Friday, July 21, 2006

For an Ocean Trip...

Part the Second of Damned Dull Stuff.

8. Capitalize the various names of streets, parks, buildings, etc.
Ex: Fifth Avenue, Empire State Building, Central Park, Canada House.
Do not capitalize categories of buildings such as library, post office, museum written without a proper name, unless local usage makes the term equivalent to a proper name. ( In my town, it is sometimes called "the Libary.")

9. Capitalize certain personnifications.
Ex: Mother Nature, Death.

10. Capitalize the names of organizations, institutions, political parties, alliances, movements, religious groups, nationalities, races, etc.
Ex: Labour party, Protestants, United Nations, American Legion, Royalist Spain, Axis powers, Lutherans, Humane Society, University of Tuktoyaktuk

11. Capitalize the various names of God or the Christian Trinity, both nouns and adjectives, and all pronouns clearly refering to the Deity. Capitalize also words that refer to the Bible or other sacred writings.
Ex: the Bible, the Word, the Almighty, Holy Bible, the Koran, the Bhagavad-Gita, the Rg-veda, the Messiah.

12. Capitalize divisions, departments and offices of government, when the official name is used.
Ex: Department of Agriculture, Circuit Court of Marion County, Bureau of Labor Statistics, House of Burgesses.

13. Capitalize the names of wars, battles, treaties, documents, prizes, and important periods or events.
Ex: The Battle of the Bulge, Pulitzer Prize, Congress of Vienna, Black Death, Golden Age of Pericles, the Restoration, Edict of Worms.

14. Capitalize the numerals used with kings, dynasties, or organizations. Numerals preceeding the names are ordinarily spelled out; those following are commonly put in Roman numerals.
Ex: Second World War - World War II, Forty-eighth Congress, Henry IV.

15. Capitalize titles, military or civil ranks of honor, academic degrees, decorations, etc. when written with the name, and all titles of rank or honor when used for specific persons in place of a name.
Ex: General Bradley, the Earl of Rochester, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Doctor of Laws.

16. Capitalize the main words of the titles of books, articles, poems, plays, musical compositions, etc., as well as the first word. Chapter titles are usually capitalized, as well as any section of a specific book, such as Bibliography.
Ex: The House of the Seven Gables, All's Well That Ends Well, Hungarian Rhapsody.

17. In expressions of time, A.M., P.M., A.D., and B.C. are usually written in capitals without spaces between them, but it is equally acceptable to show a.m. and p.m. in lower case.

Taken , with liberties, from The Random House Dictionary of the English Language.
Remember, usage and other fetishes may have resulted in deterioration, so cases may occur where these rules (guides) are no longer strictly applied.

Ric has a craving for a sex post. Any suggestions?


Scott said...

Thank you professor. As for the sex post, I have nothing to offer. Ironically I'm a bit of a prude. In my creative writing class I reviewed a piece all about sex, and I turned red--much to the delight of everyone else.

Bernita said...

Oh Crap, Scott!
Sounds that anal, does it?
Ah well, it's a didactic topic I suppose.
My bad.

Erik Ivan James said...

Yeah, "professor" fits.

Not going to insert myself, so to speak, into the other one. Between you and Ric.

Ric said...


You caught me off guard on the sex topic idea. Been racking my brain here. Perhaps something to do with double ententre - or, for those of us with overly active hormones, the idea that all lines can be construed to be sexual.

The words were capitalized with big letters. She liked big.

Ric said...

Good one, Erik.

Flood said...

I swear to God, Scott lives inside my head. He's always getting in ahead of me and expressing my thoughts.

Anyway I enjoy your compilations, Bernita, thank you.

James Goodman said...

I didn't find it anal at all. I rather enjoy these informative posts.

Carla said...

"Capitalise certain personifications, e.g. Death"
Or, if you're Terry Pratchett, capitalise EVERYTHING DEATH SAYS. It works brilliantly - but don't try it at home, as they say.

Ric, every entendre in English can be double'd and has been since the beginning of time (see the 10th-century Old English Oxford Riddles on churning butter and pulling up onions if you don't believe me). Bernita would be posting for years to come :-)

Bernita said...

That's big of you, Erik.

Good example, Ric.
May be beyond my capacity to expand around that particular writer's tool.

Thank you, Flood. Gabriele, Carla and Sonia particularly have done that to me sometimes.

You're an official Nice Guy, James.Thank you.

Pratchett is a master of just about every trick going, it seems, Carla.

EA Monroe said...

Sex 101. A writer friend of mine says she can't write "Sex" for fear of her mother reading it, even after her mother passes on. My Mom was an Old Fashioned Pentacostal. The only "advice" she ever gave me was, "If you have sex before marriage, you'll go to hell." ;-) No kidding! Several years ago, I heard that same line delived on a sitcom, so I wasn't the only one who had received such advice!

My face is beet red. How about some Purple Prose?

Bernita said...

Hee, E.A., my biggest inhibition is that my children will read it.

Ric said...

E.A. - when you're 17, in the back seat of an Chevy, it seems worth the risk...

Purple prose - haven't heard that line in years.

Carla, thanks for the note.

Didn't mean to disrupt things but, with Bonnie's lessons and Bernita's posts, thought we should loosen up a bit.

I have found that writing about sex gets you bigger smiles from your female friends.

Need to walk down and mail a letter. Open box, raise flag, slide letter in, ....

Bernita said...

Though we were pretty loose here on occasion, Ric.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Bernita...LOL...don't encourage Ric!

Ric, ooh, me and Bernita got our shorts on too that what your trying to say...LOL, I gonna' stamp canceled on your letter!

Bernita this was great. I printed it out to add to the other one! Thanks for the reminders. A couple of them I'd forgotten!

Ric said...

Just thinking about it can loosen you up some..

'Neither rain nor sleet....' Gotta love the postman.

Bernita said...

Mmmmhmmm, I got that too, Bonnie.
He's saying, nicely of course, that we're dull as dishwater.
Ric wants dancing girls and diaphanous raincoats, and le backseat.

Me too. I'm sure some of the rules have been relaxed, but am not sure which one, so I thought to review the basics.

Cynthia Bronco said...

RE: ideas... how about words that sound dirty, but aren't? I was so dejected when I found out that "geniculate" was not a verb that I wrote a poem about it.

Bernita said...

"loosen you up some..."
Now, Ric, this blog has never been the good ship Lollipop, but I don't think we've had too many loose screws around.

Cynthia, was that before or after you showed your thesis?

Ric said...

Off to the American Heritage Dictionary...

Geniculation could be useful in the topic at hand.

EA Monroe said...

Hey Ric, I was 17 when she told me that! Are you sure you're not Johnny Taylor? He had a Chevy.(My old high school flame.)

Ballpoint Wren said...

Okay... for a sex post... I blush to consider... how about a humorous sex post?

I think I'm more shy about my kids reading any love scenes I've written than my mom reading any love scenes I've written.

Rick said...

Sex !!!

Now that we've all gotten each other's attention ...

A belated comment from yesterday. It's a small oddity that though "de" is usually capitalized in names naturalized into English, I've only ever seen actress Olivia de Havilland's name with a lower-case "de." Unlike the British airplane company. (I notice this because my male lead is William de Havilland.)

Bernita said...

Shall we encourage Ric to "get bent" I wonder?

ALL sex posts should be humourous, Bonnie Wren. Hard to imagine a serious one. Hard to write a serious one.

Right, Rick, I was gratified to see the RULEZ specified "commonly" not "always," because of exceptions like those.

M.E Ellis said...

Thank you!


For The Trees said...

I'm gonna stick my two cents' worth in here.

For Ric's sex topic, do an encapsulated version:


And that's about as much of that as is needed. Unless you're doing a romance...

Bernita said...

Surely, Michelle.

No porn, please, Forrest, we're not professional...electricians.

bookfraud said...

nice to see that someone gives a damn about grammar, punctuation, and spelling, especially proper capitalization, to which i pay particular attention.

as far as a sex post: yes.

Flood said...

Forrest's desertion part is ringing some bells with me.

Shesawriter said...

Thanks, Teach. I'll try and remember all those. LOL!

Dakota Knight said...

Hey Bernita, as always, a great post.

Bernita said...

Thank you, Dakota! Keep the faith!

Thanks, Tanya.
~remembering how much she hated teaching~

Sounds like a tragic gender POV, Flood.

Bookfraud: Thank you uber guy ( am umlaut challenged) You have a funny, fascinating blog, btw.

Cynthia Bronco said...

I only show my thesis in the hottub. Otherwise I'm fairly modest. :)

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