Friday, March 17, 2006

Things That Make You Go Hmmm

Just a couple, since I'm feeling all discreet and benign this morning. Someone brought me pussy willows.
First flowers of the season here in the North.
They grace my bay window above the potted hyacinths.
Soon their black and white will give way to colour.
Soon, memory and desire.

(1) Check out the March 4th post on this site.
Thanks to Candice Gilmer of the beautiful photograph- who has just sold a book, by the way - for the link.
You know these people. You will laugh.

(2) Digital Doom. It happens to all of us. We know that. Perversity of Inanimate Objects Law ( subsection 12.b, updated and amended.)
Still, it elevates my eyebrows when I see an e-publisher admit to e-mail problems.
They are supposed to be above the conditions that bedevil the rest of us (we, the designated "unjust" as it were) on occasion.
Thank heavens the e-mail was not a manuscript or a proposal but merely an answer to an offer.
Otherwise, that would have fallen under the Precedents for Tearing Hair Out By Handfuls subsection.

bend down for: to submit to effeminatio; euphemistic colloquial; late 19th-20th c.
best leg of three, the: the penis; low; late 19th-20th c.; obsolete.
Bethlehemites: Christmas carol singers; late 18th-early 19th c.; from frequency of term in same.
better-half: a wife; colloquial from about 1570; In 16th-18th c., seriously; in 19th-20 c., jocularly.


Dennie McDonald said...

how in the world am I first? I think blogger was having trouble today - kinda fitting w/ the e-pub e-mail troubles....

Erik Ivan James said...

Came by to say hello. Yesterday and this morning were difficult for making connections. Seems better now.

So, hello.

Bernita said...

Blogger has been positively bulimic all day, Dennie, and I think last night.
We have to expect them.

Hello, Erik.
Erik has a heart-warming piece up - if Blogger will stay still long enough for you to read it - shows off his skills too.

Erik Ivan James said...

Thank you,Bernita.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Finally - your site is up. Erg.

Pussywillows. Oh, it's been a while since I had pussywillows in a vase.

Lucky girl!

Lady M said...

Finally! In... I swear past two days it's been traffic nightmare.

Love pussywillows!

Gabriele C. said...

Pussy willows - Weidenk├Ątzchen (K├Ątzchen = kittens). Another word I could guess from the context. ;)

Bloggers seems to have more than one server that needs to be replaced and shot. I hope they killed the lot by now.

Ric said...

Happy St Pat's Day everyone. Blogger finally seems to be up and going - I was in terrible shape all day without my morning Bernita Fix.

Saw my first Robin today. Ah, yes. Won't be long now.

Candice Gilmer said...

Bernita, glad you liked that post over at my blog, although I can't take credit, Ginny wrote it, and it's hilarious.. ;)

And let's not get me started on Blogger.. I tried to redo my layout last night, and I swore I thought i would throw the computer out the door...


Carla said...

Ouch! And which of those archetypes matches each of us? Answers on a postcard please......

Glad to see you back, Bernita. I got 'Blog offline for maintenance' messages all yesterday.

Bernita said...

None of the present company, Carla!
But we've all met those types,here and there, hither and yon.

A total hoot, Candice!
Yes, I clicked on your blog and it was like double vision at one point.

Aw, Ric.
It was could-couldn't/present-gone/yo-yo/ fun fun.

Remembered that, Gabriele!
Squad! Ready!

Weird, Lady M, wondered if it was going to cascade over everyone.

He goes on tramps and brings me a bunch every spring, Sandra.

Savannah Jordan said...

I couldn't get here at all yesterday before I left to go to TNA. Blogger was being such a pain!!

I'll check that link some ohter time when I am home. I am currently in my pj's checking in via hotel internet. :)

Bernita said...

You will laugh, Savannah.