Monday, December 26, 2005

On the First Day of Christmas

The wrapping paper is still strewn around the living room.
I'll get to that tomorrow.
Today is for fondling the treasure piles, family gossip and continued feasting.
There will be time enough to initiate the home spa accoutrements, read all the books, and figure out how to use the scanner, after les enfants have packed up their Xmas loot and gone away.
Time is suspended between the Old Year and the New.
We are separate and isolate from its schedules and warded from its demands for a space.
But not from Memory.

Once we lived at the edge of a village.
Through our acres ran an abandoned Mill Race, beside us a Conservation Area provided forest and thicket, creek and water meadow, deserted farm fields and overgrown foundations, where foxes and fishers, deer and rabbits ran.
On the embankment at the edge of the narrow, earth-packed road that marked our demese grew a young pear tree, sprouted, no- doubt from a casual core tossed by a solitary wanderer.
One winter day I saw a partridge there in the branches.


Ric said...

Happy Boxer Day!

What a wonderful picture created with an economy of words.

James Goodman said...

Ah...such wonderful imagery. Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the day, Bernita! Thanks for the peaceful images.

Bernita said...

Thank you, dear guys.
Those boxers with the little hearts are really cute, Ric...

Tsavo Leone said...

Poetry Bernita, pure poetry. Something that even a grinch like me can appreciate.

collectable trail of ponies said...
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M. G. Tarquini said...

This sure beats my day, Bernita, which basically consists of drinking green tea, popping Creeping Crud meds and watching the synopses go up at Miss Snark, totally aware that the one I sent has them all trumped for incomprehensibility.

I have Lisa S. on the line, she's shaking her head over what I ended up sending in. I love Lisa. It'll be okay. Somewhere in all of this I'm going to figure out how to write a synopsis for this thing.

have a great day. I have to go cough up a bunch more gunk.

Bernita said...

You're not a grinch, Tsavo, you're just impatient with mindless, empty consumerism. Thank you.
It was one of those rare moments - like the frog by my fountain.
Poor M.G.! Not fair to have that right now!
Reading some of them over, some of the ones Miss Snark thinks are incomprehensible I think are great and vice versa.

M. G. Tarquini said...

I'm pretty much tracking with Miss Snark's sentiments. What's interesting to me is how good the comments are - in each case, there are nuggets that say how to fix it. Unfortunately, some say 'find a new course or dump this'.

Nowhere have I seen this kind of feedback on something like this. Miss Snark is amazing. She has no reason to do this, but she does.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

I agree with you all Miss Snark the time she gets done with me, I may actually have a real product :-)

Bernita, that was such sweet prose! Did you break into song when the bird landed?

I see them all the time, but their always in my apple looses something in the translation! It's just not the same!

collectable trail of ponies said...
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Bernita said...

Miss Snark is wonderful, M.G.
I plan to read them over and over until I have the don't and the do's firmly fixed in my head.
I think the majority of editors/agents prefer her form of synopsis and the ones who do not - who want an outline/chapter-by-chapter - make that requirement clear.
Not song, Bonnie, but there was that slam inside one's head, that second of sheer delighted recognition, when the barrier between the mundane and the magical opens like a doorway.