Thursday, May 25, 2006

All the Rage

Extra! Extra!
Today's programming has been pre-empted.

Go to Miss Snark's and read all about it.
I direct you there to avoid repetition. Besides, I'm html deficient.

Writers don't get no respect.
We get it from all sides.

If it isn't Sammy K of A Gent's Outlook with his Tourette's take on wannabes and the industry in general, it's Konrath with bull horn in one hand and a bull whip in the other screaming "Move, move...Move it , you lazy suckers!"

All for our own good, of course.

Another set of bovine mavens, proud of their right-to-rant, have entered the Writers-Are-Idiots blogathon. They call themselves Crabby Cows and are also inordinately fond of the F-word. No milk of human kindness there.

Certainly there are times, when we read writers whining about entitlement and their collection of cold, cold rejections, we are entirely in sympathy and perfect accord with ranting agents and editors.

But I'm damned tired of reading constantly that everything we do is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Now we have this incident of an agent, Barbara Bauer, intimidating a web host into shutting down an entire website devoted to writerly concerns - concerns which include scammers.

Writers as prey. Umbrage over restriction of hunting rights. Fergodsake don't warn the gazelles. Jackals have to eat, yanno.

One of the reasons I respect and admire Miss Snark is - under the wit and the nit-wittery - because she consistently demonstrates respect for those who write.

No underlying contempt exhibited there. No abuse of the breed.


James Goodman said...

that sucks about Bitch Bauer getting absolute write shutdown. I just hope they can recover all the data from the SQL database.

Bernita said...

As I understand it, James, she had opportunity to defend herself on those forums if she so chose - instead she tried to nuke the entire site into oblivion.
She may find that in kicking over that anthill, she disturbed a very large colony of army ants.

Ric said...

And the wars go on.

How many books does Publish America print each year? - as well as all the other 'publishers'?

Lots of those folks can easily be convinced that they need to pay money to agents, editors and scammers to get published.

It's big business, folks.

Flood said...

Man, I didn't find out what happened at AW 'til I read it here. I am just sick about it.

I agree with you about everything we do being wrong. I've decided to stop going to places like Konrath's until I am ready for publishing and its aftermath.

Bernita said...

Flood, there's a lot of good stuff at Joe's.
It's just that the latest round of boot camp exhortation...
And the advertisements in respectable writer journals don't help either, Ric.

Ric said...

Good point, Bernita. Hard to have a lot of respect for markets helping writers when they decide the money from scammers is just too good to pass up.

(did I do that sufficiently enough to keep lawsuits from happening?)

Bernita said...

Wondered about that too, did you, Ric?
I console myself that I'm just entirely too insignificant to be worth the trouble.

S. W. Vaughn said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Bernita. I've joined Jim Hines' Google-bomb campaign. I admire Miss Snark too--she's really on our side.

And thank you for the warning about the rest of these miscreants. I'll be sure to stay away from the cows. :-)

You're right; writers get no respect. We'll just keep respecting each other, and to hell with the rest of 'em!

Bernita said...

Barbara Mangano Bauer is also apparently an aspiring actress and cabaret singer as well, SW.

One does get sick,sore and tired of the constant refrain "You're an idiot."

Bonnie Calhoun said...

I've joined in the fray and passed on the links from my post to some people who are way bigger than us! Frank Wison-Book's Inq
Glenn Reynolds-InstaPundit

LOL...that *itch deserves to be run off the internet. I loved Jenna Glazer's AW site!

I joined Jim Hines Google bomb also. Where her name is in my post....that's the bomb.....LOL..die scum, die!

Bernita said...

Good for you, Bonnie!
Spread the word.

kira said...

Thanks for spreading the word Bernita. Got you on the list now!

Bernita said...

Thank you, Kira.
Read your posts about this.
If that e-mail claim is true, that she demanded a billion dollars - without benefit of clergy, so to speak - it sounds remarkably like extortion, or terrorism, or something equally remarkable.

Ballpoint Wren said...

I love it! Barbara Bauer succeeded in shutting Absolute Write down, but ended up publicizing everything she wanted to hide! Perfect justice.

Bernita said...

We hope for that sweet justice, Bonnie.
Time will tell.

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