Friday, March 31, 2006


I love - with vampiric lust - deliberately mangled metaphors, idioms and platitudes.
These two were stolen from members of the Family.

Easy as shooting fishwives in a barrel.

Setting like a hen in my ways.

Sandra's dire predictions continue to be de-Delphic following my experiment in posting semi-erotica.

Did have one weirdo looking for: leather/glove/hand/smother, and another searching: blog/thighs/hot/aunt/moaned - but those issues were balanced somewhat by the baptist sunday school review. The last was a little unnerving I will admit.

The only one that gave me concern was disorderly house.
Is there a secret webcam on my computer?

Duchess of Dither Department: Have pretty well decided that Samhain Publishing ( who have snapped up several posters on this blog) and I would likely not be a good fit.
Had a really good look at their excerps on-line. Very exciting. Great plots. The styles thus revealed are lush, fevered, and single-minded.
They would find me too, too vanilla on style and not romantic enough on plot, I'm afraid. Too bare in one way, not bare enough in another for their audience.
Pity, because they appear to be very open and up-and-coming; and I could submit without changing fonts/converting files to other formats and similar ticklish techno-details unnaturally important to a handicapped techno-idiot such as I.

On the other hand, Kunati Inc. Book Publishers looks very promising.
Now, if I can only slap down my giddy desire to mark a submission envelope SLUSH in big black letters...

NOTE WELL: Carla has linked to her blog her exciting novel, Ingeld's Daughter.
You can read and down load.
The tale has everything - a curse, a quest, battles, betrayal, twists and turnings, the use and misuse of power, the conflict of principles and principalities, unusual characters with depth and desire - all in a superbly realized setting.

Savannah had one of her hot-naughties up yesterday. Made me think how dirty some academic words might be in the right context. Things like a "nicely rounded curriculum," "full load," and "showing one's thesis..."

The multi-talented Lady M has produced me a cover. Charming of her. It's very pretty.Very lady-like.
Sad though, that I come across as so... well... dull.
Note to self: must work on raunch and raw.
Ric likes to be excited on weekends.


Carla said...

The thing about English is that almost every entendre can be double'd. I once heard an entire (long) naval folk-song full of phrases like 'her topsails she lowered' and 'in her neat little harbour she soon had me moored'. Etcetera. One would hate the academics to feel left out.

For what it's worth, I wandered over to Lady M's to look at the cover and I thought of words like serious, understated, intelligent, intriguing. Not dull.

Bernita said...

Yes, it's the greatest language.
That's lovely, Carla, thank you.
But it would never sell.
I yam what I yam and that's clearly not a sweet,hot potato!

Tsavo Leone said...

We are all our own worst critics m'lady.

Now write that out one hundred times!

And don't be so down on yourself. Perhaps all you need is the perspective of others?

Bernita said...

I'd probably be better off writing the F-word one hundred times, milor'Tsavo!

Ladies are passe.

Savannah Jordan said...

Bernita, you are NOT dull! Trust, me. To put my full bitchness out there, if you were dull, I would not be here. :P

I say submit to Samhain; remember my novel that they took has NO sex, and the H/H have a rather antagonistic relationship. (Fun to write) The worst you could get is a rejection. At best? A sale.

Regardless, I say get submit submit submit. (Not to whips and chains or handcuffs either...LOL)

Ric said...

Weekend? Is it soon?
And Bernita is willing...
And Savannah is talking about whips, chains and handcuffs?

What more could a guy ask?

Bernita said...

We aim to please, you aim to please?

Savannah, you are so damned nice in spite of your bitchiness claim. Thank you.

Savannah Jordan said...

I have you all fooled... LOL

I am nice where nice is due. To turn a phrase that Tsavo quoted earlier in the week, "Good is as good does..." ;)

I might talk whips and chains here, but handcuffs and blindfolds are over in my blog :P I won't taint Bernita's comment thread with my naughtiness.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Keep us posted on Kunati!


I think you're on the right track. Although that's not quite as colourful as my recent hit from South Africa.

Oh, and you might be interested to see the latest comment on yesterday's thread. I'm not sure if I should investigate it and post a disclaimer or a link if validated or what. I mean, I didn't say it...

Bernita said...

Erik has an interesting and thought-provoking post up on his blog about perceptions that ties in as well.

Am actually working on a query, Sandra. Now if I don't chicken out...
Will come and look.

Bernita said...

Sandra, I'd just leave it.
You didn't post it.
An interesting but not entirely surprising twist.
People can validate if they're interested.

Sela Carsen said...

Chicken. There. I said it. You, my dear, dear lady, are not afraid of rejection. You are afraid of success.

I want you to check out the Q&A that Samhain did with the Romance Divas. They WANT your book! They're aiming at a very broad market -- which they can't do if no one sends them stories like yours!!

Bock bock. Prove me wrong. I dare ya.

Dennie McDonald said...

don't sell yourself short - do you know you are a must read for so many of us - that says a lot in the millions of blogdom and it carries over in your stories -

Buffy said...

I've always thought 'thesis' was a dirty word.

Bernita said...

~wrings hands and squawks~

All I know is that the very best in blogdom post here.

Bernita said...

I do too, Buffy.
Dirty. Dirty.

Savannah Jordan said...

The very best in blogdom post here, and one of them owns the blog...

Submit already!

Bernita said...

I think I'll go have a little cry.

Sandra Ruttan said...

I find the best way to deal with rejection is just to get it over with. I actually felt pretty good getting some rejections under my belt. It meant I was that much closer to the magic number for me, when things clicked.

One of my very favourite authors endured several hundred rejections. They're now an international best-seller with several books to their credit with big publishers around the world.

So, if one of my sources of inspiration can persevere, well, they made it clear to me that I could too.

And so can you!

And thanks for the advice re: that post - blogging etiquette. Seriously, I don't even want to look into it. That guy got more time than he deserved with one day on my blog, really.

Bernita said...

I must say I find all of you an inspiration.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

I'm with Savannah on this one! Submit anyhow! They can't blow up your computer or anything if they don't like it....and on the other hand they may be looking for something just like that.

"The onlu writers who sell, are the ones who submit!"

"There's a word for a writer who never gives up...published!"

Lady M said...

You boring?????

Say what???

Nope nope...

You're down to earth - calming - instructive - inspirational - educational - and so much more --- but never - ever - ever - ever - ever *ad infinitum* dull or boring!



I was thinking peaceful leaves, gently blowing as you speak... Whipering stories as we listen.

Not boring at all.

You're awesome!

Carla had it right.

Bernita - when I think of your writing - I think HighBrow Literary.

Stuff that will last forever. No small flash in the pan and forgotten.

Lady M

Lady M said...

But- on a side note - You're always welcome to add more sex.

I'll come read it.


Bernita said...

It's just that's just that... "literary" makes me gag, Lady M.
Yanno, pretentious associations.

Got even though.
I emailed Miss Snark about your cover - which is truly beautiful.

Bernita said...

I know, Bonnie, I's just that I've become a Rhode Island Red.

Lady M said...

Oooh you evil evil child...

*Thinks up devil's horns and red eyes and BIG BOOBS for next Bernita Harris cover*


Erik Ivan James said...

Don't be so damn diffident.:)

Bernita said...

Lady M, I think the Miss Snark cover is beautiful.
Look great on her website too.

Don't need no boob enhancement.

Bernita said...

Sooo,I'm a hypocrite now and then, Erik.

Lady M said...


Anonymous said...
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