Monday, December 05, 2005

Music on the Wind

If you have'nt figured it out by now, let me inform you I am at the kindergarten level, regarding internet tech.
That is describing my usual state of open-mouthed ignorance kindly.
That is why there is not a nice fat blog roll on this blog.
I don't know how to do it.
I humbly admit it.
I am afraid, if I try, that the whole thing will disappear into internet abyss where bad bloggers go.
Please hide your sophisticated sneers behind your hands. I know I'm dim. I'll accept your pity cheerfully.
So I will do the next best thing and list for your attention and exploration, some of the generous people who have favoured this blog with comments, and whose blogs are notable for the individual clarity of their voices, the uniqueness of their styles and their singular perceptions.

Ric - Along the River - a subtle voice, a depth, a dear guy.
Bonnie - Bonnie Writes - and thank God she does.
Robyn and Missie -Snarkling Clean - I love this blog.
Jason - The Clarity of Night - my adopted son, who is much better at it than his mother.
Daisy Dexter Dobbs - escapadillos!
Gabriele C. - The Lost Fort - hereditary enemy and brilliant blog friend.
Mark Pettus of The Bluff - clever, clever, guy.
James of Rants, Raves and Random Thoughts - his blook is a demo on how to plot suspense.
Tsavo Leone - Welcome to Tsavo - sheer hard-edged brillance.
m.g.tarquini - an enfant terrible and an acerbic delight.
Sela Carsen - Carsen City will never be the same.

There are more, but I have to go see if I can fix up the links I screwed up.


AE Rought said...

Oh, Hun, you are not the only kindergartener around here! I'm standing beside you with pigtail braids in my hair and wearing that damn plaid dress that my momma made me wear that first day oh-so many years ago... *pushes glasses up nose*

Bernita said...

I have pigtails too and the dress my mommie made me has fowers on it.
Will you be my bestest friend?

M. G. Tarquini said...

We are all novitiates at some point, Bernita. Check your email, there will be a surprise waiting for you.

Bernita said...

She didn't believe me.
Believe me, kind and generous girl, it's safer for the sanity of all concerned if I stay in kindergarten.

Ric said...

Close, but, natch, my link doesn't work.

Try this one.

Bernita, Thanks for the mention.

Bernita said...

Ric, I don't know what to do!
I've tried and tried. Now I get to Publishers Market place with the link and they say not found.
And I know you're there!

M. G. Tarquini said...

The link is cutting off, Bernita. Try this:


Bernita said...

It works on my screen now.
I have no idea what I did wrong.

Gabriele C. said...

Hereditary enemy and brilliant blog friend - that's such a charming characterization. :-)

Good luck in disentangling the mysteries of html and blog templates. It isn't that complicated.

Bernita said...

Dunoon and Toward Castle, "the resting place of bards and makers of song" and lair of the lords of Lamont...
I am not a MacDonald or of that ilk.
I categorically refuse to understand templates and htmls.

AE Rought said...

Bestest freinds? *squeeee* You bet!

Robyn said...

Thank you, darling girl. And I'm so glad I'm not alone in HTML kindergarten. Can I be the second-bestest friend you play with when ae has to go inside?

Bernita said...

Of course.
We can all play together.
We're the Kinder Kids.

Gabriele C. said...

*hands out some Kinder Überraschungseier (surprise eggs)*

My favourite kindergarten skirt was a dark blue, handknitted one. My mother had managed some sort of double layer, so it looked as if I was wearing a pettycoat. I should find a pic and scan it. :-)

Tsavo Leone said...

*The boy with the pale white face sat in the corner, gazing calmy at what was unfolding before him*

Aw, Bernita. If it wasn't for William Shatner's (allegedly) inside-out face covering my own I think you might be able to see me blushing. Now I guess I have to maintain my standards so as not to make a liar out of you.

*He looked out of place amongst the colourful gingham and plaid dresses that the girls all seemed to be wearing, with his grey knee-socks, his shorts and his short-sleeved shirt. It was Mother who made him wear sandles, and it was Mother who cut his hair too...*

jason evans said...

Mom, sorry, blogger's been really bad to me today, or I would've commented sooner.

Thanks for mentioning The Clarity of Night! Your visits are always much appreciated.

We have a nice group going in this circle of blogs, don't we? :)

Ric said...

Yea! It works, it works.

Good job, everyone.

Bernita, you do such wonderful work, it would be a shame to have you confine yourself to a Smith-Corona. We'd all be so lonely.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

This wonderful little @##%&* Blogger has been a real pain today, or I'd have commented sooner.

Thank you girlfriend for the kind words, but I think God is shaking his head, glad that He didn't make me a twin!

If I can learn html, you can learn....come on, don't let these guys be able to do something you can't......well I mean other than peeing on trees....Yikes! See what I mean...bad Bonnie, bad Bonnie! :-)

Bernita said...

You all really are very wonderul people.
Gabriele, I love kinder eggs.
Tsavo, guys are never out of place.Is that what it is? I was thinking Phantom of the Opera.
Ric - I was determined to get it right.
Oh Bonnie, love, God is ROTFLAO.

Sela Carsen said...

Thanks for including me in the circle, Bernita! I've been busy or I'd have commented sooner.

James Goodman said...

Thanks for the mention! That is some mighty fine company you have posted my link with. I am honored.

Bernita said...

Sela was saving a pair of dogs.
Goody, I am honored that you visit.

Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

Thanks so much for including me in your blog list, Bernita! I always enjoy reading your posts. :-)

Don’t feel bad because we all start out as novices and many of us screw up quite a bit before we get things right. :-0 The best tip I can give you is to do all of your blog work in Word (or whatever program you use) and save it, rather than typing directly into blogger. If there’s a blogger crash or problem, you’ll always have a saved copy of your posts.

I sent you an e-mail with a mini Template 101 lesson that should be of some help for adding links to your blog. ;-)

Bernita said...

Daisy is kind as well as a riot to read.
But, my dear ones, I do not feel BAD about being an internet idgit, in fact I feel quite pleased that I've come as far as I have. It is a triumph.
I was just explaining why people I admire are not left listed in the usual fashion.
This way I can make appropriate noises about them too - which I couldn't, if they were just a list.