Sunday, November 05, 2006

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

The Briar Wood.
Sir Edward Burne-Jones.

Have noticed an increasing number of blogs on my favourites list that haven't been updated in weeks, even months.
Just lying there in stasis, in escrow, sound asleep.
Usually very interesting blogs, too, by interesting people.
Of course, life re-arranges priorities and enthusiasms. Kids, moving, vacations, sickness, jobs, difficulties, revisions, promotions, NaNoWriMo...
We often have numbers thrown at us about the number of new blogs created daily. We never hear about the number of blogs that turn moribund.
I wonder if there is such a thing as Blogger burn out. A flame that flares, flickers and becomes cold ashes in the mouth.
And, since my list is composed almost entirely of writer's blogs, I wonder about writer burn out.
About writer death, actually.
Something different from the temporary writer's block that Erik blogged about yesterday. More like the sad and disheartened writer who emailed Miss Snark a short while ago.
Those who, having done everything according to Hoyle without result, give up. Rationally. Cold turkey.
Let's not make any santimonious assumptions that such are not Real Writers. Or that these exiles had unrealistic expections which were not met and thus have taken their balls and gone home in a snit.
I mean those who have balanced their talent, energy and luck against the competition and have - deliberately and coldly and Ecclesiastically - put the dream away.
Such are drowned and dissolved in the rising, rushing tide of new enthusiasts, but I sometimes wonder how many there are, who, for whatever reason, have disappeared.


Anonymous said...

There is another answer, but perhaps it only affects us in Germany. The ISP restrictions as I posted about today. Damn those who control our megabytes.

Erik Ivan James said...

Another good post, Bernita. A question that I've wondered about from time-to-time. All of a sudden, a regular face in the neighborhood moves away.

You did state some sound reasons for lack of activity, though. A significant change in circumstances or time available being two of them. In my case, for example, both my circumstances and available time have changed significantly over the past few months. Even though I do check-in on many writer's blogs on a somewhat regular basis, I only stop to comment on just a few. Selfish of me, I know. And, I only post on mine about once a week---sometimes less.

Bernita said...

You posted about it, Steve, you explained. That's different.

Thank you, Erik You are not, however, one of the "disappeared ones," you do post.

EA Monroe said...

Hi Bernita. I've been wondering about that, too. I visited the site of another writer/blogger who asked, "Where is everyone?!"

October through the first of the year seems to be "crunch" time for many -- jobs (like mine), the holidays, school exams.

Oh, and football season! Then basketball season.

MissWrite said...

That was a beautiful post. I'm probably one of the folks you're speaking of, but I can assure you it's not a matter of burning out, and going away. (It has happened before, but not this time.)

Even those writers who 'do everything according to the Hoyle without result, and walk away, 'usually' do not walk away for good. It's mighty hard to walk away from your soul forever.

Sometimes they just need a break. I know I did a year or so ago. But sometimes a lonely blog is just temporarily abandoned because life is... well... a bitch. LOL Well, sometimes it's not even that. Sometimes it's just a case of too much on one plate.

In my case, I can admit to having begun to feel the 'burn', but I certainly can't complain of late of working without 'result'. Fate has been kind to me of late. Still, it's best sometimes, even during periods of relative success to step back and let yourself breathe when you begin to feel the sting of burn-out before it does become an issue that requires a lengthy 'walk-about'. LOL

Bernita said...

So true, Ea, but with some MIA's, the last update was , like, March or July... so fall frenzy doesn't apply.

Thank you, Tami.
Not really - though I've missed you - I've followed you long enough to know your absence denotes very, very busy. Sometimes insanely so.

I hope you are right, that these lost ones will re-charge and re-kindle and re-appear some day.

Dave said...

Last year, my Mother invited the in-laws of my brother's oldest daughter to Thanksgiving. Now, I gotta tell you that I usually buy all the food for Thanksgiving and Christmas. My Mother can't afford to feed the gang and I can. Besides, I'm single and when would I ever cook a turkey with all the fixings.

This year, ny niece's mother-in-law wants to go shopping with me to pay for the food. I'm a happy bachelor, by the way. I don't have a mother-in-law.

Talk about in-law goofiness dragging you away from everything else. Shopping with my Mother, my niece, a five year old and her Mother-in-law?

Does anyone know a good wine? I intend to cook with an open bottle of Proseco at hand.

Bernita said...

Dave, your mission - since you chose to accept it - is to drive the cart and lug the bags.
I think you might need something stronger than wine...

MissWrite said...

Glad to know you don't think I've 'gone missing'. LOL Truthfully I've felt guilty about it lately (the blog inaction) but man, sometimes. haha. But you know I have to check up on you all the time even if I don't have a comment to make on some days. I love reading your blog.

Gabriele C. said...

I changed to an unlimited flatrate a few weeks ago for that reason.

I have recently purged my sidebar of some blogs that haven't been updated for months without an explanation. Online Fall Cleaning.

Bernita said...

Tami, I can be very patient with those I love.

I so glad I chose that option with my internet provider, Gabriele - no calculation required.

kmfrontain said...

LOL, I've been editing my own novel for Freya's Bower and haven't blogged in days. Not so much Blogger burn out as being a lazy poop. I've tried to pop into other people's blogs, though.

Bernita said...

NOT a lazy poop, Karen...anyone who has followed your blogs at all know that you and Tami and Michelle and several others have perfectly obvious reasons. You just do not always have the time.

spyscribbler said...

I don't buy that "real writer" stuff myself, either. I was in the right place and in the right time to make a few small pennies(hate me, that's okay!) Otherwise, I wonder if I would have stuck with it.

There are a whole lot of people out there who are much stronger and more determinded and better writers than me. Really, I admire the hell out of them, I really do.

Bernita said...

One never knows what may tip balances, my Spy.

SassyJill said...

I have noticed the lack of blogger activity as well. I myself have times where I just don't have anything to say so I don't.. then other times I have a lot to say and still don't write.

It's carrying over into my book as well. I just have had zero desire to write lately... ::sigh::

Bonnie Calhoun said...

I've noticed the same thing. some of my regulars have gone missing.

But I must confess *sigh* they weren't important enough to me to call out the search parties...LOL...*blush*

Maybe some of it is people just getting fed up with Blogger too!

I know I am insanely busy now with the CFBA, but I still try to visit my regulars!

Bernita said...

Several bloggers have posted about it I find. Anne Frazier mentioned that burn-out seems to occur at six month periods.

Hope it's only temporary, Sassy.

No blushing for a kind heart, Bonnie, I was touched and gratified.
Seems other hosts have their problems too.

Sela Carsen said...

I'm back, though! I'm back! I'm at least in the house, though I have no furniture. Typing while sitting on the floor is killing my knees.