Monday, August 14, 2006

From the Minor Annals - IV

That year they conducted the Sorting.
Of the twelve who stood before the Outlanders, I was one of two chosen, though the youngest.
Her way was with the Healers.
So that year I ventured over the hills, alone.
I know they grieved my leaving, but I was marked, you see.
That year I crossed the bridge of the three arches that severed me forever from the Kin, and lived among the gray cobbled streets and the gray towers above the gray, slow-moving river that did not sing.
I had little gold and less understanding, though I was there by right and by blood.
It was very hard that year.
That year in my cell I ached often for the wind in the green groves, for the small beasts, and for the fish flashing in the summer shadows far away.
A year of stone steps and stone benches and stone paths and granite faces.
A year of stone and flame.
Of fierce joy when I began to learn the secret words and names, and shape them to my will.
But I was very lonely.
That year.

Reminder: Flood flashes another interesting interview.


Ric said...

So many questions that I need answered!!! Do I ask for more pages? YOU BETCHA!

kmfrontain said...

Flash pieces are beginning to seem to me like exercises in beginning a story. How to punch and drag a reader on.

It's lovely, Bernita. As a flash piece, it punches. But I want to be dragged on. ;-)

Was it meant as a flash piece? It reads that way.

EA Monroe said...

Okay, Bernita! You did it again. I'm begging to know more. I can relate to the "hardness" of leaving the country to live in the city.

jason evans said...

This line was very provocative for me: among the gray cobbled streets and the gray towers above the gray, slow-moving river that did not sing. Also the fish flashing.

A great beginning. I would definitely continue reading. :)

Bernita said...

Ah, dearest Ric.

Karen,thank you.
These are isolated pieces that seem to be developing into a series of I don't-know-what. A glimpse, perhaps? A translation?
The first came out of nowhere.

It's certainly a culture shock, EA, and alien in the strangest ways.Glad it intrigued you.

Thank you, Jason.
Any line with "shadows" in it would catch your fancy, I think. Did you see the tree leaning over the water?

James Goodman said...

Oh, this is good stuff, Bernita. May I have more please? :D

Flood said...

Yup I would love to know what's going on here as well, but I think it stands alone as a fine piece.

Bernita said...

Thank you, James and Flood.
At present they are intended to be complete in themselves.

Scott said...

I totally got the contrast of the green fields to cold stone, and was intrigued by the magic she learned to use.

Erik Ivan James said...

...and in her cell she wrote.

Jeff said...

Loved it, Bernita! Wonderful imagery. I want more! :)

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Wheeee! I'm home!

I loved this line, "...when I began to learn the secret words and names, and shape them to my will."

Okay...give me more! What's happening here?

Great way to start the week!

I had a class on "First Pages" This would definitely make me read on!

MissWrite said...

When you write things like this: I know they grieved my leaving, but I was marked, you see--

it just sends a thrill through me. I love that line.

Very nice.

Bernita said...

You people always amaze me.
I put it up and then it seems very bare and dull to me, and I feel I've failed to communicate the images and emotions in my mind.
Thank you.
Thank you, Scott,and Erik and Jeff, Bonnie and Tami.
I hope you are not just being polite and kind.

MissWrite said...

I am NEVER just polite and kind! I'm not even being funny there. I never say what I don't mean--and especially so when it comes to writing.

Bernita said...

Thank you, Tami.I value that.
I don't play games either.

cyn said...

it is very alluring, bernita. i love the way you repeat words and imagery. i, too, think it could lead to more. but i also like the feeling of being left wondering.

Dennie McDonald said...


Bernita said...

You encourage me, Cyn.
"Alluring" though is a word I would use to describe your blog - which I was happy to find.

Dennie! Dennie!

S. W. Vaughn said...

Fantastic, powerful imagery as always, Bernita! I love the way you use repetition (i.e., 'stone') for effect. It's enough to make any editor eat their words!

Bernita said...

Thank you, Sonya.
This time I remembered to stick to the magic "three."

Robyn said...

I love how you ended with "that year." Gave me visions and questions of what came next.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

ROFLOL! I just came back to see the rest of the'm about as kind as a bull in heat...ROFLOL!

Not a was just good. I liked the imagery of the words!

M.E Ellis said...

Your frags work so well.



Anonymous said...
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