Sunday, January 15, 2006


Why did I do this. I do not like this meme. I should have respectfully declined. This is a "me me" meme. "Me me" memes are boring, without levitation. So I will not wait, I will finish this thing and then it will BE Gone.

Five bad habits:
1. I smoke. You may take that anyway you wish.
2. I say bad, bad words - with 3 exceptions.
3. I buy bad paintings at yard sales.
4. I concentrate excessively on the interest du jour.
5. I am too bloody elliptical, thereby causing confusion and unintentional insult, and other problems.

Five things I like doing:
1. reading.
2. yard sailing.
3. walking in the woods.
4. gardening.
5. It takes two.

Five favourite toys:
1. My new scanner.
2. Hats. I have a G-G hat for Remembrance Day, Gabor hats, berets, garden party hats, straws, and a little one with sunflowers that all the men like. Except my husband.
3. A little frog in stripped jammies who hangs from my bed post and says "ribbit."
4.. My pair of vise grips.
5. My forensic bag.

Five things I will never buy or wear again:
1. a size 34 bra.
2. a reversable raincoat.
3. platform espadrills.
4. wide-legged jeans - the kind with enough fabric for a small sail boat.
5. any kind of multi-screwdriver.

And the last one, from Ivan. Five weird things about me:
This is very hard. I am not very weird, eccentric, intriguing or unusual. And it is too late to re-invent myself as a crossing-dressing child-whore. Must add this to my list of "Reasons Why You May Never Be Published." # 39 -You are not weird.
1. I am not competitive.You know what I mean. Clever bitchiness, wangling position.
2. I do not scream at mice, spiders, snakes, bats, or car crashes. I lack the fine art of hysteria.
3. I have a birthmark. On the inside of my leg. Shaped like a hare. Nice as it would be to describe it as "the mark of the goddess", let me say it reminds me more of a spot from a mud puddle. Unfortunately, it is a one-off thing and not hereditary, so I cannot even claim I might be the long-lost heiress, Cecilia de Vere.
4. I have a soft silver clasp bracelet with serpent heads that is hundreds of years old.It was passed down in my family. A girl from Sweden has a similar one. Hers is hundreds of years old too.
5. I have had experiences most people would call psychic. I do not call them that. That may be weird, I suppose. I call them an instaneous, subconscious correlation of data.
I will not bore you again.


R.J. Baker said...

Intruiging...with 3 exceptions - I I would have guessed 4.

Bernita said...

"Huh?", she asked inelegantly.

Gabriele C. said...

That was not boring. :-)

I don't think Being Weird is a requirement for publication. Maybe for promotion. Reinventing yourself into a Weird Person might work. Have people say evil things about you and your book. It will ger you on Ophrah.

Though I don't think I'd like that sort of publicity. It can backfire.

Bernita said...

Gabriele is a nice girl, when she is not being wicked.

Ric said...

not to sound provincial, but what is 'yard sailing'?

I picture the svelt Bernita attached to large kite floating down the block from small estate to small estate.

Somehow, I dont' think that's right.

Gabriele C. said...

Lol, most of the time I'm wicked to my characters, but sometimes it spills over onto my blog.

Bernita said...

My bad, Ric.
The joke's become so natural I didn't notice.
Some people go out on their boats sailing Saturday mornings and some go "yard sailing."
Try "yard sales."

Ric said...

I thought as much - but couldn't resist.

Of course, such memes make one curious about other aspects of one's personal life. Perhaps there is some delightful story concerning multiscrewdrivers. That just seemed like an odd addition to the list....

care to share?

Bernita said...

No, there isn't, Ric.
It's just that the %$#@!!! things irritate me - especially the one with all the cute little bits rattling around in the cute little handle, and because they always have 3 or 4 little bits beyond the basic robertson, flat, or phillips, the cute little handle is always too big for a good grip.
For my cute little paws anyway.

Dennie McDonald said...

How very, very interesting ...


Bonnie Calhoun said...

Okay...I've got to ask...why are visegrips one of your favorite toys?

I'm ignoring altogether the forensics bag....I don't think I want to know!

Bernita said...

Because it's such a neat tool, Bonnie, and very useful for all kinds of minor repairs around an old house.

Bernita said...

Dennie, be nice...

Dennie McDonald said...

NO no no I meant it sincere - truly! you have to be bar-none the most interesting blogger I read!

it's been a long weekend, or seems like, sorry if it sounded otherwise -

Bernita said...

Dennie has leaped the abyss. Dennie has acceptances and will be published.
That's why she's temporarily brain-fried.
Thank you, dear brain-fried Dennie.