Thursday, December 29, 2005

More Damnation

Xmas books are usually those I would never buy for myself, so they expand the narrow limits I set on my pleasures.

Like Monet: Water Lilies.
Color prints alternating with lines from such as Arsene Alexandre "When the sunlight plays upon the water, it resembles - damascened as it is with the water lilies' great round leaves..." about Monet's "Setting Sun"; or, more directly and more applicable to the writer, Roger Marx's lines opposite Monet's "Morning" - "The magical evocation of the reflections supplements the evidence of reality; it is these reflections that evoke the vanished shores."

Ah yes, the art in the craft. So beautiful, the water mirror.
We work without paint, without burnt umber and cobalt blue, to reflect the elusive echo, to breath a new reality into the landscape in the mind.
But we are more abstract in our impressions than painting masters.

Most humiliating gift is the Writing for your Life collection, edited by Jonathan Bing: "Fifty outstanding authors talk about the art of writing and the job of publishing."

Why humiliating?
Because I recognize only about a quarter of the names. If that.
I mean, one must be able to reference and quote, discuss and negligently sneer, raise eyebrows and wag heads or adulate and admire and emulate all these superior types.
With assurance. Profundity. Precision. Elegant sophistication.
You know, like the depth indicator on a fishing boat. Ping, ping.
I must be very shallow.
Most I never heard of.
Just not with it. Not au courant. Provincial.
Who the hell is Don DeLillo? Roxana Robinson? Stewart O'Nan?

To be read in small doses, this one.
Not done yet. Sorry.

Sniggering and snorting Post Script: There's an awful lot of disappointed people out there who hit on this blog searching for "bathtub sex."


Dennie McDonald said...

You've never heard of them - OMG

- JUST KIDDING - when my romance chapter mate start in on who they've read I often slink to the far corner - I usualy have no clue who they refer to. I tend to buy a stoty that grabs me not the best seller list so while I've never heard of theirs - they've never heard of mine either. That's not to say I don't have my fave that I will buy even when I hate the last book -

Bathtub sex ?!?!?! =)

Bernita said...

Dennie, I've resigned myself to the fact that I'm illiterate - at least as far as the Significant People and the Very Important Movers and Shakers go.
I find it hard to remember author's names anyway, even the ones I like. The names are like wind - it's the story I remember.

ali said...

I never heard of them either. I always hope it's because they're American authors or something :). But I only remember an author's name if I want to read something else by them.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

To all three of ya'....I'm in the same boat! I never know hardly any of the names people reference as authors!

Bernita, you're way more literate than I am....I never know ANy of the authors you mention! Yikes!

The bathtub sex....Snort! Yes I remember that! Snort!

Bernita said...

Hey, Bonnie, I never know any of the authors you mention either...
Ali, even when I want to read another book by the author, I have to find it again to discover the author's name...if I can remember the's always the plot I remember.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

I read in an article last week that there's 240,000 books published a year. I was thinking yikes, how would I ever make a dent in that! Well, if I find enough people out here in the Blogosphere, I might be able to account for a good majority of those authors!! :-0

Savannah Jordan said...

*rolls eyes* Bathtub sex?? Didn't we discuss that one already? *sniggers* (You were supposed to send those readers my way, Bernita. lol)

I've not heard of those authors, either. But, I'm not the best read writer, either. I like to write too much, it's like a compulsion...

M. G. Tarquini said...

There's an awful lot of disappointed people out there who hit on this blog searching for "bathtub sex."

Gotta admit, Bernita. It's the bathtub sex that got me coming.


Bernita said...

Savannah, I would be happy to pimp your blog, but those ones were the quick in and out types, yanno(TM)...
Just a minute, M.G...
~casting about for her 10 foot pole~

Michelle said...

Doesn't that just kill you, when these are supposed bestselling authors? Oookay, then. I just read it and take it with a grain of salt.

Maybe they bought 10,000 copies of their own book. It could happen.

Bernita said...

Michelle, I am very afraid that their credentials are all too real - just like my ignorance.