Thursday, December 15, 2005

Lies, Damned Lies and Statscounter

By word association, this post title is blamed on the great House of Tarquin.
Discovered the statcounter function of this blog a month or so after it was set up.
Which should not be a surprise to anyone, considering how tech-timid I have revealed myself to be.
Figure that for some the Statcounter is the gonna-be's equivalent of Amazon ratings.
Who's Reading the Blog????
Where do they come from????
Oh. Oh. Oh.
Perhaps some of you cannot relate. You live in sophisticated cities, in exotic locales.
I live in the boonies. Where we have drive-by BB shootings.
Other places may have Brinks trucks overturning, aliens, or meteroites landing in their driveways. Here, it's apt to be a bale of hay from a farmer going through town.
So hits from Argentina,England, France, Portugal, Germany, Indonesia, Japan etc. are a source of excitement.
Far away places with strange sounding names, you know.
I was delighted to see a hit from Ulan Bataar.
One of those place names that echo down the dusty centuries. The Gobi, the caravanserai, the Silk Road. And the name is like silk on the tongue. Ulan Bataar.
Someday, perhaps someone from Samarkand, Tamerlane's crossroad, will flit through...
And what are they looking for?
Key word activity might give an occasional clue. Seems most people are entranced by either the CONYERS FALCHION or "tall, dark and handsome."
And there was the peculiar, "psychology of leg-jigglers" search parameter. Not too many of the obscene intent.Too bad. Missed giggles.
Not too many weird ones. Maybe I haven't been at it long enough.
James has some random thoughts on weird searches. Really WEIRD. O brave new world, Miranda.
I recommend you scroll down his blog until you find his post on the topic.
And then share, hmmm?


Savannah Jordan said...

Sounds like quite a conglomerous collection of passers-by! Cool stuff.

And, if you're looking for naughty posts, I am considering post some of an *ahem* erotic short story in my blog. You're welcome to snicker, just please don't point fingers and guffaw. I do have feelings... :)

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Forget bales of hay (I drop them myself) We have bears, turkey and coyotes!

Bernita said...

Dear me, have I given the impression I'm a closet voyeur or something?
Perhaps, I can pick up some really good euphemisms, Savanna.
I'm familiar with those, Bonnie. However, in this mini-urban scene, the usual are racoons, skunks and the occasional porcupine.

M. G. Tarquini said...

Weirdly, I've had a number of searches recently looking for the name 'Tarquini'. One lead me to a geneaology site for Italians, others make me wonder if relatives are looking for relatives. There's a famous Italian racedriver named Gabrielle Tarquini who drives an MG, but I haven't had any ancillary hits because of that.

My humor group is The Bunions. We get some real interesting hits because of that. I imagine some poor soul looking for info about his hammertoes ending up in the middle of what looks like organized lunacy.

Some of those hits travel all over the site. I like to believe that we provide a giggle or two while people soak their feet in epsom salts.

Some of your hits from other countries may just be the blogroll. Blogger does that, puts you on a blogroll when you first update. All of a sudden you'll get a bunch of hits from other blogs, but if you go to that blog, you won't find a link back to you. I dunno, that I find kinda creepy and weird. And it messes up the stats.

M. G. Tarquini said...

Thanks for the link by the way, but it's TarquinI. You left off the last 'i'.

Sorry. Back to my little hole trying to figure what I'm supposed to do after the reincarnated Egyptian priestesses clear a sacred space for my poor beleaguered protagonist and the little gal who claims she was a member of the French Resistance.

Anonymous said...

Watching web stats is addictive. :)

James Goodman said...

Thanks for the link, Bernita. When I first installed my site meter (which wasn't horribly long ago). I drove my wife nuts with the world map feature.

ME: "Oh, look honey I'm going all Hasslehoff."
Her: "What???"
ME: "I am really big in Europe."
Her: "That's nice, honey." get the picture.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Those site meters can tell you why somebody drops by? Is it really precise, or sorted into general categories like a) bored senseless b) avoiding housework c) avoiding homework d) avoiding life e) generally insane...

(Not that those would be the top categories for your traffic, Bernita. We're all completely normal and come here because we like to, I'm sure.)

Tsavo Leone said...

Whenever I log on to Blogger I always view my profile first (just 'cos that's the way I have it bookmarked), so it's kind of neat to see how many people have checked me out in the month or so since I first started posting. As for the whole statscounter issue... well, where they're from and how many of them there are don't matter all that much to me as long as they enjoy their stay.

And, for the record Bernita, I always enjoy my stays here.

M. G. Tarquini said... get the picture.

Hi James. I went to your blog and found a half-naked man staring at me. I got nervous.


Not only can statcounters tell you WHY people go to your site, they can see into your very soul.

James Goodman said...

M.G. don't worry, it was just a little shoulder. I never post any pictures on my site that I couldn't show my 8 year old. Now, the words...that's a different story altogether. :D

The title of the post you were looking for is "Google me this, Batman".

Here is a link directly to it, if my HNT post scared you too much to scroll through to find it. :D

Rants, Raves, & Random Thoughts: Google me this, Batman...

Bernita said...

M.G., my noble Etruscian, I left of the "i" deliberately in deference to Macaulay's "Horatius" which mentions the "great house of Tarquin". I like that poem.

I'm rather in awe of the whole process.
But I'm so glad you people stop by.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

That's okay m.g., I was brave and clicked on the Half Nekkid....yikes, there's a little guy that drops his drawers and pees on a picture....too wierd!

Bernita, I'm very familiar with skunks, remember the Fabreeze?

M. G. Tarquini said...

Bernita, I understand that. What I mean is the LINK is wrong.

should be

you did

I understand Etrusca, understand it good. My brother once made a comment in class about being descended from kings. Everybody called him Prince after that.

That taught him.

M. G. Tarquini said...

there's a little guy that drops his drawers and pees on a picture

Yikes! I didn't get that far. Got as far as the half-nekkid and clicked out.

Bernita said...

Dumb. Dim. Stupid.
So sorry, M.G. Hope I've fixed it now.
Such a great name.
I remember, Bonnie. Used it mesel'.
Happy to support your endorsement.
Older dog avoids skunk. Young pup does not. Young pup runs to Momma for comfort.Rubs all over Momma.

M. G. Tarquini said...

Dumb. Dim. Stupid.

Heavens! You spelled the link wrong, you didn't misfile my taxes. Calm down.


thank you thank you thank you, maybe Scorcesi will stop by here, click the link, read my blog, see one of my story blurbs and say:

"Get M.G. on the phone! I MUST do the story of Charley and the Alien Congressman for the big screen. I don't care how much money she wants. I'll pay anything."

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