Sunday, April 09, 2006

From the Minor Annals

We never heard the Yith Hounds that year.

That year the honeysuckle, the hawthorne and the high bush cranberry bloomed together along the hedgerows of the ring ridge.

White like a blessing at morning. Wonder under the moon.

That year we planted three peach trees beside the menhir and grape vines between the stones.

That year we found the white fawn hidden in the golden brambles and we cut the rough sandstone to line the king's well.

That year we found the sword hilt below the rapids. I bade them leave it to the waters, though it glittered bright.

We dug the iron-bound cart wheel out of the sand bar beyond and brought it home.

The harvest was bountiful that year. Our storeroom filled and we traded with the village for coin.

That year we heard the foxes run by moonlight along the ring track.

There were no Hounds in the sky.

That year.


Savannah Jordan said...

OMG, Bernita. I literally have chils.

You have a magickal hand at this style!

Erik Ivan James said...

Sunday morning visits with Bernita begin the good of the day.

Lady M said...

Bernita and coffee go a long way to making my day a good one.

Tag lines for B's up and coming new book!

Bernita said...

Thank you, Savannah, sometimes the shadows press you sure it's not 'flu?

Thank you, Erik, Lady M.
Gladdens me that I gladden you.

Savannah Jordan said...

LOL, Bernita! No. It is not the flu. Though, tis true about the shadows...

Dennie McDonald said...

morning B!

Rick said...

Now I want to know what some of the other years were like ...

Ric said...


Bernita said...

Thank you, Dennie, Ric and Rick.
Been editing.Third chapter.
You know, the third chapter syndrome.

Buffy said...

Absolutely love this.

For The Trees said...

Ah, you sneaky gal. You slip another one in at the last minute. Last line, almost last word only.

Sneaky. Exquisite. Delightful. I really enjoyed it.

Now: what genre is this?

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Last line!!!...Okay...last line...what does that mean!!'re messin' with my head! LOL!!

Bernita said...

Bonnie, if anyone's head is screwed on right - it's yours.
Thank you, Buffy and Forrest.
I'd say fantasy, Forrest - based on true.

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