D
That IS priceless.

Bernita said...

Has the advantage, Anna!
Stay upwind.

Thank you, Raine. Thought your kitties were priceless!
They reminded me.

Anonymous said...
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Gabriele C. said...

Bernita, you surprise me. First, it turns out you're quite the shot when it involves skunks, and now you've sprouted male appendages as well. :)

M.E Ellis said...


Not thought of that symbol as skunks before, and now I always will.

Amazing what another mind conjours up. Always fascinates me!


writtenwyrdd said...

I had one die under my house. He must have been clipped by a car, because he took a few days to die, I guess. Then he let go, and my house reeked. I couldn't crawl under there because his spray was all over the soil under there. So I tossed lime all over the place and found a pole long enough to hook him with and dragged him out.

writtenwyrdd said...

PS, Bernita when I was in the Army, my boyfriend and I were out walking on base. Skunks are all over military bases because there's plenty of habitat. Anyhow, it was Texas, summer, over 100 degrees, and we had been drinking. We were amusing ourselves angering the little guys, usually by chucking rocks near them. One sprayed and the cloud, nicely highlited by the streetlight I might add, drifted into a barracks window. The gagging sounds were classic.

I was laughing so hard the skunk almost got me, too!

Bernita said...

Think I'll leave that one, Gabriele,to underline your comment!
Can't seem to convince these types that I don't require any enhancement for

My minds leaps to the literal for refuge sometimes, Michelle!

"nicely highlited by the streetlight"
I can see it ALL, Writtenwyrdd!

Bonnie Calhoun said...

That is truly the funniest thing I have heard in a ling time!

"Vengeance by skunk!"

ROFLOL...I like that!

You are truly my sister. We had to have been separated at birth...LOL!

Bernita said...

Eh, Bonnie, our evil minds think too much alike.
At least I found you now!