Monday, August 28, 2006

Wise Woman

I saw your face in the fire
and in the water,
many times.

You rode tall between the banners,
the sword by your side,
bright and brave.

I bade the were-beasts be silent
and closed the ways to this lakeside,
and let you pass by.

For you were battle-bound
and ballad-driven,
to seek beyond this citadel.

Had we met when I was young
and beautiful,
you might have loved me.

And left me, surely,
for I hold no heart
under lock and key.

Was I wise then,
or foolish now?
I wonder.

But you have need of me now, my lord,
when the shadows draw closer,
and your grail seems far away.


kmfrontain said...

Oh, yeah. Grab dat man and squoosh him.

It's a lovely poem, Bernita. You know me. I'm thinking, let him go, but squoosh him just wee bit while he's still juicy. Ok, I'll stop.

No, it was lovely. I liked it. (Still squooshing him.)

I didn't sleep much. Can you tell? Was up as late as usual, and now I'm up early getting my daughter ready for school today. I am paying for my odd sleep cycle.


Bernita said...

Karen, you are such a darling!

Erik Ivan James said...

I wept. My heart made me weep.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Good morning...I've been up since 5:45 AM. My car's in the shop so I had to ride into town with the DH...that woke me up, but now I'm ready for a *yawn* nap and it's only 8 o'clock *yawn*!

I envisioned a recorder and flute playing while I read that...*yawn*...the flute is putting me to sleep *yawn*.

I like it!

Bernita said...

Thank you, Erik.

Wasn't meant to be quite that soporific, Bonnie! Thank you.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

LOL...Oh, no! It's not you that's putting me to sleep. It's the lack of sleep...I'm not used to getting up that early...I'm usually going to bed at that time!

Bernita said...

Poor tired girl!
Just teasing you, Bonnie.

Sela Carsen said...

This is what makes the tragedy of Camelot bearable. That Arthur is loved.

Beautifully written, Bernita.

Jeff said...

Wonderful, Bernita! You have such an eloquent voice. :)

Bernita said...

For centuries, Sela. Thank you.

A generous comment, Jeff. Thank you.

Rick said...


James Goodman said...

Oh, that was lovely, Bernita. Very vivid imagery and after reading it, I find myself thinking the decisions I've made in my life and wondering what would've become of my heart had I chose a different path.

Nicely done...

Bernita said...

Thank you, Rick.

We are prone to do that, are we not, James... from time to time?
Either in regret or gratitude about our choices.

Bernita said...

And thank you very much for those kind words.

Zinnia said...

Wow, this is truly beautiful.

Ballpoint Wren said...

LOL, Karen! Squoosh on!

I think it's lovely, Bernita. Sad and sweet.

Bernita said...

Thank you, Zinnia, Bonnie.
Happy that you like it.

S. W. Vaughn said...

Completely lovely. That last line -- perfect.


Bernita said...

I know, Sonja, lovely word, nice...and naughty.
Thank you.

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