Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Motley Crew

Has the rich mix of writers ever made you sit back in a kind of contented bliss?
The reach, the potential, the variety?
As much from the perspective of a reader as that of a writer, I have been savoring the different styles and genres of the regular posters here.
The melange of personality, interest and subject. The nuanced and unique possibilities, twists and takes. The thing that I truly admire: individuality.

Ric and Jason - commercial - with an ineffable charm. The capacity to evoke that lingering echo of times and things just forever out of reach.
Bonnie - thriller with a Christian bent - but with gouge marks on the floor. Tsavo - horror and Sci-Fi, written with clean, brutal, chilling reality.
Savannah - erotica, rich, tactile erotica, beyond the mundane.
Dennie, Robyn and Tami - more traditional romance - but with an edge, both bitter and sweet.
James - paranormal horror, with a plotting pace to lure you on.
Carla, Gabriele and Rick - endlessly fascinating and different historical periods with a commitment to accuracy and the reverberating, viseral ethos of their eras.
R.J. and Sandra- detective/mystery/thriller/procedural with depth of the human condition.
Sela - regency romance, with a wicked touch.
Ivan - multi-layered literary, bawdy and brilliant.
Mindy - urban fantasy with laconic clarity? Not sure what, but it stabs you right between the ribs.
Mark - modern era historical, but the capacity to do almost anything.
E.Ann - I don't know, but the satire is superb.
Erik - hasn't told us yet - but I suspect a little of Ric, a little of R.J. and a little of naughty.
Daisy - romantic comedy - sheer, bubling pleasure.
Muse - the next Margaret Atwood - if she ever gets finished racking up degrees...
Lisa H. - acute non-fiction.

I'm sure I've left people out - it's early - but you get the idea - it's a feast.
I apologize sincerely if I've mis-labeled your scope and talent.

P.S. Now that I'm half awake, realized I left off Archer - who, when he isn't spouting off about politics on his blog, writes scintillating contemporary prose; and Nesilli - who writes historicals and is never superficial in either her writing or its techniques, much like another Lisa.

Bagpipe: (1)a long-winded talker; 17th-19th c. (2) as a verb to indulge in a sexual practice, described by one compiler as " too indecent for explanation;" late 18th c.>.
Bake it: to refrain from visiting the w.c. when one should to ease the major need; low, late 19th c.>.
Bake one's bread: to kill a person; 14th c. -19th. c.; coll. > Standard English.
Baker, spell: to attempt something difficult; 18-19th c. coll.; From old spelling books where baker was generally the first disyllabic word.
Baker-legged, baker -kneed: (1) 17th-19th c. coll; knock-kneed. (2) effeminate.


Sandra Ruttan said...

I think it's a really neat thing that people with so many divergent styles can contribute so much to each other. It really, really adds to my writing, I feel, and my perspective, to see how different people approach things.

And I find Bernita to be a very 'stream of consciousness' writer, if that's the right phrase. When I come here, I ride the Bernita wave. Nobody I've found writes quite like you, which is wonderful, because your voice is so unique.

(Insert style if you don't like the reference to the phrase de jour!)

Bernita said...

Oh, Sandra!
~crossing fingers that she might be right~
Thank you!
I'm very glad you enjoy and appreciate the wonderful variety and feel the same way.
I smack over you and the others. You are all so good, so different.

Sela Carsen said...

And she manages to be extremely smart without making me feel like a complete idiot! I think that's a mark of graciousness as well.

Bernita said...

Damn, knew I'd left out important people. Just added you, Sela.
Thank you.
I check you every day, to enjoy and learn.

Savannah Jordan said...

I come here everyday for those exact reasons, "The nuanced and unique possibilities, twists and takes."

This is truly a rare bunch of writers. I am happy to have found Bernita's, and happy to be welcomed by her, and all the posters, with such warmth. If there is anything that I prize highly, it is intelligence, of which THIS writer's communtiy has a superior supply!!

Bernita said...

I feel I don't say it often enough how much I appreciate you all.

Sela Carsen said...

Aw shucks. Sela kicks the grass with the toe of her shoe. Thanks, B. Though, fwiw, I also write paranormal romantic comedy -- one o' them thar ruh-NAY-sanse wimmin, I is. ;)

Erik Ivan James said...

Well, being the one that pales by comparison to the rest in intelligence, all I can offer is a large DITTO to what has been said so far.

With regard to you Bernita, there is but one, and we are truly blessed by you and your talent.

Sela Carsen said...

True, true. Stumbling across your blog opened up a huge variety of styles for me. You've made this is a very comfortable, cozy yet eclectic gathering place for writers. Go you!

Carla said...

There's not a lot I can add, except to say that I'm honoured to be included on the list.

MissWrite said...

Awwww, I liked that... thanks, Bernita.

Sandra--how true, I love 'riding the Bernita wave' as well!


Bernita said...

There's no doubting your ability, Sela, no matter what you write.Sorry I didn't make include all your categories.

Oh phooey, Erik, humbug, fie, and fiddlesticks.
To be blunt - bullshit. Stop being so diffident about yourself.Stop this "Oh, I am unworthy" stuff.It's an imaginary mirror you're holding up. Don't anticipate we'll think you're one of those arrogant types unless you put yourself humbly down.Trust us.

Carla, I am honoured that you come.Pure and simple.

Makes me glad, Tami. Each one of you adds so much in perception and analysis.

Ric said...

Musings on a weekday morning...

Bernita, thank you for the inclusion on your list. It is indeed an honor to be among such talented people.

Writing can be a lonely pursuit and knowing this group makes it so much easier to continue on.

And being a solitary profession, it is so very important to have you here to make us think, ponder, giggle, and challenge ourselves to bring each word, phrase and sentence up to your high standards.

alexandra said...

Thanks for the listing, B, it's wonderful and yes, very refreshing to know there's such a wonderful diversity out there, I just wish publishers dipped into the pool of talent more often to let us truly enjoy it all, tis a shame.

Maybe we just need a well organized portal, here on the web, to highlight all this great talent, what do you think? :-)

Bernita said...

Aw, Ric...
I just want to dance with you in Times Square, Ric...

Thank you, Alexandra.
There's not one of you who doesn't have that extra something that sets you all above the "average" good writer, no matter what genre you pursue.

Alexandra, read the header carefully, very carefully. "Barely post-Luddite" is the simple truth. "Portals" and things, except in fiction, are beyond my ability, and even there I cheated...

Ric said...

Looking forward to it.
Gets closer every day.

We'll dance the night away.

archer said...

My prose is "scintillating"?! Why, thank you!

I'd much rather be pundit wielding a deep influence upon modern political thought, but I suppose that won't happen as long as I keep saying things like "President Bush looks like an ape and he smells bad."

Rick said...

A nod to Miss Snark, too, since it was the comments section of her blog that led me to this delightful little corner of cyberspace.

Bernita said...

I despise the cult of politics, Archer, having seen it from the inside, but your narrative legal pieces are brilliant.
I keep thinking, "Oh gawd, this is good."

I found a lot of you through Miss Snark(Praise Be To Her Name), Rick. Your reasoned and thoughtful comments have helped so much.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Auh, geez...thanks for including me Bernita...this is the only blog I visit first thing in my's sorta like coming into the livingroom of a boarding house...everybody's here.

I tell people in my real world that I know all kinds and genres of authors and they don't understand how....I just tell them we sit around your living room and gab!

Oh, Bernita...encourage Sandra to change her avatar...she's got some gorgeous new pictures of herself! Go to her blog to see!

Bernita said...

Bonnie, my joy, how many times do I have to tell you, you light up the day, and your comments are always valuable.
Already seen, they are VERY nice photos.I think she should, too.
Hear, Sandra?

M. G. Tarquini said...

Urban Fantasy with Laconic Clarity...

Hmmm...sniffs the glass, tastes on tongue, rolls around...

I so need something to stick on the damned query letters.

Stabbing right between the ribs...

Thought that was my underwire.

Thanks, Bernita! Great list.

Dennie McDonald said...

I love the mixture of everything! I am a hodge-podge kinda gal as my reading styles go - and I love learning new genres!

Sandra Ruttan said...

I feel like I'm at a love-in. If I were Italian I might say, "I want to make love to you all."

(That crazy guy from Life is Beautiful at the Oscars.)

Savannah Jordan said...


I wondered when someone would comment to that affect. It is quite the love fest, isn't it?!

*erotic writer rubs hands in glee*

Bernita said...

To quote Wayne and Schuster, Mindy, "You want it? You can have it."

Exactly, Dennie!

Hey Sandra, just the guys, O.K?

James Goodman said...

Bernita, thanks for adding to the list. It is wonderful to be in such great company.

Bernita said...

The personalities of posters come through very well, their thoughts, their ideas, their "voice", they are individuals,real - not impersonal, remote, blog shades.
And I don't happen to think honest appreciation is sicky sweet sentimental slop either, so...

ivan said...

Well, I can't say you nailed me, uh, right between the hangers.

Bernita said...

James, I never know whether to call you Goody or James, but I'm partial to James, it's such a nice name.
There are more good writer-people,I haven't mentioned. Ballpoint Wren, who is funny and wry, for one. I just don't know their work well enough yet to try a capsulize.

Bernita said...

It's just my opinion, Ivan. Would you prefer a different description?

Bonnie Calhoun said...

This is one of the few places that I go, where arguments don't break out on a regular basis...LOL

I don't have to hold my breath here!

ivan said...

No, no, Bernita. I am flattered as all get out.
But I think Sandra is the really cool one. She wings those sliders
that you don't get until you finish reading.
Subtlety is wasted on the old?
...I suspect,thought that like me, Sandra by nature, might be a closet reveler and carouser.
I for one, am really trying to hold that writer's trait back.
Lord how I love to drink.
But the last short story cheque was for $100 and who can drink on that?
Love and cuddly hugs,

Bernita said...

Well, they're a polite lot, Bonnie, and don't rudely tell me I'm full of it, even when they think so.

Don't be disingenious Ivan, and cast suspicion. It's much nicer to take compliments at face value. Sometimes people like me become encouraged and grow to deserve them.

Gabriele C. said...

Argh, and how shall I find a funny and intelligent reply to compete with all the witty people here?

Tsavo Leone said...

Bernita, as always, Thank You!

And I'll be stealing that description for later use! *g*

Bernita said...

I'm just glad to come by, Gabriele.It's not a competition.
You are welcome, milor' Tsavo. Steal away.

And danm, I didn't mention Ali, who's just won a contest for her writing too.Read a short piece of hers awhile ago, that was enough to make a grown writer cry - it was so good with voice and pacing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Bernita! I've been really touched by the way you and others have describe my writing. I'm certain that I have progressed these past months, and I'm even more certain that you've played a role in it.

Regarding you, dear mom, I have something to say also. I believe I joined your blogging community soon after you started. Simply stated, I've been blown away by what you've done here. I cannot think of a blog which consistently gets so great a number of thoughtful comments.

You are the reason. You are the teacher and the learner--the best possible mix. Thank you!!

Bernita said...

Thank you, Jason.
I have the greatest kids...

Sandra Ruttan said...

No worries Bernita!

Savannah, got any good ideas out of this?

James Goodman said...

Bernita, by all me James, I go by either and several others that friends have dubbed with over the years. :D

Robyn said...

Bernita i am ur fangrrl!! ur awesome i luv you!! Anyone who doesn't like you is a jelus loser with no life!!

Just in case anyone hasn't SQUEEEED over you lately.

Savannah Jordan said...


Ideas?? Oh, yes... I have a few. :)


*devil horns up*

Lisa Hunter said...

What a nice post, Bernita. I second (third? fourth?) the other commenters about how delightful it is to read a blog that doesn't degenerate into arguments. You've created a nice cybercommunity of writers.

Bernita said...

Oh, Robyn!
~helpless giggles~
Have I said that I love your blog?

Lisa, it's the posters who make it.

E. Ann Bardawill said...

Hee hee!
Gosh... I feel so mysterious.

Go to my blog and read my satiric Thursdays, Bernita.

And ten points if you can tell me who you just told to shut up.


Mark Pettus said...

I'd have more time to visit if I wasn't so busy wallowing in self-pity. I'm sorry I didn't see this earlier, but you know I love you, and if you ever want to learn how to play the bagpipe, maybe we can take lessons together.

I love writers - the creative intellect inspires me. What an amazing group of people we've encountered on this journey. Thank you for including me in such talented company.

Bernita said...

An indecent proposal!
How exciting!

It's a wonderful crew, Mark, including yourself.