Sunday, April 30, 2006

Critical Mass

Does this stuff come in waves and cycles?
Rolling down hill from the claim that fiction markets are tight?
Negative neurosis or Spring Fling?
Tiptoeing through the tulips, one discovers an overload of complaints keyworded to contempt and ridicule.
Bashing and bitching. Hatchet jobs and disrespect.
So thick you could cut it with a knife.
Or a chain saw. Clear cutting.
The POD-published, bloggers, genre writers, agents, editors, the writing world in general - all severely and severally lambasted hither and yon in blogland.
A feeding frenzy over at Miss Snark's - though, mind you, the victim trailed blood in the water to begin it.
Writers of romance in particular come in for severe criticism, just ahead of Sci-fi - or perhaps they are just more frank in their resentment and the demand for subservience.
A blogger mentioned that even on TV there seems to be a trend for isolating a particular group, in this case men, as dingbats.
Dear Old Anonymous, aka King Chicken, has surfaced again, trolling through various industry blogs to make snide attacks - no prisoners.
Bloggers are castigated as deluded time-wasters who have convinced themselves that they are "real" writers because they blog.
And it's not just Grumpy's rats in the slushpile snarling and scratching.
One has the impression that the industry pros have to tightly restrain themselves from screaming "Idiots! Idiots!"
As one poster put it (and I trust I'm not misinterpreting the intent) he looks over his shoulder for "for the guy with the bludgeon to tell me I've done it wrong before I've even typed a word."
Indeed, April is the cruelest month.
And I'm bitchin' about bitchin'.


Dennie McDonald said...

All I can say is at least tomorrow is May 1st -

Bernita said...

Do you suppose Walpurgis Nacht, Beltane, Roodmass might improve things, Dennie?

Sela Carsen said...

Good grief. Maybe it's a good thing I haven't read any other blogs for a while! I don't need anyone else's help to bitch about stuff.

archer said...

Cheer up! As Phyllis Schlafly once said, a righteous God has given us nuclear weapons.

Bernita said...

And you don't need the negativity, Sela.

These are more in the nature of road-side mines, Archer. However, I have a flak jacket.

Dennie McDonald said...

Bernita - I hate to admit this - I have NO clue what you just said... Do you suppose Walpurgis Nacht, Beltane, Roodmass might improve things,

Bernita said...

Those are the names of old pagan celebrations for May eve.
Positive vibe thingies.

H.S. Kinn said...

Yay Beltaine! Seriously, though? Some people just like to complain, and you just have to ignore them.

Bernita said...

Seems lately the whole industry is feeling grim and grouchy,H.S.
Hope it passes.

December Quinn said...

I was just about to say happy Beltaine. New energy blows in with the fire festivals...

For The Trees said...

I'm seeing negativity almost everywhere. I think people in general are unhappy about everything. It's not just the publishing industry, even though it **IS** a whole segment of business that is in humonguous turmoil. It'll all settle out, someday. Just let it ride.

Dakota Knight said...

Some people can never look on the positive side of things, no matter what. I try not to let those type of people influence my own thinking.

kmfrontain said...

Heh. It's been sunny for three days. I've walked my big smelly dog and seen a kingfisher for the first time in since...ever, had a nice supper at A&W, watched my husband get another sunburn on the back of his neck, bless him, and got to cuss him out for not putting on the sunscreen like I told him (what could make a nag happier--he loves me so much he burns for me). I'm happy. :D

Bernita said...

Thank you, KM, Dakota, Forrest, December.
Wise attitudes!

Anonymous said...
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