Thursday, November 10, 2005


Steve watched the body language critically as the young agent ambled through the seating area, newspaper in hand, scanning the headlines, a glance at his watch, the recognition of a convenient seat, the question in mime - "Is this seat free?" Her brief glance and nod and slight personal space withdrawal from a stranger. The paper falling from a careless grip as the young man hitched at his raincoat. The apology. She waving her hand in a think-nothing-of-it gesture and continuing to scribble on her note pad.
Cocky young prick, thought Steve, too tricky for a safe hand-off, not good; draws the eye, also not good. Newspaper not good for this time of night, magazine would be better.
The young man gathered up his scattered newspaper sections and sat back with a smug expression on his face.
And froze.
She must be saying something, Steve thought with a chortle, but I don't see her lips moving. She flipped her note pad closed, stuffed the pen in the coils and bent to slide it back into the side pocket, then zipped it shut. Now that's proper diverting action, approved Steve. She's a natural - pity she lacks , not the capacity but the desire for duplicite. He couldn't very well tell her not to go... The young operative slowly fumbled open his paper.
Steve waited until they were walking back through the parking lot.
"Well, what did she say to you?"
The smart young man missed a step.
" did you...? Uh...she said she wished she had a balloon to pop to see if I would dive under the furniture. She said that neat, fit young men in nice suits and short hair do not drop old newspapers, and ... I stuck out like a muscle man at a tea party...And...uh...she called me a 'silly bugger.' "
Steve smiled.
"She also said," the young man continued, " to say hello to Inspector Gadget."
Steve frowned.


Robyn said...

Spy school. This is so kewl!

Anonymous said...

OMG, love the humor.

Great opening scene, Bernita. The hierarchy of skills of the three characters is intriguing and the play on the mentor relationship. I'm eagerly awaiting how the woman and the older man are going to interract.

I felt that this section was twice as strong as the first.

Bernita said...

Hey, Robyn,Jason, she despises lurky-lurky, wouldn't you know.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

You know what really annoys me? That you only give little tidbits at a time. I'm into reading and up comes the comment line....the end.

Waaahhhhhh....I want larger pieces or I'm gonna' pout....and that's a real ugly face :-)

nessili said...

Well, you got me hooked :D But you better not suck us in like that and then leave us hanging for the next 4 years ala Robert Jordan! Tain't right, ya know.

Bernita said...

Bonnie, you couldn't be ugly if you tried.
Nessili, what am I supposed to do? Can't post the whole thing, they say that's a no-no.. I will post some more after tomorrow though.