Monday, March 13, 2006

The Usual Suspects

Three days ago, a cardinal twit-twit-twit-tew-tewed up in the rock-bound woods.

Two days ago, geese arrowed north, high, intent, remote as an omen.

Yesterday, two robins prospected my lawn for worms and eyed the juniper tree like a real estate agent.

This morning, the dogs came in , mud to their bellies.

Tomorrow, we'll probably have snow, but what the hell.

So - a little premature - I dream.

Ice rubs and scratches on the bank,
under the pussy willows
crouched along the bank.

Catkins chase their tails
among the alder wands.

Pading softly
in a whisker of wind,
pussy toes
hide and seek.

Cat spring.

NOTE: Lest they be lost in the comments -
(1) Carla ( or sidebar) has up a chapter of Ingeld's Daughter. I've run out of superlatives.
(2) Tsavo (see sidebar) has a flash piece based on "Soul Stone." His hard edge lifts the flash from fantasia-mundania into something original - and leaves us as hungry as before ( hypocrite!).

Beau-trap: (1) a sharper, neatly dressed; late 17th-18th c. (2) a loose paving stone, overlying water; late 18th-19th c. (3) a fop outwardly well-dressed, but of unclean linen, body habits; late 18th-early 19th c.
Beef, be in a woman's: to have intercourse with a woman; late 18th-mid 19th c. From do or have a bit of beef, take in beef, low for women in coitu; 19th-20th c.
Been there: (Of women) having sexual experience; 19th-20th c.; (Of men) experienced; shrewd; anglicized ca. 1900, U.S. Both are colloquial, with has or have.


Savannah Jordan said...

Apologies for my abscence over the weekend Bernita, I was waylaid by the flu. :(

Y'know, I love your writing, no matter what you put your hand to. I especially appreciate the feline aspects of this piece toward the end. "...whisker of wind," is a great line!!

ivan said...

A beautiful poem of spring.
Per ardua ad astra.

Bernita said...

Hope you are feeling better, Savannah. Not nice.
Thank you.
Felines on our minds. Your piece a few days ago, and Sandra has one this morning too!

Thank you, Ivan.

Dennie McDonald said...

A friend of mine has pitched her "lot" of flash fiction pieces as an entire book... just a thought

jason evans said...

Ah, we've been bitten by the same fever.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

I know the feeling with the weather! My pond has thawed out. Which is a good thing because I hate seeing geese skid across the ice looking for a place to land!

They are coming in clouds of hundreds...their honking is loud that it frightened my dog!

Saw two robins yesterday! but you're we'll have a blizzard!

Bernita said...

Yep, Bonnie, and the tulip and daffodil shoots will hunch their shoulders and retreat.

I yearn for green, Jason.

Interesting, Dennie.
She must have had a large number of them? And of a similar theme or connectivity?

Carla said...

Sweet poem. Spring is in the air here too, or at least it is until you go outside and get hit by the wind, which is coming straight from Siberia.
Thank you for the mention; you're too kind.

Bernita said...

Not at all, Carla.
I loved it.

Erik Ivan James said...

Sweet poem from a sweet Gal.

Based upon the forecast I saw this morning, spring has been cancelled here.

Muse said...

Beautiful poem.

Bernita said...

Thank you, Erik and Muse.

Not cancelled - nothing can turn the sun and season from their alloted course - but delayed perhaps, while we grit our teeth?

Erik Ivan James said...

You may grit your teeth, mine chatter---what few I have left.

Dennie McDonald said...

to my knowledge (which is a scary place to behold) there are no themes or anything but she does have a sh*tload - er ah - a lot!

She goes on some website - that I have never been able to find - called Zoetrope (sp?) and they give flash challenges so she will use those or she just writes them up all on her lonesome.

Candice Gilmer said...

Lovely poem. I feel the weather too..

We're having the same nutty weather. My mother's very concerned that her budding tulips will get killed if the predictions of colder weather by the end of the week come true. (I know this is making her nuts because she's mentioned it every time we've talked in the last week.. lol)

Bernita said...

It would be interesting to see if catches her collection.
The idea is similar to a short story or essay collection, but they usually have a related theme.

Thank you, Candace. I sympathize with your mother, but tulips are tough.

Bernita said...

Oh damn, I spelled your name wrong - after you were nice enough to post - sorry, sorry.
Candice, Candice, Candice, Candice, Candice, Candice, Candice, Candice, Candice,
Will 10 times be enough?

Shesawriter said...


I LOVED today's drawing. It made me smile. How clever. :-)


Kirsten said...

I've got dwarf iris and early crocus blooming here on the south side of Ontario, Bernita . . .

Candice Gilmer said...

:::sigh::: I guess... :)

Don't worry about it Bernita -- if I'm so uptight as to worry about an "a" instead of an "i," then I seriously need some help. ;)

Bernita said...

Considering how mine's often mangled, Candice, I am appalled when I do it to someone else.

How lovely, Kirsten! Hope the weather avoids your garden.

Thank you, Tanya.Their job.