Monday, October 23, 2006

Play It Again, Spam

My turn at the obligatory post.
Everyone gets slimed.
Everyone bitches about the irks and jerks.
Don't know why we comment on the spambots - except perhaps the inherent insult and incongruity of their pitches,
Maybe we see them as pale, evil shadows of our own immaculate queries and therefore we hasten to disassociate ourselves by ridicule.
Clearing my spam filter last week, I did notice an unusual cluster of dikswingers - Simon, Walter, Ralph, William, Geoffrey, Nicholas, Claud, Reginald, Alexander, Gilbert, Danny, Henry, Peter, Hugh, Thomas, and John were all eager to help me with my sexual disfunction - man to man, you know - with ViagraPro.
ViagraPro? Dear me.

Spam, however - specifically the accusation of it - has made my growing list of industry dirty tricks.
Seems the latest snidespit is to charge regular posters on some writers' chat loops with spamming - should they, in collegial courtesy and honest praise, mention a new release by a fellow writer.
Seems there is always someone with a dirty cloth determined to take the shine off.

BTW: Michelle's Pervalism - released first in e-format - has hit print at Wild Child Publishing, and Sonya's Soul Haven is also out at WC/FB.

And that's a Dan Merriam watercolour above.


Erik Ivan James said...

Leave it to Bernita! "dikswingers"
I'll impress the boys at work today with that one!

kmfrontain said...

Oh, the cute widder combating cherubims! They needs a good smack to bounce their uber chubbies off walls. Bad liddle pookies.

Ok. Stepping down from silly.

Yay for the Wild Child pubs! I admit, I'm partisan, but yay!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone ever buy anything in response to spam? I really don't understand why anyone bothers to put it out. I suppose one sale out of million emails is better than none, but why not just steal the old fashioned way?

Robyn said...

Dikswingers AND snidespit. You've outdone yourself.

Congrats Michelle and Sonya. You can come over to my blog and pimp yourselves until you're blue.

Bernita said...

Happy to help, Erik...

Thought they were so cute, Karen!

Beats me, Jason, especially with the spam filters out there. I wouldn't even look at any of it before deleting except to check for the occasional real e-mail that gets caught up.

Atta girl, Robyn.
They deserve every credit and encouragement.

normiekins said...

dikswingers and snidespit....OMG...i am dying laughing over the cherubs !!!! I've had every sophisticated firewall installed and still get that garbage...they still get through....i don't need anyone telling me i'm all dried up!

Bernita said...

My filters have worked very well, Normiekins,so I view them more in wonder and amusement.

S. W. Vaughn said...

Yay! Thank you, Bernita! And thanks for the offer, Robyn -- don't think I won't take you up on that! :-) I have this big sparkly pimp hat, and some clunky boots...

Bernita, don't you just love it when people try to sell you Viagra? C'mon, spammers, you could at least perform a modicum of target market research, and attempt to pinpoint only that half of the population with the necessary equipment to enjoy your fine product. :-)

Bernita said...

Something tells me, Sonya, I'm going to have trouble keeping up with all these releases ... and I'm sure there are people I've missed.
What bewilders me is the "Pro"...

kmfrontain said...

Yeah, that is bewildering. PROfessional? PROportional? PROgressive? PROstate???

PRO-active? Pro-active viagra. Yeah. Take it one to two days beforehand, and you'll be a whizbanger, anytime, anyhow, anywhen. No PROblem.

Bernita said...

Ah. I think you've got it, Karen.
~my dirty mind was stuck on "professional"~

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Very timely post girlfriend, since that exact same thing happened to me last week over at Miss Snark's!

One of her regular posters tried to take me to task for cheerfully reporting that my organization, the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance had put another book in the top three on Technorati's popular book list.

He accused me of googlespamming!

Well I politely (mind you I wasn't thinking the nice words that I wrote)informed him that our organization has 80 active book reviewers, and every one of those links to the book came from one of those reviewers who had read the book, and some of the reviews were NOT glowing recommendations to read the book!

We don't dictate what our reviewers write, only that they don't give away the ending of the book!

So I told him that good, bad, or indifferent each review was just as valid as any of the reviews up there for any other books.

And as a side note, our book for last week, Like Dandelion Dust only made it up the list to #2...sheesh, there's no beating the ending book of Lemony Snickett!

Anddddd...a publicist for one of the publishers that I work with emailed me (boy was I glad I had kept a sane mouth) that she had seen the post and was glad for the information I gave out!

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Oh...LOL...I saw your comment over at Lynne's....boy I'm staying away from that one!

Gabriele C. said...

Those spamaccusers are the sort of writers with tons of unfinished manuscripts in the drawer and bestseller dreams, the ones who won't get published because they either don't finish anything for submission or manage to step into every nitwit hole there is, blaming the industry for their failure.

I have a solution for both groups: publish via PA, they don't care if your manuscript is finished, they publish everything. And the fact you won't see your book in the stores is no problem - you can advertise it all over the net. Because if you do it, it won't be spam. ;)

EA Monroe said...

Forget the Viagra. They want to enlarge my "dikswinger."
Congrats Sonya and Michelle!

Marcail said...

I have blinders and a very thick skin, but I hope your post drops a few of them in their tracks.

Anonymous said...

I don't receive much spam, but lately when visiting blogs, I get a notice for WinAntiVirus. They want me to purchase it. It's very annoying and when I do a search and eliinate their cookies, they always seem to come back. Anyone else with this problem?

M.E Ellis said...

LOL @ the spammers. Someone somewhere has got to respond to them! Poor sods.

Thanks for the shout out!


Bernita said...

Seems to be the sour note du jour, Bonnie.
Good news has to be baaad to be believed.
Think I will too, no matter what one says, someone will take it wrongly.

Yep. Only wrong when someone else does it, Gabriele.

I get those too, EA!

Is that's what is called "phishing," Steve?

They are convinced they are offering a "service," Marcail.

"Sods" is the appropriate word, Michelle!

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