Wednesday, July 19, 2006


A song in the old style.

You see the runes rough carved in bark And wonder why it's so...

These sigils and strange counter-signs,
Are a script for those who know

Of the antique Ones who fought the gods,
Dark centuries ago.

The goblin gold of autumn,
The clutch upon your sleeve,
The whispers heard in summer,
Are the charms shape-changers weave.

The corn moon trapped along its path
By branch tracery of spell,
The caves and caverns in each trunk
Are where familiars dwell.

They were allowed such slight enchantments,
For there was love for even these,
The small and ancient Old Ones,
Hidden, prisoned in our trees.


M.E Ellis said...

Did you write that?

If you did...fugging hell! Magnificent!


Carla said...

Is this yours, Bernita? I like the images.

Bernita said...

Thank you, both.
Yep, it's mine for its sins.

Erik Ivan James said...


Those ancient old trees, they are my friends. Always there when I need them, sharing with me their scars of stories from old friends past. And to them, I always go.

Bernita said...

Seems some of us have a sort of primal, psychic connect with trees, Erik.

Ric said...

ah, for those of us who love the fairie folk...

Beautifully done, Bernita.

So much better to contemplate the touch of an unseen wood sprite than whether to order a supersized shake at McDonalds.

James Goodman said...

Oh, I really liked it, Bernita. Fantastic imagery.

EA Monroe said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
MissWrite said...

That is awesome, Bernita.

Bernita said...

Thank you, Ric, more like food for the imagination, I think, than a milkshake.

Glad you enjoyed it, James.Thank you.

Thank you, E.A., makes it worthwhile.

Tami, thank you. I have a thing for trees.

Flood said...

Good work Bernita! And what is the accompanying image?

JLB said...

Beautiful image and poetry!

EA Monroe said...

Okay, I confess. I was "fracking" around (experimenting like always) and deleted my comment, Bernita. I hope you have more wonderful songs to share. Now, I'm going to hit the arrow down button on the air conditioner, brace for another 106 temp day, and try to keep out of trouble!

Bernita said...

Thank you, Flood. Wish I knew. Clipped it from a newspaper for another purpose ( gift tags) and lost the attribution. Thought it fitted the title - the girl's position - when I came across it t'other day.

Thank you, JIB. Dreadfully old-fashioned, I know, the sort of thing one expects to find in an old reader.

Seems it's hot everywhere, EA!

S. W. Vaughn said...

Lovely, Bernita! Especially the last stanza. So vivid and evocative... your "thing for trees" is evident there. :-)

Bernita said...

Thank you, Sonya.
Trees are heat, light, shade and shelter, sanctuary, weapons, tools.
And, like rock, full of secrets.

Tempest Knight said...

This is beautiful! Very lovely imagery.

Bernita said...

Thank you, Tempest. Nice of you to drop by.
Fond of the name Tempest, very fond. Family name way back.

jason evans said...

I like this one. Very much. The soul in trees is a haunting theme.

(FYI, the picture orientation scrambled a few lines on my browser. I didn't realize it was a poem until I got below the picture and the text lined up.)

Speaking of the picture, that's gorgeous too!

Bernita said...

Very glad you liked the pairing, Jason.
Sorry I flubbed the format.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

That was really very beautiful! The tempo very soothing, but I must confess...LOL...I have no friggin' idea what you're talking about!

I'm by no means a literary reader. but the words were pretty. Oh...btw...what does "gloglin" mean?

You need to write a book of these!

Bernita said...

Thank you, Bonnie.
"globlin" means a really, really, stupid, bad typo!

Bonnie Calhoun said... least I'm not as bad off literary-wise as I thought I was!...Luv ya!

Bernita said...

Um, Bonnie, you don't fool anyone with that "Not literary" line, you know.
Love ya back.

M.E Ellis said...

Bloody hell, Bernita. Are you sending these poems out for submission?

You bloody well should be!

Phew. I wish I could write like that.


Bernita said...

No, Michelle, never thought to do so.
There's only three or four of the lot scattered through the blog that might have a chance to my mind.
But damn, it is nice of you to say that. Thank you.

You do write like that -only a hellofalot better.

M.E Ellis said...

Oh no. NO! Your poems are beautiful.

Send them out! They can only say no, right?

Do it!


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