Wednesday, November 16, 2005


No. Not "boob books". Agent Obscura was talking about those t'other day.
Made me think of book with a UU cut-out.

It doesn't take much sometimes to send one's mind off in semi-hysterical tangents.

Just got some spam from a NoMoreSpots site. The usual.
Naturally I wondered if it was a canine euthenasia site.
You know...See Spot! Run, Spot! Run!

And words. idiot associations.
Like Synopsis - automatic F-word response generator or dirty pictures of your sister.
Agents - nice guys who post.
Protag - memes... or an advanced washing machine that operates from your computer.
Yellow brick road - the trail of coffee spots that leads down the hall and up the stairs to my office.
NaNoWriMo - writers succumb to chocolate addiction...

And another of Miss Snark's devoted has set up a map of snarklings, illustrating her expanding empire. I think even Capistrano is on it. Snarkography 101. We're a cult, and Atlas can shrug if he wants to.

Need more coffee...


AE Rought said...

I've been reading Ms. Snark lately too. She has quite the biting whit. I love the way she lays it all out there in brutally honest fashion.

btw, the hell is 'meme'?? I never picked up on that one...

Bernita said...

Ae, a "meme" is a viral infection of ideas,operating on the basis of an internet chain letter. One devises a topic or a series of revelatory questions and then "tags" several people who, if so inclined, must do the same, and it spreads...Made a post on it below "Vide, Vide, Meme".
I had no idea either when I was tagged, had to look it up.

ali said...

Yay! Found you on the map, after an emabrrassingly long search (you live very near the border. I thought your little icon was in America!)

Bernita said...

Hi Ali!
Yup. It's just across the river/lake. Most of us live very near the border - partly because early settlements depended on water transport, partly climate.

Gabriele C. said...

Oops, the map link leads me to some commercial site with lots of sublinks, but I can't find any map.

Bernita said...

Also yuck!
Thank you, Gabriele! I took it off the map and didn't realize it was a hosting thing as well. Hope I have it fixed now.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Yea, I saw you on the map, too

And if one mere person meme's me (God, I think I've already lost it) I going to blow up their computer by remote control!

Hey, ya' thought I wouldn't notice...get back to the story!

Ric said...

We do like the story.

I found you on the map with no problem. Be warned, the snow that is here will be there soon.

Bernita said...

Bonnie, I've put up about 7 pages...d'ya think it's wise to put up more?
Loved that penguin.
Ric, the weather weasels keep promising that snow, supposed to hit today, but we still haven't had a killer frost yet and I don't have all the eavestroughs cleaned either.

Gabriele C. said...

Thanks, the link works now. But the map won't let me add my city or country. Gah.

Bernita said...

They seem to be modifying the map, all the time.
When I clicked on "not in the US" was able to put it in.
Keep looking. There must be something. There are snarklings from all over the world. Maybe the snarkling comments under Miss Snark's post have a hint?

Gabriele C. said...

I did click Not in the US. But the program recognises neither the town, the country, the zip code or any combination thereof. Instead it froze my internet twice so I had to restart the laptop.

Fun stuff has to be easy; I'm not going to spend any more time with this. I better write some words. :-)

Bernita said...

That is a shame, or as Miss Snark would put it,that "suxs"TM.
You're right, fun stuff should be easy.

Tsavo Leone said...

Re: Protag, NoMoreSpots, etc.

I read an article in the English press last year (being English myself) about un/intentional misreading of signs (e.g. Caution: Police Speed Check, wherein the local law enforcement officers ensure the quality of your amphetamine, or Heavy Plant Crossing, usually found near to areas particularly dense with Triffids).

I believe this has been dubbed 'semiopathy'. Check out Google for further reference material (and try not to laugh too hard...)

Bernita said...

Thank you - nice to know it has a name.
I'll add it to another new one - retronymn.