Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Summer is icumen in...

And I wonder if I should blog less often.
Wonder too, if there is anything you'd prefer to see/not see/discuss on this blog?
Wonder if there's any questions you'd like to ask?

Song of Psyche

The snow was deep
and white as I
when we first loved.

You swore
the white heat of winter
would burn
in the summer sun.

Now, out of season,
out of reason,
I wonder.


Ric said...

Your blog is the highlight of my day - coming to visit means I will be challenged, get a new viewpoint on some topic I ordinarily wouldn't think about, get to enjoy your delightful take on writerly concerns.

And, of course, there is always the sex...

Erik Ivan James said...

Your blog is already far superior to anything I might suggest.

Bernita said...

Thank you, Ric and Erik.
Dearest guys.
Didn't think it was possible to fall in love on line with people I've never met!

M.E Ellis said...

Liked the pic! Makes me want to turn my whole garden into a patio. Been thinking about doing that for some time!


Bernita said...

Thank you, ME.
Taken just beyond my front door.

Anonymous said...

A charming poem, with a difficult theme.

I'm amazed by how full, informative, and well constructed your posts are. I really don't know how you do it every day.

Your readers seem happy with the format, but is there a new direction you'd like to go?

Bernita said...

Thank you, Jason. Very much.
It's just that I've been blogging less than a year in this "brave new world," largely by the seat of my pants, and wondered if you people in my living room might want some different drinks or munchies.

Dennie McDonald said...

I would hate to see you blog less... Though I have to admit w/ the kids home, I am running all day long (whether it's going somewhere or breaking up argument...) I barely have time to play all my computer games - LOL - but honestly, when I get online, yours is the first I go to - not blowing smoke, just saying how it is

Bonnie Calhoun said...

I like your blog just the way you are!

Discuss what you want. We'll just sit here and drink our coffee!

Although you could serve some croissant or Danish...LOL!

It's just that Blogger has been being a pooper scooper lately!

And Ric....there are a lot of things besides sex...LOL..and Bernita is a testament to that...*insert rasberry sound here*

Flood said...

Bernita, it's obvious that you put a lot of thought into each entry, and your scope of references is wide. I like it how you have it now. Did you have any ideas for change yourself?

Bernita said...

Dennie, that's a real compliment, with all you have to do, with your books coming out one after the other as well.

Hmmm. Don't know any Danish guys, Bonnie.
Note to self: Provide lace fan for Bonnie when I slip into something more comfortable with Ric...
Just to be a brat, Bonnie, you KNOW I'll have to post on sex now!

Not really, Flood,and thank you - but people are what make this blog and I wondered if you all might be getting bored.
I don't do neat contests or prizes or things like that.
You have all have taught and helped me so much, I thought I should ask.

S. W. Vaughn said...

No! Don't leave us!

I love your blog just the way it is. You don't need contests and such.

But, if you need to take some time for yourself, we won't hold it against you. Just don't depart for too long. :-)

Bernita said...

That's heart-warming, SW, thank you.
I asked because I've been chided for posting every day.
Another suggested some post topics deserved more discussion and shouldn't be superceeded next day by a new one.
So I thought I'd ask.

James Goodman said...

I love the blog the way it is. I come by as often as I can. I shoot for everyday, but sometimes I fall short.

If I'm in a place with computer access, chances are I using it to check out what you have to say on any given day.

patricia said...

Marmots! I want more blog posts about marmots!

Actually, I'm a new reader of this glorious blog, and so far it looks perfect, just the way it is!

Whatever you're doing, keep it up! (Unless, of course, you'd rather spend time re-building another garage...heh).

Bernita said...

James, that is so kind and nice of you to say.

Hello, Patricia!
Be welcome and thank you.

Did you know those flea-bags can climb trees?

Oh no, not my thing. The kids and Father built the garage.
I jack-up sunrooms and replace sills.

kmfrontain said...

I'm on the tail end of everyone's praise, Bernita, and they've pretty much covered my sentiments. So. What they said. Ditto.

Bernita said...

KM, thank you.
I was looking for advice.
Seems you all prefer things to go on as usual.
I'll try.

kmfrontain said...

Advice? Oh. Well.

Where'd all my smarts go? I've left them somewhere. ::embarrassed grin::

No, really. I like how it's going now. Wonderful blog. Really.

Savannah Jordan said...

Ahhhh, I come back to Bernita's beautific poetry. *sigh* Lovely, B., just lovely. Nice to have a clean white image in my mind after all the dark, hot steamy scenes I've written lately!

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Heheheh! I got a lace fan 'fer ya! Bernita!

Bernita said...

Savannah, we have all missed you!
Toiling away,she was, sweaty and HOT!

Do you suspect a ...gasp...fan dance, Bonnie?

For The Trees said...

Um. After some rather deep thought, I think you need to introduce a daily homage to Medieval Romance Thrillers, Marmot Repair and Garage Sex.

Ummmm. That came out wrong. Try Marmot Sex and Garage Repair. Oh, yeah, and Medieval Romance Thrillers. "Hie, yon varmint, what hoeth Thou seeest Yon?" "Oh! My Lady FrothForBrains! I seeest Sir Lumps'R'Us ramming Dame Kneesapart ferociaously by the auld pond! Twas phierce!"
(Swoon) "Dame Kneesapart! Niaouw he's gone and done it! I'll have the pox by sundown! Hie me to the bed! Where oh where are me Laddies in Waiting?"

Now stop with all that frou frou and let's have some Marmot Repair. Um, Sex.

Bernita said...

Rodent SEX, Forrest?
You. Rat.