Monday, June 05, 2006

Polishing the Halo...

...while the heavenly chorus sings.
Not our usual mode, is it?
We prefer to think of ourselves as minor devilkins in many ways.
Yesterday, Crystal Inman put up a lovely, funny post over on Romancing the Blog about our Seven Deadly Sins.
Made me think, in true contrary fashion, of the Heavenly Virtues - and wonder if we had any.
It seems we do. In fact, we are the epitome of Virtue.

Faith - a pernicious faith in our abilities, obviously, or else why are we still here? The thing speaks for itself. QED.
There's even an editor named Faith. Do you suppose it's a sign?

Hope - which springs eternal, despite set-backs and humiliations and rejections.
When deferred, we do get a little sick, as well as sore and tired, but we usually recover and pilgrim on.

Charity - We express endless compassion and sympathy for each other.
We sometimes extend our liberal benevolence to the poor, overworked agents and editors, lo, even to the copy editors and the art departments who must deal with our stuff. True charity, that.
We understand you're human. Really.
Ignore the pot of boiling oil in the corner over there and the slow fire. Just an experiment for veracity in our novel...

Fortitude - We have courage and resolution in abundance, as well as forbearance and endurance.
We're very big on endurance. And patience. Ninety-nine rejections mean nothing to us. Not at all.
Payment of dues, apprenticeships and all that. Excelsior! and Surgite! are our watchwords.

Justice - We firmly support justice, eh Barbara? James? Though we do wonder about the slow grinding of those mill wheels at times. Oh that? Just a pile of faggots around a post...

Temperance - Assuredly, we are usually restrained and moderate about NY Times success, or similar ex cathedras - especially when it does not involve our book.
Most of us are abstemious, sober and sedate in our response to rejections and critics - to the point of excess. Truly.

Prudence - We are the very essence of it. We eschew unicorn stickers - and glitter - include SASE, use good plain bond and direct our correspondence to the proper sex. We are duely diligent in our research.
We are circumspect, cautious and courteous.

We took the temper out of temperance and the prude out of prudence and we are good pilgrims on the way to the Shrine.
Pure of heart.


Flood said...

So, Patience, technically isn't a virture? Woohoo!

Bernita said...

Blogger is being difficult.
Afraid that it is, Flood, comes under temperance or fortitude.
Some lists include it along with chastity and humility.

Jaye Wells said...

Wait, we have to be both chaste AND patient?

Uh oh.


Bernita said...

You knew that,Jaye.
You really did.
We must not whore after other agents and editors, we must be faithful and patient.
However, all we like sheep have gone astray-hay-hay-hay, according to a cantata.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Well yanno...we had a spiritual gifts test in Sunday School last year. A similar form of all these things were on the test.

We answered a multitude of unorganized that you couldn't match the question to the attribute.

The scoring went from (1)the least to (10) the best...

I got a (1) in mercy *gulp* *insert maniacal laughter here*

When anyone tests what little patience I possess...I remind them of the (1)!

Bernita said...

Bonnie, you rate a 10 in my Book.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Awwhh,'re so sweet!

Blogger's really being a bugger today!

S. W. Vaughn said...

Argh! Blogger's being a right bitch today!

LOL -- Bernita, this is awesome. You're so right. Seems you and me are on a similar wavelength today.

I would like to mention, though, that despite my intent to continue playing the game of publishing... following the rules is starting to grate on my nerves. Argh.

Bernita said...

Very annoying, Bonnie.
And dammit, girl, I an NOT sweet.I'm vinager and lemon - but you're not.

Happy to be on the same wave length as you, SW - would that be "broad" band?

I suppose it's the same feeling that makes a soldier suddenly charge the gun emplacements - unfortunately most of them are mowed down rather than winning the redoubt.

Anonymous said...

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