Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Books and Me, Me

Sela Carsen, the brat, tagged me to do a meme? listing 15 things about books. Since books are the basic subject, I'll bore you with it.

1. We own over 5,000 books last time we tried to estimate. That was years ago. When we moved, the first 18 wheels were books. They are shelved by subject. The main groups are history, classics, politics, biography, lit, humor, true crime, occultology and popular fiction.

2. I learned to read one summer afternoon sitting on the floor going over the adventures of "Peter Rabbit." The memory of the words my mother read to me suddenly matched the words on the page and a light went on in my head brighter than the pool of sunlight I was sitting in. So that's how it works, I thought. I was 3 and 1/2.

3. The first book I bought was "Fifty Famous Fairy Tales." It cost me 75 cents. I still have it. Minus cover. The second book I bought was the complete works of Shakespeare, circa 1840, unbowlderized, in a second-hand shop for a dollar. I was 12. The irrevocable first step in "how to be considered weird" in school.

4. The last book I read is "The Battle That Stopped Rome" by Peter S. Wells. Dull, simplistic, rather crude analysis of the Roman debacle in the Teutoberg Forest, but containing some interesting facts and illustrations.

5. Currently I'm on a re-reading binge of Dell Shannon ( Elizabeth Linington) police procedurals about the LAPD and Lieutenant Luis Mendoza. Dreadfully out of date now, long paragraphs, lots and lots of "exposition," adverbs even. The car chase in "Knave of Hearts" is the most exciting well-crafted car chase I have ever, ever read.

6. I read fast.

7. I buy books for the content, not the cover. Don't care if it's a shoddy paperback or a hard cover. In fact, shoddy paperback is usually best - because a hardcover soon becomes shoddy after pizza or gravy has been dripped over it. Favorite books tend to resemble cookbooks after a while. I read when I eat, which is why I prefer sandwiches - avoids sticking a fork in your cheek.

I'll finish this tomorrow.


James Goodman said...

Boy...talk about a cliff hanger. Just kidding. It is shaping up to be a fascinating list.

James Goodman said...

Oh and your number 4 reminds me a bit of the book I am struggling through right now, The Historian. Wow, does this book drag. It isn't so horrible that I can make myself stop reading it, but it tends to put me to sleep withing twenty pages or less.

Bernita said...

Goody is a nice man.
The "Battle" book was blessedly short.But annoying.

M. G. Tarquini said...

Somebody tagged me for one of these, then came to my blog to tell me. I have to list seven of something for every question.

I'm going to lie.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Yea, but my sandwiches usually take two hands, so then I'm left with propping the TV remote on the book to keep it open.

I identify with #6...I too, read fast.

nessili said...

Ditto for #6. I read too fast, and deep. Oftentimes I'll come up out of the book with a hangover from too many words in one sitting (usually when I devour an entire Tom Clancy or Robert Jordan in a 24 hour period).

As for #7, that's a very, very bad habit of mine. I once demolished a 12" hashbrown without realizing it, too caught up in my brand new Trixie Belden (ok, so I was 9).

Oh, and bathtubs do a number on books too.

Bernita said...

Cheat, M.G.

Food and books go together.Essential stuff of life or something, Bonnie.

They call it ability to concentrate, Nessili. Some books should have warnings: reading will affect normal operation; or some people should have a thingy pasted on their forehead: do not expect usual response, subject immersed in book.
Ignore the screams and the siren...

M. G. Tarquini said...

I am, I'm going to cheat and to lie because I don't want to look uneducated.

Bernita said...

Only a pseud or an un would think that, M.G.