Sunday, June 25, 2006

A Blogger Bitch

I'm fairly patient.
You learn that with kids.
Good training.
You have to be patient in this business.
Very patient, as the months roll by like the wheels of the gods.
And tolerant.
You have - or will - do and say dumb things yourself, right?
But one type cranks me up almost as much as the anonymous shit 'n flit troll - the blogger who uses another blogger's site solely for advertisement of their own effulgent and sociopathic self.
Rude, conceited and desperate to attract.
Not content to contribute to the topic of the day and let the intelligence of their comment or the quaintness of their screen name impel others to visit their blog.
One eventually recognizes them by their pattern.
Saw one of those this week, more blatant than most, spamming blogrolls.
But what really ticked my timer - the one connected to my block of C4 - was the fact that when the cretin was fairly reproved, he returned to make an insulting, egregious attack on that particular blog admin.
She left the exchange - because nothing condemned and revealed him so much as his own words.
Smart kid.
I came back to my blog and exercised my delete function on the little sod.


Savannah Jordan said...

Oh my. This kind of makes me rethink all of the comments that I've made about my own writing here. I'm sorry if I ever outstepped the boundaries, Bernita.

Sela Carsen said...

There's a difference between making a correlation to your own writing that is relevant to the point and just blatant self-promo. I'm sure you're just fine, Savannah. Nice to see you back, btw. (Buy my book!)

Who said that?

Bernita said...

No, you didn't overstep my bounaries,Savannah.

I have absolutely NO objection to another wtiter mentioning their own work or using an example from it to illustrate a point or expand the discussion.

Perhaps you missed - being busy with revision for your publisher - Ric's beautiful example of a sex scene? Entirely on point and very moving.

In fact, I often invite that sort of input.
Glad of it.Happy to see it.

Hell, I'm pleased to give another writer a boost - tiny as the notice may be.

You have always made some appropriate comment about the topic of the day.
So relax.
Wasn't directed at any of the usual suspects here.
I think I've had only one poster of the second ilk that did the shoulder-aside -up-stage bit, beside the particular jerk I mentioned.

Bernita said...

You got it, Sela!
Loved that.

Jaye Wells said...

Thanks, Bernita. You're good people.


The Disgusting Old Cow

Bernita said...

Gave him the benefit of the doubt until I saw that, Jaye.
~getting angry all over again~

Jaye Wells said...

I actually laughed out loud when I saw it. Although while I can handle being called digusting and cow, I draw the line at "old." He dug his grave with that.

Bernita said...

A direct reversal of the facts, Jaye, on all counts.

Jaye Wells said...

Thanks. And also thank you for standing up for bloggers everywhere who earn their readership the old fashioned way: ass-kissing through comments. Oh, and good writing.

Sela Carsen said...

Oh man! Now I wish I'd witnessed this kerfuffle, just for the point-and-laugh-at-the-asshat value. (Buy my book!)

Did you hear something?

Bernita said...

Just to make a point, Jaye,
I don't "ass-kiss" - if I pay a compliment, I mean it.

Is your books about "boobs", Sela?
~She asked innocently...~
You rack up well.

Sela Carsen said...

They're my ghost-writers, but they get all the publicity. ;)

Bernita said...

Hmmm, that makes two of you.
Didn't Savannah mention that her icon invited a publisher to query her?
Perhaps I should put some thought into updating my blog picture.

Jaye Wells said...

Bernita, the ass-kissing comment was in jest. I know you're sincere.

Bernita said...

Thank you, Jaye...we've all seen the other type.

kmfrontain said...

Ooo, I missed a rudeness?

Same fellow tripped on over to my blog as well, but I left him alone in the understanding he might be suffering desperation. But let's hope he will remember his manners after having been an embarrassment to himself when he was given a setdown.

If you're going to step forward so boldly, you got to wear steel-toed boots and be ready to back out politely if the entire tavern turns on you. Steel toed boots only protect feet.

S. W. Vaughn said...

Thought you might be referring to our dear friend Moonpunter. I never even clicked on the link he/she kept leaving, so have no clue what he/she was trying to promote -- and do not care, either.

Jaye, you old cow... :-) That was an AWESOME defense. You've got class. I admire you.

Bernita said...

I left him alone initially for the same reason, KM, but saw no reason to give him a platform after seeing his attitude.

I did, briefly, SW,only to see if he was another writer or just a formal spammer. Looked like an episodic novel.

Flood said...

He called me a douche today. I was mildly amused at his false bravado.

Bernita said...

I have no patience with brats, Flood.
Liked your reply.

Flood said...

Oh, Internet! Is there no end to your 'anonymous' courage?

December Quinn said...

Oh, my. He spammed me too, but I thought maybe he was just confused and decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

I’m trying to think of something wise and relevant to add to the discussion here but I keep getting distracted by the image of Sela’s boobs and a tiny voice inside of me wants to scream, “Buy her book!”

I’m thinking along the same lines as you, Bernita…perhaps it’s time to consider changing my avatar. The only problem is that I’m an old cow (not a disgusting one, thank heavens) who’d need an industrial-strength push-up bra to heft my previously perky packages back up to where they belong. On second thought, I’m trying to sell books not make potential readers shriek, “My eyes! My eyes!” so perhaps a cartoony silhouette is a better option for me.

As to the rude, insulting, self-promoting opportunist, I missed seeing the exchange but it sounds like it was an ugly incident. You have the right idea, Bernita. Use the delete key.

*Buy Sela’s book… Ack, no! My book! Buy MY book! Stop it. No, YOU stop it! Nobody wants to shell out good money for your crummy book, you disgusting old cow. Gasp! Who are you calling disgusting?*

Bernita said...

I really like the cover of your latest book, "Wicked Payback," Daisy - how about the girl in red as an icon?
Though your present one is elegant and fresh.

He has such an original turn of phrase too, Flood, real talent there.

I thought that initially, December.

Dakota Knight said...

I agree with you, Bernita, I think there are bloggers out there who seek attention by writing controversial posts. It's good to get the blood boiling every now and then, but some blogging do take it to the extremes.

Bernita said...

You handle them with your usual grace and dignity, Dakota.

Shesawriter said...

I am seriously thinking about disabling my anonymous feature in my comments. I'm getting the nuts too.

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